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  1. LovelyBouncer

    Bouncer's Fairy Queen Mission

    I had given up a little last fall... It didn't help I realized. Where now luckily my schedule now makes it a little easier. Winter storm tomorrow! Dang it mother nature... I hope its nice and clean otherwise Saturday and Sunday... I don't think that's going to happen but wtf. My professor did a test with me and the class today. 400 words written during a select writing time. Found the pressure of "I should be writing" helped quite a bit, and reminded me I do need to give myself just times to work on something. Because being a slow processor I need to allow my brain to make things happen. Example my narrative... somethings came out of that I nowhere near planned but I like. Also reminded me I love coffee shops for writing, and they noted get the smallest size so it won't distract you. (For me being able to write at a coffee shop was a childhood dream for me). Tonight is to write all the due dates out. GOing to actually turn
  2. LovelyBouncer

    Echocheanic: The guide

    Taking the vibes of you getting up early and going... I personally been fighting that.
  3. LovelyBouncer

    Bouncer's Fairy Queen Mission

    Thank you for this! I've been trying to ask myself daily how to make her proud!
  4. LovelyBouncer

    Bouncer's Fairy Queen Mission

    I am still working on my goals. Even with school started and my body freaking out after one cycle with a new birth control. Biggest goal is trying to sleep at night- even after I have a nap in the evening. Wake up at 8 and get to class on time. Adding in bonuses for showing up to things on time, doing assignments (I finished some easy reading). I've been having issues with my avoidance and depression. Mainly why I'm trying to not go nocturnal. Am going to work on the narrative a little more.
  5. LovelyBouncer

    Bouncer's Fairy Queen Mission

    I have my goals all setup and ready to go... but first I want to tell you a story! ----- As the waning moon was high up above the forest, casting long shadows over me. The moon's light, hiding the stars of the clear winter night. A fresh powder of snow underneath my leather boots as I wrapped my royal purple cloak around me to warm myself, tucking my short hiking stick in my cloak for easy access. It was a beautiful New Year's Eve. A small clearing laid in front of me, that had a sight I only had read in large old leather books. A fairy circle with glowing blue tinted mushrooms in varied sizes, a sight that had all my fears vanish. I could feel the strong light power here, this place couldn't hold fear for long. I am miles away from the city that surrounded the forest, large amount of magic had it disappear. This was the place of the Deep Forest Valley Fairy Queen. For many at the Academy, meeting with the Queen was an honor many have strived for. Many have worked themselves to the bone, hoping for a golden parchment paper, like the one I had in my pocket. A quest with unknown rewards, where no one knew how one exactly achieved the ability to be able to get an invitation from the Fairy Queen. A secret that everyone knew at the Academy, but didn't quite know how to reach it. A common factor that was thought to be a reason to be invited by the Queen, was being a great student and soon to be graduate. Not unknown graduates like me that were taking a different route to get through the school's program. I will have been at the school for three years in a couple weeks, graduation date maybe in another three years if I don't crash and fall again. The feeling of tiredness cast over me, as I remembered this last fall. I was still working on assignments, trying to not to fail a couple classes. Or at least have been pretending like I was working on them during the last two weeks of break. I had taken on too much I knew that, but was having difficulty on remembering why I was at the Academy still. Especially since it seemed like there was little reward in for me, however I was still moving forward. The invitation came to me as I had taken a personal break, a special one during the New Year. While the Academy was quiet for the holiday season. Why did the Fairy Queen of the Deep River Valley Forest want to see me? I felt like I had very little to offer here. As I stood and breathed in deeply, small lights started flickering on the dark dormant trees, insync with small like bell noises. At the Academy just above the valley, we called them "will-o'-the-wisps". Beings that always showed up when the magic was strong, usually before large events. An event like meeting the Fairy Queen probably held a lot of preparation. I felt my my long hair wisping out of my hood, as the energy started to pick up a bit. It was a strange feeling in itself. As my goosebumps traveled down my back I knew I hadn't felt anything this powerful before. What I had known, was nothing like I was going to see tonight. The wisps started to make music as they spoke together in bells, a full band playing about me. The bells slowly changing from just bells to child like giggles. The mushrooms started to glow higher, as I noticed different magic had started popping up from the mushrooms. Following a popping noise that fell into the chorus of chimes, a glowing of light growing into full brightness on the snow in the center of the fairy circle. No wind had brushed my skin, but my hood fell back as my cloaked opened from the energy. I was greeted with the chilly air, with a inner feeling of warm comfort. I was not to be here to get frost burn, but to be here in the moment. In a quick moment, light flashed before me, blinding me. The energy settled as the forest had taken a deep breath, perhaps the Queen used the power of energy of the strike of Midnight? A new year, as the forest seemed to relax in air of energy. In the center a woman stood tall, a surprise as I imagined a fairy to be much smaller. Not like a grown woman who stood before me in a white gown that was like a wedding dress. Of the shoulder sleeves, with belle sleeves that seemed to replace any sight of wings. A red fabric belt around her hips. Both her dress and blonde hair seemed to float and ripple within the energy of the fairy circle. "Happy New Year's Bouncer," she said in an angelic cheerful voice. ----- cont. Goal is to update daily, and finish the intro for my narration and challenge. Having a lot of fun with this fantasy writing for the first time in a long time. (Update daily is too much right now, but will be the near goal).