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  1. Damn... sorry to here this especially for how much you enjoy it when you could go
  2. Monday's Count: 2 hours and 58 mins Tuesday: 18 mins Wednesday: 20 mins Thursday: 25 mins + 1 hour workout Friday: 1 hr and 18 mins 1 week total: 5 hours 19 mins Almost hit the full goal... let's see what this story is going to hold! Story: Quite a bit more tuckered out to finish the full event but looking at the small campaign I might be able to finish writing it this week.
  3. For the quiz, I finally have enough energy to give it a good try. And quite enjoyed my results. 86% Molly Weasley (Harry Potter#1) 82% Annie Reed (Sleepless in Seattle #3) 82% Sookie St. James (Gilmore Girls #5) Lowest score match is Hans from Frozen lol.. at 23% I don't the earlier ones well but I love the matches I know. My mom reports that I watched Sleepless in Seattle the most since I would nonstop watch in my toddler years.. .
  4. Day 11 Meditation done on early Thursday morning... I was having a tough time dealing with some of my emotions... But turned on meditation music at some point to help turn off my brain. I say it counts for how much I just let myself suffer in mush. Had my mentor meeting which was helpful, though not the best meditation session. I showed up and was able to get a lot out despite running on little sleep. -- Career Update: --- Thank you! I hopefully will! --- Food is becoming exhausting to make. So frozen dinners are back. And I realize now, need to stay a few in the freezer for the days of "I just want junk food". Found some Indian dishes that are high in protein (Coach gave me a guideline of 20 g of protein meals when we first started). And I found a new Keto Lean Cosine Pizza that has 30 g of protein. I bought fresh veggies that looked good/easy to grab to help fill me up more. With the career news I'm taking notes of shortcuts for food. It is grilling season so having the basics taken care of and make cooking around the grill this summer would be more enjoyable
  5. Thank you appreciate it. Day 10 Completed! It is something different and something that is another level of discipline that I'm glad I have been able to follow through. I have finished my "journaling homework" and will be working on attempting journal prompts I found while finding old journals in my notebook. I was hoping it would help me feel better on my emotions and energy, but instead it is heavily making me aware when I know it is "just me" when I'm not doing well. While other times being "yup that person is crazy" or "yup I triggered that person with my own trigger". Tomorrow will be a little weird with my weekly schedule, because I swapped shifts with someone who wanted their longer weekend. Upside I get an extra 8 hours between shifts. However, will be exhausted on Friday. Wasn't sure what to focus on tomorrow, than my mom let me know I will have a new bed arrive on Saturday. One that she bought for me.... So very suddenly my time is very precious as I will be cleaning and still doing my regular stuff. -- Planning game time for Saturday night to help keep my sanity.... I just want to play a game for a few hours.
  6. Thank you, yes been keeping that in mind. While finding joy in the whole thing. Realizing how to create some of the stuff as you call side quests or a mix up, just to be a little mix in or a perspective on looking at things differently in my schedule. Aww damn... for me as I follow the rules of protecting my skin as I get older. Fewer issues . And hi all that are here! Have been intrigued by everyone that has stopped by as life has kept me being busy. I have 8 Days of meditation. Yesterday... I literally waited until the last minute... Started the hour at 11:58. Still calling it good due to my life schedule. And still showing up 2 minutes before the next day is a win for how much I was fighting with it. I still need to do today's after work and started the 1 hour meditation/journaling time Saturday. For D&D tracking for time. I'm counting workout time 1 hour and 40 mins. And adding my daily walks total from the weekend: 33 + 22+23 mins = 1 hour and 18 mins. Total 2 hours and 58 mins Lol 2 weeks from the next event, that I completed over the weekend. Will see if I can update the story tomorrow. I thought about adding random times of walking or steps. But adding more walking is the goal.. especially as I walk more. The more I realize my heart is out of shape... Now I see why everyone brings up Cardio here. While I get a bit too tired after hitting 5k steps.
  7. I am now meditating over 5 mins. I also have bad days and good days. Now having exercised continuously. I can say it is very similar in that way. Side not: I have been working with a mentor in the last 3.5 years who has been coaching me on different tools for mindfulness, many ways falling in the category for meditation. It wasn't what I signed up for when I first met him, but now part of my growing is in there. So depending on the day of the hour I may meditate a few minutes or the whole hour (I think the longest I have done is 40 mins going in and out of sleep while listening to a chant). The time is also for journaling. To help let go of current things I'm processing (like past trauma) or thoughts that are spiraling in my head. Rest of the time is to work on homework prompts I have been given that basically help continue the path. Right now journaling about different areas of my life. One last thing I can do after doing at least both. Is sorting through my journals and organizing them. Through that I'm refinding prompts to continue another day or maybe stir something up. I am doing the hour due to just setting time aside. Like many on here put time for Bible Study and prayer. Or exercise. Not to be hard on myself but give me space to put aside that I learned I have to do. Side note: I'm thinking it was also help with my weight loss journey. As I'm finding the entire thing to have a lot more emotional baggage than I realized.
  8. Here to watch your sidequest that sounds more like a story quest... But understand. Am watching with intrigue on how everything works out! Following back!
  9. As someone who is still having a hard time finding a home / decluttering her piles I 100% understand. Yay for finding a happy place amongst the chaos! Good luck to the adjustment. I honestly love Spotify... It helped me through my darkest time by being the easiest to grab when I didn't have anything else to keep up with me. Yes, for years I've been trying to figure out how to do my own again without getting overwhelmed. Helped my life is a bit more calm and happy. And help with COVID bringing out people master Solo Roleplaying and a couple people here. I now have started my own DnD challenge for the first time! (Found out there's an actual Fairy race.. which made me happy / creativity start flying).
  10. Forgot: Day 6 for meditation! Walking is also getting better. I have hit 5k steps daily since Tuesday. Adding only a 15 ish minute walk has helped. But more than seeing my weaknesses. --- Okay DnD time! Whoot... I found out the first campaign is so tiny. It says to be "30 mins long for intro players". Read over it slightly, the character sheet is more complicated than this lol. So I am starting the writing and wowza some anxiety came in... fun. So may edit this post. But curious if anyone has ideas. So my main daily goals right now: follow my NF Coach, 1 hour to meditate and journal. I'm thinking every week I do both I get 10 exp bonus outside of the game goals. Reading @Artemis Prime and @Chris-Tien Jinn's stories I ended up coming up with life fun by coming up with challenges that will come up from the campaign. Like speaking another language I practice Yoruba for 5 mins x Ability. Not part of daily life but a goal.. Story:
  11. I'm thinking I might need a sand bag or just get some good pillows to smash in my bed. I know I'm just looking for a weight to relieve the pressure held in my shoulders. Thank you --- It has been a busy day. -Attempted an oil change, didn't pan out. Know how much time I need to put into it to get done next week. -My mentor meeting went well... I am adding more time to journal and meditate daily. Going to try to focus on giving myself an hour a day. I can see myself growing very quickly if I give myself more time like this. -Visited a friend I haven't seen since I started my job. We hit 70F for the first time since October so we embraced it with our hang out. I will need to buy sun screen for my workday tomorrow (slight burn started in already). #fairskinned Other good things happened. Connection with people, and have my bags packed to be able to go to my BF's for our weekend right away.
  12. Sorry to hear you caught something, I hope you can get rest this weekend. Thank you for sharing!
  13. So I decided no to buy the solo guidebook. Instead am trying the normal way of DnD, going to go buy the beginner set tomorrow. I ended up finding out that last September D&D came out with an actual Fairy race, and me knowing I want fun money for food is stopping me from buying that campaign. A later loot reward if I follow through with this. I am going to be a druid, for roleplaying/NF community reasons. I am adjusting the flying ability to match my goals... I will be a broken winged Fairy until I can do a full pushup (my 2022 goal.. that may take longer). And the campaign I will get into is this one: https://www.dmsguild.com/product/194450/An-Introduction-to-DD--The-Wealthy-Merchant?affiliate_id=177004 A short and sweet one so I can learn everything for a bit. Along with practice writing roleplaying, which I love the idea but need to practice to make it less a painful process. Worst case scenario I do bullet points on what happened. Will trouble shoot what workouts mean in the game, but tracking walking for traveling.
  14. Day 5 of Meditation. Just remembered I can buy the guidebook I want to get into now! So going to to go do that. After finally recovering from my cold, my period decided to storm in with a roar. Makes more sense that the panic attack was induced by a huge change in hormones now... Tomorrow I get some self-care before work. 1 hour with my mentor that I will request meditation practice or journaling. And a couple hours with a friend who is making hamburgers (yum). Going to try to pack up for an overnight with the BF. Realize I can exercise after work, head to his place for clean up and relax. And have less stress to help on Saturday with our first attempt of post winter yardwork. Last year the yard was cleaned so well from prior owners/ and I had no energy with my internship/moving. Due to it being the first warm week, we can clear the leaves and dead plants from last year. I'm thinking of doing some measurements to find out if it is possible to have a fire pit... He doesn't really understand my desire to play with fire... (while my mom and brother both perk up at the idea). Now to read a guide book for funs!
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