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  1. I snagged dymatize elite whey isolate which has about 24g of protein per scoop. I'm thinking I probably need 2 scoops post workout. Thoughts? Also, should I add carbs in post workout like a piece of fruit? My understanding is that carbs assist in the recovery process (maybe help the proteins utilization).
  2. So I'm looking for a little advice on getting a new bike. I've been doing the Rebel Fitness guide, and as a reward to myself for completing the first month, I'm planning on getting a new bike. I have an old Fuji mountain bike that I ride on a trainer in my apartment every other day for my cardio. It's not the most comfy bike to ride on, and I'm really interested in trying road biking. I'm not really sure if I want to jump right out there and get a nice road bike. I'm thinking probably something more along the lines of a hybrid. I just want a little bit nicer of a ride (was thinking about the Trek FX series). If I enjoy the bike and doing some road riding, then down the road, I would upgrade to a nicer true road bike. But right now I'm really just looking for an in between bike for fitness purposes (and I can't afford to shell out a lot of money right now anyways). Anyone have suggestions of a quality bike that's not too expensive but will get the job done? I'd appreciate it.
  3. Another benefit of Paleo, I don't feel the need for caffeine. I mean, I still have cravings for it, but I'm not so tired that I HAVE to have a soda or a coffee or I will pass out at my desk. I'm not getting that groggy feeling I usually do in the middle of the day, which is a big plus.
  4. So I've been staying pretty close to the Paleo diet for the past month. I had to unexpectedly travel out of town for business this past week for a couple of days. I was so busy and working so late that I didn't have time to go grocery shopping, so I just ate whatever I had available (probably could have made better choices). I did not realize how much better I felt being on Paleo until I felt what it was like not being Paleo. It seriously felt like I woke up with a bad hangover. I was so tired, couldn't stop sweating, and my stomach didn't feel like it liked me very much. Not sure if other people feel like this when they jump off the bandwagon. I'm attributing a good part of the way I felt to being diabetic and having to dial up a ton of insulin for those non-paleo meals. Now that I can really appreciate the benefits of going paleo, my motivation to stick with it is just that much higher.
  5. I'd rather be dead in California than alive in Arizona. Sorry, had to work an Arrested Development quote in there. No qualms with Arizona.
  6. Definitely Paleo. Thanks for the advice everybody, and I do believe I'll add protein shakes to my post workout routine!
  7. Haha! Well that is why I posted it in Paleo...
  8. Chill chill. The post was more just for fun. Just had a random thought.
  9. So I was just thinking about how much sense the paleo diet makes, and I'm already really seeing great benefits in health, weight loss, and energy. So why does the government keep telling us that the majority of what we eat should be grains? Grain-based foods are the most abundant food source around. If everyone stopped eating grains, it might result in a global food shortage, resulting in pure chaos..... Just saying, that'd be a reason the government would continue to push grains despite knowing better. If you never see me post on NF again due to my mysterious disappearance, then there might be some validity to my theory.
  10. So my main goal here is dropping some serious poundage. But I don't want to get weak in the process. With these goals, should I be following up my lifting workouts with protein shakes? In the past, I've done the post workout protein shake, and I REALLY bulked up (muscle-wise). Sadly, there's a layer of fat on top of it, so still hard to see those buried muscles. Just concerned I'll go the wrong way if I start doing the protein shakes.
  11. Can the strength guide workouts be done at home with dumbbells? Right now I'm able to do the fitness guide workouts at home.
  12. So I am currently using the Rebel Fitness Guide and enjoying it. But I'm seeing that a good bit of people are using the strength guide. My overall goal is to shed tons of pounds to help with my type II diabetes. However, I'm not sure which guide is better for what I'm looking to do. Any peeps out there that have tried both? Big differences or did you notice one was more effective than the other. I'm of the body type that I'm never going to look thin, and I enjoy doing strength training.
  13. So I've been running into the issue of wanting to do my workouts when I get home, but I'm working some late nights. By the time I get home, I'm hungry and want to eat. So I have dinner, and then wait for an hour before I attempt to work out to let some digestion take place. Problem is, my motivation levels are super low by this time (9:00-10:00), and it's really easy for me to just hit the sack. Any ideas of a good snack that I could eat at work before I head home so I'm ready to start the workout and knock it out right away? Thanks!
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