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  1. Main goal I'm starting this week: Going to bed on time. I gave myself 15 mins today to just be on my computer after finishing cleaning the apartments (and freezing windex to a door window because negative freezing temps ). My goal is to do my bedtime routine starting 6 pm (due to my new wakeup time of 4 am for snowy mornings... I seem to need buffer time in the morning to wake up and physically get ready). The extra bedtime routine pushed me to be mindful and also be present for a little bit (throw in a meditation journaling moment in there). Tonight it's 7 pm maybe... This goal will be my main goal going into the next challenge. Simple but difficult to rewire my brain to take care of myself.
  2. The car settled out by last Tuesday! (The wonders of actually being able to afford things). I was reminded of college when I realized I had to figure out how "to cut corners" to get it done in time. I have a better understanding but will need to invest even more time in the actual studying. I personally am going through the phase of my career of "wanting to learn" and having no one willing to teach unless they are ready. For the work certifications (which were just 25 question exams on 100+ powerpoint thingy). I have people in my life sick of me talking about my frustrations, while I have one mentor betting, I end up being the main teacher on the damn holes my job has (that are easy to teach or keep available if I was asked to invest in it). Ironically I want to learn but I'm realizing my job keeps giving my twist and turns that have me frustrated or exhausted. I started the side gig, and am now realizing how weak my body is for extra cash (hello sore back from brooming). While also finding out on Friday we are having apartment inspections, this week a "pre-inspection" and the actual inspection in 2 weeks. I have some bad things I need maintenance on, but my low skill of home maintenance is showing... I'm mentally freaking out. I know worst case scenario they will tell me what I need to do and take away my side gig (which probably isn't happening). So just trying to be intentional with my time.
  3. Ooh just lovely! You have embraced the hotdish lol I guess the word hotdish came from the Iron range (northern mn) of just throwing all the leftovers into a hot pot for the hard working guys. Idk I was shocked when I found out my mom's recipe came from a local recipe sample from a family education class (she grew up with Spaghetti hotdish...) --- I'm alive but the challenge has changed into "Bouncer's Intentional Challenge". Everything is about managing my time and figuring out what to get done in the little time I have. I'm realizing why somedays I'm ready to cry at work, the old systems where I could have my break times have been lost due to the breaking in the job. Due to me being such a "good worker" and having a Supervisor that doesn't see the need to enforce these boundaries is meh. I've decided I'm in sort of Bootcamp for whatever opportunity comes next (which might be years down the line). If I can handle this tough job and show up to what I want to do outside of work, what else could I do? Recent obstacles: My car stopped starting on Saturday. Mechanic concluded a bad battery and the starter failing... I get it back tonight, luckily my parents have a car I can borrow since they both don't need to drive to work. I was offered a side gig at my apartment complex, where it is super easy. But all the paperwork hit some of my anxiety. Ended up taking me a week to realize how to "cut corners to get it done". (I need to make time with my almuni career center to work on having a ready-made Resumes and different types). It's caretaking my apartment building that I live at, where I need to be more intentional with my time, but they are paying me well per an hour. (A good way to earn a couple hours a week without the stress from my main job). My job has given me homework which I need to get done. It has been over a week and they want it done, I'm terrible with homework. But I want to learn from this and get all the information I can get, since I have a lack of "teachers" in my current position. I have to do it outside of work due to my job being super busy I can barely keep up. Why are these obstacles? I have to figure out how to get them done while working on the habits that fill my day. I luckily meal prepped a bunch of food, here's my lunches this week: I was worried about this, but wowza that turned out good when I made time to have lunch (really late lunch). Slurping up bean thread noodles in a beautiful broth was perfect (my job has easy access to hot water, and I keep it in my work bag to have it room temp). Was shocked the jar didn't get too hot to hold when I filled it up, but realized the food probably helped balance out the heat. I have my jars packed with veggies, and notice due to my jar being tossed around that they "marinate."
  4. Am so amazed by how you are working with your partner! These type of difficulties are not fun but able to work together Glad the training went well despite the melted brain! Hope the fresh start helped you recover!
  5. I also realized halfway through the week I could have cooked the dish
  6. So I need accountability assistance today: I will write out all my Tidy Festival Goals (both Konmari and to do list). Along with writing out my daily goals. Reward system for above (treating my inner child for a reward of fun screen time or other goals I may want). Fun goal: enjoy 2 friend phone conversations today (they both lined up for today and I need to actually remember them).
  7. Okay weekly update: For work it was probably the busiest week I have ever worked. To the point new training was brought up to do at work. I asked my bosses if I could move it to homework due to my position being so busy. They gave me a thumbs up, with some pay with it. I realized with these trainings my goal is to learn as much as possible, due to being things I can carry on or question when I find people I trust in my career (which is meh right now). I did lose another pound at 273! Week 2 Tidy Festival: I think I freaked myself out. Realized that this weekend I will need to take the time write out what needs to get done with a guilt free reward. (Hello games I haven't been able to play guilt free and me wanting to watch all the "cat from hell episodes). I'm changing my end goal to look more like the end of this challenge right now to get through the clutter and errands. I will need to get into deep cleaning by the next challenge to start helping with making my home cat friendly. NF Coaching: I did pretty good but found old habits popping up with food. I'm finding English muffins and peanut butter don't help my overall goals, but when I make the English muffins to pizza it's a little better. I need a bigger meal prepped meal for supper (veggie and protein nutrition dense than calorie dense). Keeping on prioritizing meal prep (the helpful part of being on the forums to see all your fantastic meal prep plans!) Mindful Budgeting: Not perfect, but I'm showing up for it. To tell you the truth I feel like I shouldn't plan on adding to furbabies to my life, but I also realize how much happier I will be even with the shift in goals. Spirit Boost: I ended one of my teacher's services, I had been paying a higher price. It came down to she has helped give me an idea but she's adding more to my plate than helping my long-term goal: being present while healing trauma. With my cat routines I will be adding more meditation time (morning, after work, and bedtime). Watching "My Cat From Hell" episodes has me realize how much being present can help the cats and the guardian... So if I can't show up for myself, could I show up for my future fur babies?
  8. Some yearlong goals awareness: I was exhausted after a 90 min icy walk (about 3 miles). I had my walking stick to help slide across some areas which helped but was more unamused how tired I was. NSV is the desire to do something like snowshoeing without the worry of being exhausted all weekend (hello fatigue anxiety). There're adventures I want to enjoy (hello annual amusement park trip for my brother and I this summer that I had to drink down an energy drink to keep up with my 6'4 brother - his legs never seemed so long before at my 5'11 height). Goal 1(Non scale victory)l: be able to do an all-day adventure without the worry of being fatigued for a whole week after. After a few weeks of no gym time. I realized I don't do much outside of the gym anyway, and actually have more difficulty working out at my apartment. While also realizing, I'm paying for something I should use it fully (I get the gym free through work.... and workout plans are a bit part of NF Coaching I feel... I have at home options, but they are meh). Also, right now I can give myself less stress by taking the time to use the gym, while actually asking my coach for tips on when the gym regulars (that all happen to be male) are taking over the gym. And see how I can use the fitness studio that's part of the free package. Aka: Planning to return to the gym to help my endurance go up with a great strength workout twice a week. While enjoying mindful movement on the rest days. ---- The other NSV goal - I will be adopting a pet this year. The main thing I miss from my ex is honestly someone I can freely hug and be close to (and has been tough due to having to communicate with my ex this last week). I told my mentor I should just get over it, but I love hugs and touch (always have my mom joked I would need a roommate for hugs in my youth). My mentor brought up it sounded like I am someone who needs to adopt a pet for a well-rounded life. He then proceeded to remind me of his farm with more than enough farm cats and has offered me whenever I desire to adopt them (and visit them whenever I like for some cat vibe time before I can adopt, he also has house cats I can cuddle up to if I get discouraged by the farm cats). He also said if I take him up on this offer, I will need to adopt 2 due them being in a colony cat outdoor environment to a bit more isolating city apartment. I was worried it would be a terrible thing, but my mentor explained their life is short outdoors (such as coyotes lurking about). That it would give them a longer life, and with my research happier cat coexistence. Things I will need before I run and adopt and give me a to do list outside of just research collecting. Confirm my apartment has a no pet policy there's apartment in the apartment across the parking lot that has 2 cats (happy hello some days) that had me reread my apartment policy -- I need "management permission," which is most likely "social anxiety animals" - I will most likely need to move but why not check first? Finish my Tidy Festival with the focus also of having a cat happy home. I've been watching a lot of Jackson Galaxy's videos on things to do for a happy cat and what I will need to do and I'm needing to at least make space for new arrangements). If I can't have a pet or 2 cats in my current apartment, I want to find a new place by the end of my lease in June. Find out Cat healthy routines. This is one of those if I start doing it now, could I attract faster to my home? Along with making the adjustment period easier on me. I realized most people in my life are like "you can't do anything with cats". Yes, cats can like their alone time but now I'm finding like children, if you have a routine they will thrive with you. I'm not 100% what these routines are yet, but I know bringing cats from the farm "hunt, catch, kill, eat" habit would be a needed habit for their lifestyle. Other routines like cleaning litter boxes, or making sure I have things put away before bedtime and going to work will be helpful to just play with before I deal with the literal consequences. Fur Baby Budget the main reason I haven't had a fury baby in my adult life has been finances. Now I am in a job where I can setup my money for goals. Just prioritizing a fur baby fund. Where my stresses are not financially will help indefinitely! Needed to write that out... wowza.
  9. Yes, I ended up taking Saturday as a day off. I also went to a State Park just outside of the city limits to give myself a moment of city break. I will have a photo later. Favorite part outside of the icy paved trail (I realized I don't have lone enough boots or energy for the winter trails I want to do), was a clean warm bathroom. I was adult enough to have a picnic in my car and able to enjoy the only sound of 1 bird and the wind for several minutes at time for a busy park. Just a nice break for myself, while also realizing how busy my brain just is.... yikes.
  10. Here is another snowy photo from Tuesday. I found a good trail between work and home. Though the parking is on a busy road. Yesterday we had freezing rain which is meh.... but I used my step-dad's treadmill finishing the movie Seeing Red while doing laundry at their place. Movie 5 out of 5 stars. Going to bed late 2 nights in a row 1 star. Been still riding the no 2 in a row, battling habits while mentally my brain is just done this week.
  11. When it's past your bedtime and accidentally delete your post. Here's the photo... unedited sorry in advance. (there's a small carving of a trail I tried taking, that I adventured through a nearby wooded park yesterday.
  12. Week 2 Sunday Tidy Festival: The papers killed me (brain melted). It ended up taking me a few hours for a good size pile, but everything was just built up in the last year (or has been hanging on in the to do pile). I bought myself a magazine holder, that Marie Kondo recommended for the "to do" bin. She wrote it out like a prescription. I took my time at Walmart and found a nice sturdy one I could fill up. I ended up adding items from me to do list by scribbling on a note. Honestly, this might slow down the decluttering process for the week. I have voted to work on one thing a day! Follow Coach: Was very successful, I kept food under control and did have a sweet with the planned foods (healthy berry cereal and protein shake). Ate up a little bit more, but was all in line with my goals. Felt like an amazing weekend. (Monday's weigh-in showed me no extra bloat). I did get a newsletter from my Naturopath, that wrote out help to resetting insulin. I need to save some of the information somewhere to remind myself why I need to keep on activities (strength training... and just extra movement). Mindful Budgeting: Keeping on! Spirit Boost: I meditated right away, no question. However, I had difficulty writing out my vision board. Realize I need to finish writing and putting up my vision board tonight since I have an appointment tomorrow night. --- I'm dealing with melted brain feelings. For Monday: Tidying is working on to dos. Coach, is keeping on despite a tough work day and doing some strength training at home (successfully finished my first quick workout at my apartment). Budgeting is going great. Spirit Boost- Meditated yes. Now to get the Goals stuff done tonight.... Will post a winter picture if I get it done before 7!
  13. Lol, I was actually planning on tagging you after I finished something lol. Instead I checked my notifications lol . Okay, here is my tator tot hotidish! I made it today and so many memories rushed back in. I could wash my dishes and makes this from memory under 30 mins. What you will need: Ingredients: 1lb ground beef A bag of frozen tater tots At least 2 cups of shredded cheese (I like a mix due to the coloring... but historically a cheddar) 1 can of green beans 1 can of corn 1 can of Cream of Mushroom Soup Optional Seasoning: Morton's Season All (seasoned salt) Optional topper: Ketchup (I prefer generic of Heinz ketchup for this- cold). Rectangle Cake Pan/Roasting pan (any oven dish with sides) Frying Pan/Sauce Pan (whatever you prefer to brown beef in) I used a rubber spatula that I could cook and spread with... (go by what you know in the directions). -- Steps: 1. Preheat the Oven to 425 F degrees (or whatever your tater tot bag suggests) 2. Brown the beef in your favorite stove pan, I grew with adding Season All to the pan and meat right away. (feel free to spice up the beef your favorite way here). 3. Transfer beef over to cake pan, add into the cake pan with the beef: cream of mushroom, green beans, and corn. Mix everything together and then smooth it down for the base layer. 4. Next place the frozen tater tots onto the beef as a single layer (I personally put a pile on and then lined them up). 5. Top the tater tots with the cheese (feel free to use more cheese if 2 cups isn't your liking... I have >.>) 6. Pop in the oven until the tots are golden and the cheese is melted all the way through (basically your goal is to cook the tater tots all the way through with all the comfort around them). 7. I personally serve it right away, still warm or warmed up with a swivel of ketchup on top. FYI I used a nonstick pan when cooking this today, but I have memories of not spraying down pan when cooking... I don't remember this being a difficult dish to clean up after even after having in the fridge for a day or two for leftovers. Also no idea for serving sizes, I'm currently doing approx. 9 tots due to using the carb for my main serving indicator. Feel like I did a 5th grade writing assignment lol... ---- Seriously I've been wanting to check on you... but I keep finding things to do Should try to catchup with you this week!
  14. Week 1 Review: Despite the blips I felt this week, I had an amazing first week of 2023! I'm learning to be gratuitous to myself with each step while being disciplined through the habits to see some of the perks of the goals. No changes, let's see if I can keep the momentum going! Tidy Festival Update Paper So today I'm working on papers. I reviewed the sections in the Konmari books, she actually recommends in her newer book to make a plan or complete all the "to do pile" of the papers when you are done with the paper category. Was surprised by this, since I thought I should wait after. So, the earlier running around I was doing this week had helped make that pile a little smaller. I started to put things on my calendar when I'm going to plan to do the items later this week, but as the fatigue as worn on 50 mins and the pile only getting slightly smaller, I need to declutter through and then make a plan. While also working on the weekend chores. I know I'm in the joy phase of my clothes despite the lack of clothes... Because I am looking forward to finishing up the 2 loads of laundry today (Usually it would take all day to complete it, or an adventure). While also finishing meal prep.... Meal Plan this week: Tater Tot Hotdish (to be eaten with veggies, and protein juice shake) Breakfast Turkey Sausages (I eat about servings), coffee/cream and a banana English muffin Pizzas (I made only one pan, but I can quickly make with almost no mess). Eat with veggies. Next 24 hours I am going to finish of my arugula with shrimp I have sitting in my freezer and poppyseed dressing (will see how the plain combination will go). I will probably need to buy more veggies, but I have some canned green beans that need to be enjoyed. While for sweet tooth I have all the ingredients to make "healthy fruit crunch" (berries, chocolate, nuts, protein powder, almond milk and coconut flakes).
  15. Week 1 Saturday Tidy Festival: Success! I ended up actually completing books at the end of the day when I was still on a bit of a high from milk boba tea. The only books left are Marie Kondo books >.> Might go to half-priced books to get some cash back due to them all being barely used. Papers were started to get setup due to the Marie Kondo books finding places to hide underneath my clutter. Follow Coach: Success! No blips at all for a Saturday! I had put in a 15 min in the single digits weather and walked around a little park trail that was next to the DMV I had to run to for errands. The eating out was a true success! I found a closer place for my cravings of boba tea, and I had a bahi-mi for the first time that was SOOO good. My friend actually eats so slowly that it ended up having me eat my sandwich in an hour to be mindful. Was able to really enjoy my meal, found a calm place to enjoy really tasty comfort food. Will take myself out there again for a self-date on another weekend I don't have plans. Mindful Budgeting: Success! Keeping on! Spirit Boost: Success! Having that meal with a friend also had me practice being present with a friend while also was mindful during my running around.
  16. Mine is more like crazy side effects that hits my emotions and fatigue with many domino effects. I restarted a supplement to curve down the Rollercoaster a bit.
  17. Do you have a health potion or a go to routine when your immune system had been hit with an HP reducer? You got this even with the extra TLC
  18. Interesting, installed it to check it out for maybe a Spanish refresher.... And wowza this challenge is borderline reading a fantasy novel to watch your ups and downs. A nice motivator glad to have been caught up to watch you blast that iron to your dreams!
  19. Seriously, as you can relate its more of keeping consistent despite fatigue and the lovely hormone roller coaster (I luckily have my defenses up all the way!) ---- Week 1 Friday Tidy Festival: I did skip any decluttering due to just weekly fatigue. I allowed this to go down to just allow myself some mindless time. Follow Coach: Successful! Hard part was not binging Friday night during my free time and getting some movement. I was having a lot of DOMS due Thursday's "simple" workout in my arms. I did 45 seconds of step jacks when I put on my workout clothes... finding out I can't want an action movie and workout... despite how enjoyable that would be. (my brain doesn't work with that ) I ended up indulging a little too much with an open peanut butter jar and saltines. I know this would for most people "be a good snack" for me it's mindless eating that doesn't match what my body needs and snacking... the saltines are thrown out due to this. I realized though that I might make weekend nights the time I figure out what makes my perfect ramen bowl at home... Or something like that. Part of my dream home is to have space to play with cooking after the meal plan is done. Like I have hotpot stuff I want to try, and new realization where I can buy cheaper ingredients. I need space to do that. Continuing on weekends are tough to not overeat on food that doesn't match my goals. I have been really good, and am buying my week's food that's yummy to me and fits my goals. I'm going out to eat with a friend for supper, and I'm excited and have it budgeted. This is a good friend I can be open about me trying to eat mindfully as she is also practicing her own mindful journey, plus she's a nutritionist. (So just being around her can be helpful to scurry some worries away). Looking at the menu it seems to be an asian bakery, maybe? I've decided to not push vegetables but allow myself to taste foods while experimenting with slower mindful eating. Mindful Budgeting: Tracking continues! Going to start a new journal on the budget forums to track 365 days of tracking (will post here when I post there for extra accountability). All the mindfulness has been opening up things I need to fix, but also has allowed perks of "finding money". I am replacing my glasses with a different style so I can adjust them better to my face (and maybe feel like I'm not wearing jar lids) they warned me I might need to pay more but called back with a refund. While also remembering I had credit union rewards program and can get quite a few Target gift cards for grocery shopping! Spirit Boost: I have little memory on how yesterday went but I showed up. Kept being mindful at work despite the fatigue and had a good weekly appointment where he praised my efforts and gave me more tips. This week I'm working breathing more to help with the tension in my jaw (the dentist told me if they still saw problem, they would recommend a nighttime mouth guard so going to see if I can prevent that). ---- TIDY FESTIVAL MILESTONE Also! This morning I FINISHED Decluttering Step 1 of clothes. I'm a little taken aback by how many things didn't give me joy... while a little concerned on the amount of clothes I'm keeping. The rule of thumb of no buying replacements until after the home is setup is going to be interesting. I was going to avoid using the laundry at my apartment for my budget, but I need a way to at least refresh my clothes throughout the week... So, laundry budget is being made. (My dream home I desire my own laundry machines and dishwasher...). I have a few bags to be thrown out and just over a bag to donate. Along with some garbage that needed to be picked up. I have a few errands to run but I hope tomorrow I can get through books and paper (books are an easy category since I've been decluttering them yearly, last year I earned $20 at half price books by just taking in what I no longer gave me joy)./
  20. The scale dropped this morning! Most of December it was going up or holding on 277! Now it hit 274! I have been really focusing on sticking to my goals after enjoying dominoes on Saturday. It would be really nice to get to 271 by the end of this challenge and sounds very achievable! Week 1 Thursday: Tidy Festival: Does checking off things from your to do list count? Was busy with errands right after work until after bedtime Follow Coach: Successful! Was able to get a small bodyweight workout in while wearing normal clothes! Was able to get that movement in Mindful Budgeting: Successful! Restarted a thread in my budget forums, going to try to do a 90 day tracking challenge since I'm a bit anxious with my budget. Spirit Boost: Skipped my meditation due to going bed light the night before. Pushed myself to be present at work (some people at work are difficult to get along with unless I'm present).
  21. Wednesday Week 1 Tidy Festival: Sucessfully started the clothes cafegory. A bit of a grind, but intrigued by the process. Hoping to finish clothes and books by Friday (checking in has pushed me...) Follow Coach: Almost there.... ended up eating more in the evening (I know my gut is having a tough time with yhe smaller portion sizes, cut down on sugar and fat - have a supplement to help with gut that will help with my desire to overeat high car/fat foods). Realized I shouldn't push my exercise after I start the tidy festival.... working out with a full stomach is easier than after 6 pm. Mindful Budgeting: I have been shaken up a bit by how tight my finances are getting. Didn't realize my lack of awareness. Glad I started now instead of waiting. Spirit Boost: During the day was amazing despite not feeling it. However I ended up being on my phone until 9:30 pm... that domioned effected everything. Now to stop catch myself and continue on.
  22. Tidy Festival: Not enough time outside of work today. Follow Coach: Successful! despite my long work day. I kept on point with food and have some ringfit in. Mindful Budgeting: Contibuing tracking! Put in the amount for topping off my car. Found out I had a large amount of a payment that finally cleared and had me realize I was needing to continue this tracking. Spirit Boost: Successful! Found out I have 1 more appointment with one of my leads and feel like I wasted some of the appointments. But trying to journal on my feelings. ---- So tidy Festival is still delayed. I have an eye appointment right after work that the perk is I can't do much else except go home and take care of myself! Am worried about some of my meal planning. I've been having a pattern and today is where I need to check what I can make before buying more food. While making sure I have enough snack veggies. Veggie trays have been handy to have something to much on while at work or driving.
  23. Yeah my thing is like "but I'm already at work...". Tripping over the regular gym bros and the gym having almost too nuch make it difficult on a tired brain. -- Ended up working over 10 hours. Playing ring fit until 7 pm and then call it a day.
  24. Tidy Festival: Ended up hanging out with my parents too long, I started making the clothes pile and have taken a few clothing pieces to throw of donate. Read quite a bit of her books. Follow Coach: Successful! Am planning to move workouts to at home bodyweight after realizing why work gym workouts have been tough. Food was on point. Set up my ring fit for 8 mins workout, living room has space to workout. Mindful Budgeting: Kept up with the tracking that was coming through and areas I need to add. Spirit Boost: Spot on, struggled with some extra evebing meditation to help settle myself down for the day. But had extra journaling. Snow storm coming in again, has been delayed but might have frozen rain involved While staying a little late after work due to a coworker. My budget has shown me I need the savings to another goal helping out despite probably having little time to declutter.
  25. Sorry kept out a couple nouns. It's a make up Christmas party. Which now I'm like 0.0 I don’t want to cook. But wonder if I can add Chinese ew year stuff for celebration.
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