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  1. LovelyBouncer

    Leveled up in my adult life, lost a few health points

    Adding in the real foods! Less calorie sense foods. Such as fruit or veggies with your cheese. Or even halfing a sandwich with carrots or oranges. I myself am super sensitive to too quickly changing foods where I have the hard time focus when I change my foods too rapidly to just real foods. But finding a vegetable or a fruit cut up in my lunch bag makes it easier to eat calories, it works really well for the jobs where you have breaks.
  2. LovelyBouncer

    Teros 54: Phoenix Begins

    Again sorry to hear of the lost energy. Know the feeling of a mouse problem... Story time: my boyfriend's apartment building has several. Soon as it got warm they were running around like they owned the place. He didn't care because they are nothing like Nigerian mice/rats, but I lost it when I found out they were going on the beds and funiture.... They somehow are scared off now, but I have no idea how to deal. May you catch this one easily
  3. LovelyBouncer

    Bouncer Sleeps

    It's Summer break for me, still VERY spring here but having less to do is giving me summer vibes. [Updated via phone] Day 1- May 21st I was up by 7:30 and having breakfast before 8 of leftovers. Tried to go to bed at 10. Rant: (Literally would of bsed the sleep if it wasn't for being actually falling in and out of sleep). Fitness: Only moved a tracked30 mins. Weather wasn't in my favor, wind adhistory and rain. Was a cleaning an organizing in the apartment, but was charging my phone those times. Other goals: have 3 of 3 posts already.
  4. LovelyBouncer

    Bouncer Sleeps

    Into the summer I am. Writing this challenge on my phone... Getting used to a new environment at my boyfriend's. Main goal- Get to bed by 11 and awake at 7:30 am. Fitness:try to move 60 mins a day Other goals for the summer: -Study Yoruba -Read at least one textbook this summer -Work on getting a writing habit with Sims challenge -Post on NF 3x each week Will get more in-depth when I get my computer out
  5. LovelyBouncer

    Teros 54: Phoenix Begins

    I'm here! Ready to be an accountabuddy! Will be with you for the 3 posts a week... May the flames get stronger and never pale! @Tateman thanks for sharing your own story, hope I have one similar to this by next year!
  6. Been wanting to start a challenge again... Vowing I would make it simple. Every single time though... I end up finding all these goals and make it super complicated. Tried them behind the scenes, none of the goals seemed to last more than 2 weeks. Now its the week before my true summer break... I'm ready to figure it out. So here is my hit for simplifying things my way: Fitness- Be active! Hit one of these: Daily heart minutes, Daily Move minutes, Get my butt outside for Ten minutes or Qi gong I personally like Google's minute tracker in the last month. Nutrition- Add in magic or nurturing into my food (either practice or journaling it out). Will go more in-depth later if desired. Trying a spiritual approach to figure out also what's my body and mind needing from food... Life- Let's See if I can clean out my inbox! Starting 7,687 (let's drop it to 7,000 by the start of the next challenge). I have a lot of life stuff going on still but this has been a goal for over a year I haven't done much with. I started this email account approx. a year since I started NF. I've learned I will look up emails that I want, so I don't need to sort. However, just cleaning out the junk will probably help clear anything I've been holding onto. NF- Vist at least one fellow NF once a week. As @Teros always says, its what time you put into this community you can get out of it. Edit: added Qi gong to fitness, because tonight I already ran into an issue of not hitting any of them. And Qigong is my backup for moving a bit.