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  1. Ahah moment! (this morning) If I get my tools ready for work/life. I can have more time in the morning and my ENTIRE weekend. Things won't be perfect, but I don't have to wake up at 4:30 (because that ain't happening). Found out why I've been avoiding such an amazing feat of getting things ready the night before... Not having any distractions except food and chores.... makes me realizes how much sticks to me after a busy day at work.... "Yay highly sensitive person here..." I pushed myself to just notice it though and just let it the fuck go... (this may have been me when I had to let go more work stuff while letting my hair down). Now I see why I tend to comfort eat as the week progresses. I haven't been giving myself the time to let things go. I'm also realizing how a "perfect day" in my head is nonstop hitting all the goals.... I can tell you one thing... that's not good for anyone. No less a woman who just needs to stare into space when her brain caps.... I hope this time with Christmas Present will help rewire my brain a little. Hope everyone's Monday is doing great! Whelp, off to bed!
  2. I just wanted to clarify, even with your adjustments. You are still doing epic proportions that leave me like this: May yourself care help you well! Also, just a fact that I was told in my own health journey (and roller coaster of hormones). I'm putting it in a spoiler in case you have your stuff and don't need any more advice.
  3. Some people needed it writing that haven't been blessed by the love of a pet. Thank you for sharing all your photos of Feisty Sidekick. Hope her recovery will continue!
  4. Thank you! Found out my library system does have it... though debating on buying it since I'm 2nd on hold.
  5. Yay for a 50 squats challenge! That idea sounds horrifying to me as my weekly 30 something goblet squats are enough for me... Now I may need to see if I can get a copy of Hogfather after seeing if many times over the years for a bedtime read.
  6. Wrote this up yesterday, hope to put some aside to get caught up on all your challenges
  7. Seriously! This had my mouth drop when I realized basically this whole scene has the theme down. I have read and watched many Christmas Carols' over the years and I think I finally get the message that's coming across. Hard part of this challenge is like a video I watched at one of my appointments. It's impossible to explain what happens when one is in the moment. I have taken many apps off my phone, even my gmail. To stop the chronic messaging. Even google chrome so I don't have mindless searching. Today I fell back in love with my apartment. Even with total silence I could handle the sounds around my home (everything seems quieter here). I have room to be in the quiet. For fitness wise I had my smoothie, a balanced plate of "chicken ranch cheese bake". That involved cheese curds >.> It was yummy, even with canned spinach that I had hanging around from my wisdom teeth pull. I jumped on my boyfriends "tread stair' contraption he bought off FB marketplace. I couldn't handle being on there for 10 mins without hurting myself. So movement was a mininum outside of chores and errands (it was single digits windchill so no walks for me, especially as I saw sundogs this morning). -- I have found my Christmas decorations I stored at my boyfriends. I will try to get through them before hitting up Costco tomorrow (my first time going to this place). Along with working on getting an idea on what to cook. I personally hope I can make 2 meats for Christmas... but I'm also realizing that might not be possible with one oven... This year though I'm planning ahead. I may not buy what I want from Costco but am starting the thinking process. Planning to buy a small tree to have lights on to help give my dark evenings some fun light that I haven't had around the holidays.
  8. (Video of the 1930s Movie Scene of Christmas Present) Here in MN we are fully in Christmas Spirit, especially as the snow has come down and the cold is settling in. As the nights are getting longer. I'm far from being a Scrooge. However, I have some scars from Past years and worries of the future. I am being urged to do one thing. Sit in the present time. I have been urged to do this for a very long time, I however have a new understanding. To choose the discipline to sit with myself. I thought a nice Christmas spin, is sitting with the Ghost of Christmas Present. The happy and scary of seeing what i have setup for myself. The goal of this challenge is to take some time to be in the moment. Not just sit and meditate but to work on quieting the inner noise and allow room for something deeper. Ways I am going to focus this on this challenge: Continue a Morning Meditation Practice. Silence the noise in my home and be present in my life. I'm planning on keeping my phone and computer off unless to have intentional time on the computer. To allow for more intentional time. Take time to be thankful for what I have. I'm going to try to setup a practice to create a trigger to stop be thank 3-5 times a day Have a smoothie every morning. This for me has caused such an intentional practice, and also has been a helpful plan in my eating plan. Show up to my NF Coach goals daily. Stop worrying about the Future and the Pass and focus on what the plan is daily. Make room for Christmas Spirit in my home. Cleaning and decluttering for the new year. I also realize this is a perfect time to add some holiday cheer in my own apartment. This Challenge's Sidequest: Host a Christmas Feast. Due to being intentional with my time, I am putting the focus away from the computer. My goal is to check in at least weekly!
  9. Thank you! I signed up for the application notice, so will have to see! As I wrote on chat I ended at 31k. I'm dealing with some hand fatigue from work (I'm in my first position where I seem to be constantly doing something on the computer for 7.5 hours of the 8 I work). For the Christmas Mini, I'm going to a post a mindful and gratitude mini. This is my 2nd adult Christmas where I have money, but I am also getting ready for the new year. After two meetings with my mentors, they gave me a framework to step up on. Let's see what I can come up with.
  10. I'm alive! Just NaNoWriMo may have eaten my soul.... No no, more like a lovely supply of dopamine. And learning how to work on something fun and difficult without empty calories has been interesting (but my new refound love of coffee has come back with a brand new Keurig machine). How are my goals? Keeping up with the No 2 in a row... which ended up replacing the "daily wins". I've been going to a few writing events this past week. And have one more in person and 2 online this week to finish me strong. Just need to remind myself that sleep is neccessary to get to the goal. And making food from home keeps my gut strong. The love of the events have me wonder on volunteering to be the ML next year since just doing this for 2 weeks had helped give me so much joy n the middle of some chaos this month. I'm currently at 35,000 words. I'm at the point of words don't make sense but have found new scenes that weren't there before. Which gives me a bit of a high to keep going. I had to see an example of Campfire to get an idea. 4thewords I would say is a gamication for the writing habit (and the only nice one out there that I have found). Less organizing stories. I'm actually thinking of buying Scrivner when I WIN (do I have more than 10k to go yes... but I think I can still win). The biggest thing 4thewords has helped with is keeping that voice of "I'm not going to win" to "let me show up to keep my 444 word streak even though I can't keep one eye open". They have a free 30 day code of NaNoWriMo if you ever want to try it our want a referral code... Yes fantastic! Smoothies have become the medicine to keep me in check for at least some veggies and protein. May not keep me full as long as I like but I just doubled the recipe. When I can't wash my bottles to carry to work, I pour them out in solo cups. I can keep the blender "clean enough" with just a rinse. Found a recipe that I can slighlty alter to keep the uniqness but some days I feel like I'm eating dessert (that's green because of spinach). Meditation I only had one weekend as a goofup and that was the weekend of my last nights. I was done with nights, and feel like I have taken the potion to return to human. Working days are tough, but then I get the joy of having a whole evening open and THEN sleep at night (pure joy). Posting often when away when NaNO came and so did work schedule change. But I have been showing up more to movement (went back to the gym last week). Now to wrap up my night so I can head to bed... damn early nights are a bummer but than I get early mornings bliss.
  11. Your welcome and good luck. Just quickly googling seems like there is A LOT of options. Never thought journaling helped with speaking before. An interesting idea.
  12. Quick update: Hit all goals today. Did a walk for a win and stated to balance plate with some candy. Missed movement yesterday, but winning due to no 2 in a row. Found out coconut oil is fantastic to make a smoothie well abounded. Learning how blended I need to make the drink due to spinach and how much oil I actually like. But I'm finding I really like smoothies for an automatic meal. Might try kale next week to mix thinks up. NaNoWriMo is over 8,000 words. I ended up having to write up an outline in narrative form to figure out the end goal. I'm still finding joy over stress on trying to get to 50k in 2 weeks so keeping at it. Also using 4thewords, where they are having a dragon event. Grinding out words for battles is highly effective!
  13. Whelp by the looks of me finally writing a Vampire challenge I will be moving away from the third shift. There will be an opening in first since an in-house worker would still like the position (we competed for the position last May). Honestly, I am looking forward to the change... However, I heard a rumor that another Supervisor might quit due to the reason why I'm stepping down (he's been on the fence of quitting since I started my position, he could just go out with a cause/change in how Supervisors get paid hopefully). There's only 3 of us Supervisors and I know the 3rd will not leave or step down, but also had a look I had when we discussed insurance costs. For me even if they lowered the costs I don't think its currently staying in that position, since I realized there's no out of network coverage. While at least the lower tier will cover things with far less cost. I could honestly see myself getting comfortable on 1st shift for habits/life balance due to knowing others have moved to better paying jobs after working in that position for years (or getting an easier position that's easier to have kids with later on). Anyway: Smoothie: I ended up making it after midnight... so on the line. All the emotions have caused some emotions for me honestly but I got it in even when I didn't so 1/2 a point. Meditation: Got it in right before the strike of midnight (started it at 11:59) Same thing didn't want to do it but did it! Win: I walked 20 something minutes when I realized I had time when I stopped at home. Little to no sleep after dealing with work chaos after noon. But I did hit NaNoWrimo 5,000 words. There's probably more wins as I did eat out a little but ate in moderation. Now off to run before bed due to union stuff.
  14. All 4 burgers were eaten.... Found out to be a food not great for meal planning but might be part of my weekend treat meals to replace eating out treats. Also do you have a link for the NaNo Rebel group? I might have impusively started with 4,000 words in the last 24 hours...
  15. Congrats on a way to "dial it down" instead of giving up with a switch!
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