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  1. Yeah I may or may not flex everytime I'm in the mirror or eating at a table. Because I eye my forceps or biceps.... Feel like I'm not in the most in shape but my muscles are defining in a new way.... You lift more than me... so I feel you should have a similar problem
  2. So today I can say is my first day that wasn't the best, but I have a coworker that is willing to help me talk things out. Meh, honestly my budget is the only thing from keeping out of ordering dinner, a sign of emotional eating. Okay so I didn't make a check of sheet so updating points here: Sunday: YNAB -- yes 1 pt Screen off after 8 - yup was out 1 pt No screens at meals -- I think I ate in front of the screen at every meal. 0 pt Bonus:Ate a meal prep every single meal 3 points Total points: 5
  3. Okay how's it Sunday??? Having a 6 day work week to round out my 4th week working here (I don't feel like its been a month, but its been nearly a month). Hiiiiyo! ❤️ Glad your here, and love the gif. Honestly been thinking about this also, and I realized I've only seen his "after" in memes..... After I get peacock premium for park and rec will be going through some movies I think. Glad your here! ---- So week 0, wasn't tracked. My goal today is to make a google sheet or a bullet journal page for at least week 1.
  4. This has made me chuckle, look forward to seeing it. Thought it was a good idea to join back in when I have many trails that need to be walked... Meh I have been all in for it since the beginning lol. Just finally have a job that I can claim chill time before any fires/burns of chaos appear again. Though I do have a few things I realize I can read up for my job.... Found myself a research project that's too good not to work.
  5. I personally in the last 7 years couldn't eat pork due to my system going heck no. And processes meats, but can enjoy a bit of higher quality fattier meats. Along with dairy being nah in the new year... Hope you can try troubleshooting to what works for you!
  6. Huh never thought or accepted that, having that in my own challenge! Now that's a name that's having me look at my "chores for myself" make sense.
  7. I actually have a Twitter community that at least helps me dust off the RingFit once a week... I bought mine recently, because the NF beginners workout was kicking my butt... I definitely can say I started doing more squats when I do play this! Also I found the ring already balancing out my arms when I had a habit down, so hoping I can keep up my biceps (finally seeing muscle)
  8. I have free time at work... so I'm using it write the new post. Work = Rec and Park Internship where I get to try out the "manager role/admin duties". I'm a Rec and Park undergrad finishing up my degree with this internship. Will be working until Fall, but getting my degree in August (yay!) Internship is going great, like seriously "perfect Internship I couldn't even dream of level". Especially during crazy pandemic still continuing. Downside, I'm no longer in a physical job. Upside I am taking advantage of a normal job routine, and live in a place where it
  9. I've honestly been shocked by how having a job that doesn't physically kill me and is a normal schedule is already helping mellow out my normal issues. I know 8.5 hours in a day I will have no issues of not making bad food choices, even if I'm sticking to frozen dinners this week. That nutritionist will honestly probably have a cherry top on everything to make sure you get to your full max level. You have gained [Quaranjacked Title]..... damn... seriously hope you can get benefits in the next year. Or the mobility help!!! I also seriously wish someone on
  10. Also an attempt to sign up as routines are needing to be made for sanity purposes... May we enjoy the walk together in this ... Fire!!!
  11. When the one main warning is "oh I already done epic amounts of it". And you just need 2,000 hours of work? So a minor goal in the background and way to play the field. Idk I'm thrilled to see what rest of 2021 brings you!!
  12. Whelp 2 weeks into my job, finished both doses of vaccine. Plus all the moving changes that I'm still working on... Checked the scale. 279! 3 lbs from my challenge goal, but I dropped into the 270s. The weight I usually get in August after working my butt off all summer. Last two weeks I've been able to see how I need to stick tighter to a morning and evening routine. To keep up the bare minimum, so when I do something new that makes me tired I have something to fall back on. So that's the next challenge... Boring routines that are going to help my sanity. Maybe
  13. So busy but man, the whole world is your oyster. I would personally feel out everything as COVID has changed the work environment. But remembering how your internship went, go for what you want to do. Which option has you pumped, but also look around. Covid may have brought new grants out, you never know what's available. I feel like awesome things are ahead and almost anything compared to what you have been working could very much be an awesome fit.
  14. New job is going great!!! I'm still in training honeymoon phase, but honestly I'm being given so many opportunities that will help me upgrade skills for any jobs. I will be managing campgrounds, admission and visitor counters. Which has me at "wow" because I have applied to the lower jobs for several years at other locations. @Teros who asked directly... ---- Diet is being changed back to tracking. Cooking is a bit higher level, so frozen dinners with handful of snacks. Will adjust weekly on what I find at the store, MFP, and what I find fills me up/hel
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