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  1. So... I'm posting here that I'm going to be taking a break from the forums (and all other social media). What I can only describe is the Autumn Equinox inviting me to quiet things down that I have control of. I'm honestly going to be dealing withdrawal but figure I give it a try. I might pop-in intentionally from time to time to check in but curious how this will go. Honestly my time seems to get filled with other things I want to do, or more sleep... Closing this challenge for myself. I will be working on the goals but going to allow fluidity that is a bit hard to maintain while being on the forums.
  2. Bright side I get colds only every 6 months now.... Well that sounds wrong but will have to try it when I have PB&J in the house again... I was at a point of doing spoon shots of PB&J so I can probably see it being better on eggs... Aww thank you! Thank you! appreciate all your lovely comments. Honestly, crappy. I should have taken off today from work but didn't call in soon enough. And ironically feel better at work... but that might have been the XL coffee and breakfast sandwich I bought and pain meds kicking in.
  3. Yup, same. I remember googling what to do and the answers were foods that are not part of my normal day no less when I feel cruddy. Will have to see what I can come up with. --- I have my first whole weekend off, and woke up this morning with cold symptoms... Yay! There is a wicked bug going around work (funny to watch sometimes how each department would get hit). So hoping to get chores done for another busy week while dealing with a cold... Huge win this last week was showing up to my workouts! Workout days were between symptoms and showed up to all the work I've requested. Hard part if myfitnesspal. I'm finding it difficult when I don't feel well and have to change the plan. So will see how this week goes...
  4. So going to soup is hard for me.... so I need to play around with quick convenient and easy on the stomach foods when my stomach hurts. I'm now 100% sure it was hormone related upset stomach, and the worst type of PMS symptom I've had.... With this weight loss journey I'm going to need help. I'm trying to figure out approaches. Trying to remind myself there is no easy fix. But this many tears around weight loss is difficult and knowing there has to be a another cause as I get older...
  5. Thank you. I'm thinking a lot of changes with movement, diet and not having a day off. Body was demanding a rest night. It did. The Indian chicken soup had way more flavor than Panera and only slightly hurt my stomach. I realized at one point I was hitting my body with just high processed carbs. Helped me get through the work day . I ended up eating a ton of flavored oatmeal when I got home and crashed after. Sunshine making sure I was up at 9 pm to feed them. Stayed on the couch until they were mostly done and went back to bed. I've been eating less carbs for what would be exactly a week from yesterday. My mom reminded me that sugar cravings/changing the gut from a high carb diet to a lower carb diet could be enough... So instead of eating cheerios and sprite I may need to move to tea and bone broth.... type remedies. I'm feeling 10x better after sleep. Hoping to use the energy to move foods I was going to prep into prepped food I can enjoy or cook up to figure out how to freeze (still not a lot of room in the freezer). Since I don't know if I'm feel like this for hours or days....
  6. And after a super productive day with so many wins and steps/movement. Enjoying fall weather. I woke up with stomach pain this morning. Where I realized I haven't even felt hungry today just pain. You know you aren't doing well with the smell of coffee and cake makes you go "no thank you, please step away). So trying to stick to safe foods. I do want chicken noodle soup... where I'm gambling with getting from an Indian Place (worst case scenerio I give it to my coworker). With some naan and rice. As most foods don't even look good right now, to me worth a hit or miss.
  7. Forgot to reply oh yes.... I didn't realize how much we talked when they were little until once I did it front of my brother... I never heard cats make the type of noise my kittens made so I was ecstatic and in some ways think I just live with quiet monkeys...
  8. Whoot! Congrats on being able to pay off your house! And damn for being debt free. I hope you can enjoy the bliss of any debt payments! He is part of the fam for walking!
  9. Good morning all! Early morning over here. Working a little bit before sunrise, as this was easy hours to grab a couple weeks ago. (Except the waking up at 4). Nice part, I woke up to missy having her paws wrapped around me with sunshine behind her. We all woke up just a couple minutes before the alarm went off. Last night was a mindful speed run through chores and a workout. Was a little worried the pushup workout hurt my neck with DOMS this morning but now realize it could have been more of a bad sleep position with the kittens. The speed run of chores had me realize how I can stay focus with to dos when I get home even when I'm tired... Also the side effect of eating better/moving more might give me that needed energy. I'm also thinking of getting back on track with flylady by working on a habit once a week. I need to spend sometime with my budget but I forsee loot rewards for not only health goals but home rangering goals.
  10. Thank you! I'll take this as there is more to come.... As I've read on your challenge you don't like an audience... I'm taking the cat is an exception.
  11. I feel this... Just hope you were not stuck in the same room with this cake. I've had that a few times. I feel you on this, hope you can have the momentum you needed to crush your goals! Good luck on getting to your goal and doing well at the competition!
  12. So as I wrote in PVP Weightloss. I lost 5 lbs in 1 week for first time in awhile. While also not feeling like I'm dying or deprived. I had a cupcake and Texas Roadhouse last week and still was able to have results. Working with my coach on MFP to make it a habit for a tool because damn it works. I will be focusing on showing up to my goals. As right now I have a partner that is enjoying my weight loss journey with me. We ended up having a competition last Friday on who could handle the Bowflex like treadmill he has and hates. He challenged me after Texas Roadhouse if I could be on the machine for 15 mins. The answer ended up being YES, to his surprise. He tried and barely could get to 5. We are doing a walking challenge/fitness challenge. I show up to daily walks/movement and my exercises. He will show up to a 5 min walk (or 1 min in that machine). We are a few days in and we have done a couple walks together. He is thinking of a gym membership (and having a plan so we can go together when I have). And now a pushup competition. Aka my dream of a workout partner.... Idk how long this workout partner will be around but has one enjoy it while it lasts.
  13. What gets to me is how animated her tail is... I honestly always imagine a Tiara on her head.... as she enjoys shiny things and feathers like I do. So you are saying... there will be more of these issues as I work on Pushups with planks...
  14. 9/4 - 268 9/11 - 263 First time ever 5 lb lost in 1 week in PVP! I'm shocked even when eating out at Texas Roadhouse on Friday for the first time and just being mindful around the bread and giant fried onion (plus taking leftovers home and finding how to count it part of my day... was interesting). This is my first time in years at 265, and found out when using MyFitnessPal that my first weigh in was Oct 2016 at 260. If I get into the 250s I will be at my NF starting weight...
  15. Thank you very much! Whoot! Sounds like a fantastic start of a challenge! Perfect place to be in Week 1! I would vote yes... bright side of this challenge the heat should go down and you can hit those goals without the heat making things interesting.... I'm in a similar boat as you. Something finally clicked this week to have my muscle override the extra weight/bloat. Curious how the rest of the weight will go! And Good luck we got this!
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