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  1. So my next 3 challenges, I will not be joining all you amazing people. I not very lightly decided unplug myself for an "internet retreat". I realized this last week that I've been hooked on the internet for more than half of my life and I'm wanting to hack into the matrix. (Realize this 100% is kind of what is going through my head in meme form). What would happen if I made more room to be with myself? How would I connect to people differently? How would I grow to sit in the discomfort of watching my emotions and shadows bubble up to allow myself to heal? There's more, the retreat I went to on Saturday 100% confirmed I do need to practice to be bored, and mindful. I want to level up in several areas of my life and as the word for 2024 appears. It is 100% needing me to work on "clarity." Now to have discipline to follow through! I will plan to log back in on my cats' adoption anniversary (June 17). Summer Solstice is a good time to come back with all what I learn and also give. And it's 3 months before my favorite Saint's feast day (Saint Hildegard). Appreciate everyone's support! Just can't afford to go get lost in the woods so have to use my resources in the city to make my own city retreat lol
  2. Thank you for this! I forget not everyone gets woken up by a cat purring away... or two of them figuring out how to be close to me when I'm resting. Or the positive reinforcement of trills of "play with me and feed me" is the greatest compliment of cat owners. Yeah, the cats are the honest reason why I have not brought out many of my "pretty" things to look at. I still need to order darn locks for accordion closest because Missy thinks she has a right to all the closets... (especially the ones with jackets and dresses she wants to play with..,,,) And she's smart enough to open them with a loud bang >.> Not even going to discuss my dresser dilemma... Thank you! 100% understand why you find it hard. I'm like "I'm ready, I'm READY." Then soon as I confront my apartment I deflate like a balloon. It's exhausting, especially just to work on the maintaining habits while finding better homes for old loved things and new wonderful things. It has 100% had me face some of my habits and I don't like it... (But I keep showing up to keep them in one way or another to make sure I do the work). 100% that is my hope, is finding the pieces I need to finish furnishing my home. The amount of time has me go "wow, this will take a while." But I'm realizing I will have to take the time to clear the space and find what I need... But after just moving the clutter around my apartment this weekend (and realizing I need to stop collecting cardboard boxes for Sunshine's cat chaos...) That I will need to put my creativity and patience into this. Hardest part is I realize people around me expecting to have my large brush strokes of my furniture done. Story time:
  3. Yay for finding hidden money! Always helps ---- Weekly win: Decided to not cancel a cat sitter. I realized my cats are more resilience and may a day of grazing... I asked around and my mom agreed to check-in with my cats a couple times (help with their routine a little bit since they so social). Really glad I did this, since I found out a hotel I'm staying at this weekend for 1 night only does room service for breakfast (was planning supper...). So an extra $80 will be helpful to be extravagant for a night with my little savings buffer. On my own challenge I had change of plans for the year and discussed with my apartment manager (that is also a work manager and turning into friend). She brainstormed ways I cut down on my monthly living costs at my current apartment. I will be planning to get my life to work for 60 hours a week in my near future with some chaos, but going to take some personal time to enjoy my 3 days off for at least a few weeks. I have a buffer, that even if I have a small emergency I'm going to be okay. --- Want to share my favorite tool that is helping me use YNAB a bit better. Ramit Sethi's "Conscious Spending Plan" (CSP). I've been working on his book for a few years (having some money mindset barriers) and found with his podcast (couples talking about money) and his netflix show "How to Get Rich", I personally had some "ah hahs" with my finances. I personally am able to finally see "why do I feel against the wall despite making good money?" Found out my apartment is taking quite a bit of my money along with my cats being another expense (lifestyle creep). I was close to "just giving up". But found the CSP helped me vocalizing where I'm tight on money, and a look what I want on my life. --- Today I also found a tiktok that explained how to uncover the no hidden fees for tax earning since I earn under $75k. (I really hate doing my own taxes... but planning a day with it usually helps). Just helped to watch someone else point how to do this, which I appreciated:
  4. One thing I REALLY want to work on this month is movement on decluttering/organizing my home. I have a financial buffer that even if I spend a bit more on my b-day I should be good on working 40 hours a week for at least a few weeks. Just kind of at least want to "move in". And maybe set up a little bit more enrichment for my bored orange cat. Upside I know I'm not moving, so I'm looking to just organize more storage areas to help make my living areas more homey. Or at least more calm. I made a new pinterest of dream home ideas and I realize it will be a process, but definitely want to find colorful, different lights with sparkle. What would it be like to create a home I truly love? Especially with my 2 cats?
  5. Thank you! And yesterday I couldn't talk about my Invisalign without going over the reasons why because the pain was so annoying. Today I'm just annoyed on the pain of taking them off (can really tell it's going to be moving parts of my jaw on how I have move the tray back on after meals. I literally have free food next to me right now... waiting until I get home to eat it so I can brush my teeth at home. Today I also realize how much I need to work on cleaning my gums, they are going to look amazing by dealing with being brushed at least 3 times a day. Upside I am drinking more water... due to them giving me the "thirst" feel with my teeth being covered up.
  6. Thank you! It's exciting when I can make my own happy birthday plans @Scaly Freak
  7. Wednesday: Cardio: Did a longer walk. It was flippin 50 F degrees outside... had to walk during the sunset (actually have a bag of workout clothes ready). (Reminder I live in MN, yes in the twin cities but no...) Frugal Dinners: I didn't plan enough quick and easy, throw together meals. I ended up finding out I didn't have a complete recipe since I didn't double check with a list... when the building's fire alarm went off I decided "Spirit is telling me to go to Taco Bell". (The cats went with me as per safety protocol - and my mom was able to chat with Sunshine as she was making it clear she didn't appreciate her carrier/the car ride else the safety protocol was perfect). I do need to learn how to make homemade crunch wraps. Shiny Sink - Cleaned up my mess from attempted dinner, cleaned up from cat "meal prepping" (dividing and freezing their meals), and washed my water bottles to use at work. Win! Invisalign: I'm really glad I made this part of my goal of sharing. I did accidently forget to put them back in before I decided to start clipping my cats claws (Sunshine makes biscuits on me every night... and realize I need to stay on top of them for both our quality of life at night. Luckily they cooperated despite hating it and I got them back in soon enough.) Cat owner win: I put them in carriers, say high to strangers, car ride and clipped their nails in one night! And they still liked me lol (My dogs growing up would have held a huge grudges for just the nail clipping). So yay I'm doing something right! Thursday: Cardio: Honestly, would have been a longer but I forgot to grab a coat along with wearing my sweatshirt... It was a good five minute one. I added .2 miles to the spreadsheet. Frugal Dinners: Ate my supper but realized I did not have the mental power to make anything else (or eat beans and rice... beans and rice without a recipe is a no go meal no matter how cheap it is). I ended up getting myself to the Gas station next to me and bought sandwich items with a candy bar, quest chips and a sprite zero. I don't eat bologna because pork/processed meat but damn when you are craving it/has the biggest pack at the store it hit the spot... Also I didn't realize having white bread around would feel like such a treat (its actually honey wheat, the only wheat the store had.. which is even better). . Honestly, going to the store and buying sandwich ingredients over eating at work is a huge win (spread over 3-4 meals instead of the cost of 2, even with my treats and c-store prices). So kind of not counting it, but seeing I might be dipping in savings just to make sandwiches for a quick meal for lunches. Shiny sink - No... It was honestly a tough night after supper. That didn't make it an easy morning by how much I had sitting around.. (I forgot I even used my cutting board). Invisalign - Yes, really really glad I am talking about it hear. It's a mental change. No impulsive snacking... or drinking sweet drinks/caffeine during an activity outside of eating, realizing dental hygiene is a good 10 mins (since not only my teeth (floss, brush and mouthwash) but I brush out the retainer trays each time). I have been making my meals bigger (really seeing what keeps me full so I can go as long as I can between meals...).
  8. Thank you! 100%, and realizing somethings at the same time where I just was really hurt. Thank you! As you heard my complaints in the end are pain >.> I'm also realizing how much I put my hands in my mouth when I was in 4th grade when I had a retainer (and lost it quite quickly). My mom commented they actually made my smile better, so despite the "attachments" that kind of look weird to me they aren't noticeable! Really really glad I have the app for the timer, else I think I would find excuses to take a break. Thank you! & Honestly I can see why people have a lot of fun with the engagement and planning for the wedding and then realize days before "oh no." I have brought up different counseling, state of Minnesota actually drops nearly $100 on a marriage license if you do 12 hours of premarital counseling. I was already having plans, its just interesting how the conversations were brought up on where we would both feel safe. Thank you, you've been able to watch my little rodeo over here lol. But damn I leveled up in relationships in a different way than I thought I would. Update to all of the rest of the advice. Thank you! I have a 4 day weekend and have moved around somethings for this weekend so I will have extra cash. I will have a room to myself on Saturday night, and I realized I can afford fancy room service after a day of a retreat with many people I enjoy company of.
  9. Daily Cardio - Walk around the parking lot in-between a DMV errand and working on Tuesday, I got a quick minute in. Frugal - Today wasn't very Frugal... I ended up getting food from a local restaurant and comfort food (ice cream and gummy bears). But I had found the money in other locations and was mindful what I was buying (like I bought a Tuesday Taco special at a Mediterranean restaurant - it ended up being shrimp which I enjoy) Shiny Sink - Super Shiny! I realized the only reason all my dishes aren't caught up is to find the water bottles I have around. (I also decluttered some of my counter space and wiped down my stove... kind of nice having a less fire hazard cooking area). Invisalign- I actually kept to 3 "meals" yesterday due to checking the timer on my Invisalign that had noted that I had used up my 2 hours with 2 longish breaks. (Breakfast and ice cream supper I had a hard time starting my dental hygiene). Realized I wasn't really hungry when I meal prepped. (The perk of brushing my teeth after every meal is my bedtime hygiene routine is speed up because my 3 part dental hygiene is done already). 2 days - 100%
  10. Thank you all... will probably make a response later this week. But the goals. I walked a lap around the parking lot! I've been kind of cooked.... and I timed the walk is 1-2 mins. The winter has been SUPER mild here (like super mild March weather in January). So hopefully I will expand more on walking First time ever I had guys stating at my food in aww in the work cafeteria. I had a turkey leg, baked potato (smothered in free ranch) and a can of carrots. Only downside, didn't have enough time to eat the whole leg. I also realized the meal was under $5 due to finding turkey legs on sale ($5 for 3 that needed to be cooked by Sunday). I also ate free manwich at my mom's when I stopped by for a birthday chat. Cabbage and eggs are my go to breakfast right now. I'm having a hard time with the invisalign.... but the app has a timer to help prompt me to keep them on. Painful enough where my brain keeps going "take them off, you did good now we can take them off....". Nope need them on. Realized I can put shiny Pokémon stickers on my tray holder since the bag and retainer are black.... not great when I have a tendency to lose things. Shiny sink! Played an episode of friend and got r done.
  11. Definitely sounds like the best way to think through the ideas but sorry things ended up tighter than you would like. Hope you find an answer to the stress of finances!
  12. Nice very nice. I'm nowhere near this but partly due to being single and have flexibility (but almost too much flexibility). Thank you for the reminder! I also have an instant pot (that means more tools with the 12-1 I need to wrap my head around and how to use it). Sounds like your tips are in coins, but have you ever thought about taking the card off the table and using cash for fun splurges? Understand if that doesn't work (especially if it is online shopping). And yay, for having enough! I have personally have started to use the envelope system for weekly items. I'm keeping my cards at home or in a box a little gift card box I was given for the holidays (small enough to keep in my pocket when I do take the card out, but obvious enough not to lose/remind myself my goals). I ended up having some creativity this weekend around my needed groceries and needed cat items.
  13. Thank you Chris. Honestly, just the discussions that have come out of being "we are becoming a family". But damn how to word it... just throwing in spoiler. It's basically relationship talk on our beliefs and what the relationship is. And as it is the last week of the challenge! Refresh on some goals. I'm realizing OA and CODA are 2 areas I might bring up here but I have to view as living things. While also having priorities I need to work on, with a goal of showing up but I can also allow myself to not stress out about it. Goals that are SMART and tangible. Daily Cardio- It can be just 1 minute! (Goal is to find a way I enjoy to get 20 mins in). I need to get moving. I signed up for a gym work challenge to help me get back in the gym. FEB's challenge is to do exercising for 26.2 miles (each 26.2 is a raffle entered, idk what the prices are. But I found out Friday that I can do a mile in 5 mins on a bike... so why not?). Frugal Nutrition- Wanting to cut down hours (from 50+ to 40) had me relook at my money situation. I'm wrapping my head around the money/life stress I am feeling and honestly will have to work on adding hours again, but to take a breather I'm tightening around my food budget for now. I will have extra hours to have, but want to set up my life quite a bit. Invisalign and Shiny Sink - I get my Invisalign today (in about 2 hours)! Exciting and also... oh I will be very conscious when I'm eating something now. (Not bad for the grand scheme of things but will be an adjustment). Also I'm back on FlyLady, I was rereading things about "busy lives" with my favorite peeps and it is 100% do and adjust. Getting the dishes done daily trips me up, but I have a lovely dishwasher that makes it work when I use it. So going to work on making sure the dishes are out of the sink, and sink is wiped down! Reward - 80% success is $5 toward fun money.
  14. Nice! I personally do the same as my main job is a bit chill for me to write it out. Just need to remember to plan foods I actually have time to prepare... If you have a system that works for you, why not stick with it? My issue is I usually need to plan/make the meals for lunches for the week since I'm still working 2 jobs that end late enough that the idea of cooking is just as bad as pulling teeth every night. I'm going down to less hours starting in February but having a plan is 100% helpful on willpower, cost and hopefully after enough practice energy. --- For my meal planning I realize I actually need to meal plan through next Sunday. I have a 4 day weekend next weekend (birthday weekend!), but am pretty busy this weekend/next weekend. With that I also realized I will be needing to stock up on my cat food and ran out of cat litter which a bit more expense full. Aka money is being directed to the cats, but I also need enough food that is approximately 27 meals and 14 servings of snacks. (With next Saturday's being on the go meals). Meals Planned so far from Cupboard: (1 meal) 1 can of soup w/ a baked potato or cooked wild rice w/ serving of frozen peas (I had these for lunch this week and so glad I only have more, as I loath it). (4 meals) Lentil pasta with tomato sauce and cheese (throw in a fried onion for veggies) I also have some oranges and pears for snacks, but just a handful of servings. Things to use up I will be working on to my meal plan: wild rice, frozen peas, canned chickpeas, a couple canned white beans, 1 blackeyed beans. TOFU - have to use it now. Along with Temph in the freezer.
  15. May there be joy in the process of gifting and window shopping! Ugh and Hugs! I personally hate doing taxes and having old stuff pop up that doesn't quite make sense is exhausting... I hope things go for the better after you find answers. The upside is the money is there, and life just decided to give you the "nope, not yet..." 100% figuring out what your current priorities are right now, and the long game... I personally also have felt dismayed on this and would give up. Hope we can help you keep marching on!
  16. Also been quiet, I'm having life/relationship changes that will change how I spend money in the next year. Today I sat down with my Conscious Spending Plan and realize how much cash I will have on me weekly. Being a single adult I'm on the boat of REALLY having to cut back on food, especially with some higher items I keep for my cats (we will all eat well to keep us healthy, but there are days where no one wants to eat the chicken lol... at least I can save mine for leftovers ). Everyone cool with a meal plan check-in, weekly? Might just have to do move it to my own challenge. But wowzah the amount of brain work to plan, execute and eat what you made is something else.
  17. Wedding stuff is finally dying down its spark. Last Friday I bought my ring with a very tired Fiancé. They said it will only take a week before I receive my ring. Learned quite a bit about Nigerian business culture... (finding most of the local businesses want me to be the one to persuade them to serve at my wedding.... which has me like.. wha? I just want to know what services you offer). Due to this culture struggle, my Fiancé has to kind of take the wheel. And we decided the wedding date is TBD... He does have some current life stressors that kind of have us go "aww we can wait a little bit". Things I worked on toward my goals. I went to an OA meeting every day this last week. I have the 5 am group automatic now to pop up on my phone (replace my morning routine of doom scrolling). Honestly its not my favorite group but 100% is easy to automate into a habit. That I can combine movement and "food plan of the day". I walk in place for 5 mins at minimum. I personally find the OA process is 100% what I need not only for my eating, but I need the 12 step process for my relationships, saving money/not wasting food. Just a bit of support... especially as I'm dealing with grouchiness. I do need to expand for meditation, journaling and talking with other members (create a support system...). Along with continuing to remind myself the whole process takes 1 day at a time!
  18. Okay.... I'm working on morning exercises, showing up to a surprise exercise might have me appreciate the exercises I can do I'm finding. Burpees: 20 Glute Flex: 20
  19. Exactly, 100% focus on each step and we will make it Down the aisle. I heard this too, but I was actually told by my dentist to clean my mouth much as possible. To floss right away with at least a floss pick, and at least rinse out my mouth with water... while trying to eat anything under 20 mins - especially sugary (like sipping on my sweet coffee all morning isnt a good idea).. Very different than I have read but also I was informed I have high plague bacteria and acidity in my mouth I'm trying to chill down. With invisalign it will be really important I clean all the teeth so I have less stuff in the retainer to cause the bacteria to build up. The dentist even told me he has seen huge dental health improvement when people followed through with the steps. To give you an idea also I was told I needed them in 22 hours a day... For me noticing the transition of eating and cleaning my teeth the 120 mins goes by quickly. It eill be fine but definitely gives me a little anxiety around my eating habits. Realize how much one grazes when she needs to floss and brush soon after. I just get a feeling 18 months of having to make sure I can brush/floss my teeth right away after eating will change things very differently. Though glad I am figuring out my OA schedule to help with the part of me that need support.
  20. Okay, Fiancé told me last night I need to slow down on wedding planning. We have an actual checklist in order and I need to follow through by not jumping around. We are allowing flexibility of the date to fall whenever. So I can't stress about certain timeline things at least until we get the date, and I know I need 9-12 months to just buy the dress. Will still update it here.... but my goal is to come up with a list of venues from the two caterers we are looking at. Goal is the food to be good especially as sensitive as some of the ingredients are for Nigerian food the better. Goals I'm going to work on this week: Brush and floss my teeth after I eat something. -- I decided to speed ahead my invisalign! I asked my stepdad for a loan, he agreed (and saved me more money that will make it easier to pay back). The trick is every time I will take them out to eat I will need to brush and floss my teeth before putting them back. Will 100% my mouth health by just starting the habit now so its easier to deal with. Other goal: Read Atomic Habits... I don't have to finish it. But I finally bought the book on kindle and audio book. I have many goals and do need help to focus them so I have what I want to achieve in my 30s
  21. That also makes sense, thank you. Will be interesting what falls into place. True, especially in corporate world due to PTO to go out of town is big here especially with hybrid work being a norm. Thank you! We get to ear twice this weekend after I work late tonight... sigh.
  22. Interesting, I've been told by peeps around here that it is off season here for large venues. Many places are shut down or much cheaper for what I'm looking for in the winter. It might be helpful that I'm in cold climates, where fewer people want weddings. Especially as I look on the Knot they are like "look we have patios" which is only fun in November - February if there is a fire of some sort >.> Yay! Aww I need to save the Cinderella GIF, lol. 2024 I am going to be Cinderella. I already am blonde/blue eyed and have 2 cats that have full on conversations with me. Just will skip the glass slippers!
  23. Me with all the above goals. 2024 has changed from self-care and "let's enjoy what I have to." Yo, relationship level up. Planning to combine all parts of our lives (house, name, finances... name change). Wedding plan has kind of been the great goal. I'm honestly in shock by having the best project partner I've had... Has it been perfect? Nope, 2 weeks in and I've freaked out a few times.. and he helped get me back in reality "let's not stress about this... hun" While my brain goes, "but we should be anxious about everything". no.. . So on that note... this challenge has been tipped over and emptied like the above table. Let me talk about the main focus: Cue wedding talk... Main life goal: Be married by March 2025. I would prefer a white wedding. We are planning an under 50 person wedding. Hoping to have the ceremony and reception at the same location Winter 2024/2025. Groom would prefer before the end of the year, but he also has been shocked by how many pieces to make a basic wedding... Our current plan is to find a Nigerian caterer... and that's when you realize you have like 4 options in the entire area lol. Choosing the caterer is priority so we can choose the venue quickly (that the caterer can actually serve at). Find the date and then things will get easier. Next to size/area to allow us to have all what we want at the venue. I'm praying for a fire pit (just a perk...). @Rookie bonfire wedding idea might have left a mark. Where reception we have a fire in the background to enjoy along with the regular events. But we will most likely be getting married at a hall like venue. Awesome part of living in the cities is the plus wedding dress options are around, I know I can find a dress that finds me amazing and my goal is to find a photographer that gets that feeling onto a 2D photograph.
  24. Thank you Heidi! I think I have WAY too much going on this summer. But will definitely want to join to just play if I can play with Famer's Markets over the summer (or have an attempt at gardening if I figure that out). I also am the same way. YNAB (You need a Budget) I realize is the only way I can automate things to "not see the checking account number". Still not perfect, but has be mindful enough to make the subscription fee worth it.
  25. In true Bouncer fashion. I realized I was having strong all or nothing thinking for this challenge. Lots of negative thinking, not doing good enough.. that was an interesting spiral. The more I watched "Call the Midwife," (season 11 is a rollercoaster of emotions), the more I realized how great my current life is right now. I'm anxious over REALLY good things in my life right now. The engagement really threw me off... Every time I go "why?" I get like 5 mental answer with another blast of anxiety. 100% because I can't control anything. As the lesson of life is "allowing things I can't control" and focus on what I can "control". Along with just being nice to myself... (I will probably post the above statement 10,000 more times until it finally breaks through my anxiety). I have a lot of life moving parts with a lot of "waiting time" to top it off. Anyway, I am going to try new goals! Show up to my 5 am OA meeting. It is a daily meeting that has several readings encourages exercise while in the meeting. And talking about exercise and compulsive eating. It is a perfect "double habits" meeting. I can tie this meeting habit with my current wake up time (my cats require me to get up at 5 am... no matter what day it is....) Only change is waking 30 mins earlier so I can be dressed and have the cats feed before the meeting starts. Read, journal, meditate for bedtime. With OA and CODA I have books and worksheets that can be worked on. Instead of mulling over one of my stressors I can work on healing myself/navigating my knee-jerk reactions through another tool... 5 minutes of work can be enough before I go to bed. This will also follow with my 9 pm bedtime. Plan Grocery shopping once a week. This habit has me "planning food once a week". Is it perfect, no. But this is a habit I had with coaching. It saves money and starts the week off with intention. Realizing stressing out on "eating out" isn't really helping out , except asking myself what I can make sure I buy on the weekends to for my kitchen to be stocked. Navigating what I need to "cook" and what I need to just have "warm up/grab and eat" will be part of this navigation also. But I'm hoping OA will help me work on that a bit better. Check in daily I need 80% success to unlock the reward... I enjoy having the excuse to check in daily1 Bonuses (not needed but always helps) Show up to CODA meetings Cleaning/organizing when I have energy/time... T minus 175 days until my lease ends. Train cats for traveling/moving (realized after January 28th I could actually have my fiancé cat sit with the cats in our future home. He has enough rooms to make one of the rooms their guest room/future base camp until I cat proof rest of the house).
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