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  1. Last week was great and I definitely feel like I'm back into my groove. I made it to all of my workouts with the Ranger trainer, the Warrior trainer, and the Monk trainer. There was quite a bit more delayed onset soreness than I have been used to, but I survived. My warrior trainer went through some drills on Thursday night that brought my confidence up about the weights. Today's workout was a progression that increased weight and decreased reps for Clean and Jerk. I started out at 15 @115 pounds, then 12 @135, 8 @155, and finally 6 @165. My mind is blown. I thought I would just be doing the 135 and struggling at that. I'm still not confident that I will do Grace at 135 within 2:30 and maybe not at 115, but I will still be kicking butt. Just a couple more days of training, some rest and recovery days, and then this thing is really happening!
  2. Oh man, I am sore! We had a guest monk trainer today and we spent 8+ hours working on disarming attackers with firearms and knives and also worked on defense from multiple attackers and ground defense. While not directly progress toward my lifting goals, it is super helpful information that will improve my chances of surviving attacks.
  3. Ok, back on track! I dropped in again as a guest at the trainer on Tuesday evening, but then didn't get a chance for any training until arriving back home. Time to hit the ground running. This morning was my first time back at my home trainer to find some slight personnel changes, but it's all good. Visiting the monk trainer tomorrow (Saturday) for some all day training, followed by some rest on Sunday. Two weeks before the competition!
  4. Alright, things have kind of fallen off the rails during travel! I've enjoyed going to the beach a couple of times for some swimming and some body boarding, but that isn't helping progress toward my lifting goals. I'm afraid that I will find some of my strength has disappeared when I get back home and I've only got 3 weeks before the competition. Tomorrow (Monday), there are some family commitments and I'm also telecommuting the next couple of days, so I may not be able to make it to the trainer in the morning. Perhaps I will go in the evening and also pick up a t-shirt. Only two and a half more days left in paradise!
  5. It was draining, but I'm fortunate to have survived! The course included quite a few ascents and descents through the Kualoa Ranch valley. The toughest challenge was having patience during the climb over the ridge into the next valley. The path was narrow, muddy and steep. This resulted in a bottleneck that added at least 30, but probably 60 minutes to the total time. This was a great opportunity to get to know fellow Rangers on the course At one point, we went through a set piece that was used in the filming of Jurassic World - the pen where one of the dinosaurs was kept. There was a long trudge through a creek after that. During the beast, I finally completed the Z-wall obstacle. I failed the rig at the end (the rig had monkey bars, rings, and some more parallel bars and a lengthwise bar at the end). The ropes for the rope climbs were slippery, but I was able to complete those as well. One rope climb was to a tree branch. The rope climb near the end of the course was a lot higher than those at the other Spartan courses that I've done and the water wasn't as deep. I was nervous about the slippery rope and higher climb and the risk of falling into shallow water. The Super course was a sub-set of the Beast course and the Sprint was again a subset of the Super course. I finished those two on Sunday! I again finished the Z-wall on the Super, but fell off on the Sprint. One of the ledges to hold onto was very hot (painted black, so it absorbed a lot of the heat). I completed the high, slick rope climb on both courses. I finally stuck the spear throw on the Sprint course. On the Super course, I stuck the spear into the scaffolding that was holding the straw dummies up. I finished the rig on both of those courses. Now is the time for recovery before heading back to a Ranger trainer in a couple of days.
  6. Hm, I'm behind on the update! I haven't been keeping up on my lifting this week, so I'm worried about that. I got a nice 3 mile run on Tuesday from the army base to a coffee stand and then proceeded to create a puddle or sweat around myself as I drank down my Mocha Freeze. Yuck. It was nice dropping by as a guest at the local Ranger trainer here on Wednesday and ended up doing some more HSPU! I hope to visit some others and get some t-shirts before I head back home in a couple weeks. I didn't make it to a trainer Thursday, but got some snorkeling time with my son-in-law. It was supposed to be spear fishing, but I suck at diving with a snorkel. We were pretty far out in the ocean though. It feels good to be confident in my swimming ability now! On the way back to shore, I ended up with a handful of Sea Urchin. That is not pleasant. No matter how shallow the water is, watch where you put your hands when crawling back to shore. Took a rest day Friday because of the big trifecta weekend. Today (Saturday), got the first part of the trifecta weekend done: the Beast. I've been wondering lately which would be the best to knock out first: the longest length (the Beast), or the two races (the Super and Sprint). It seems like it would be a tough mental game to have to finish twice in one day. Anyway, looking forward to finishing up tomorrow. The ribbons on the medals are nice! The views are beautiful and it's fun to traverse through parts of the set of Jurassic World.
  7. I'm slacking! Visited the Ranger trainer again on Thursday and we did those handstand pushups again! I'm still not able to get the full range down (still needing the abmats under my head), but I did feel better about them. We did some more one on one training toward my upcoming event. Visited the Warrior trainer again on Thursday night and PR'd again for push press and snatch lifts. With a Spartan Race on Saturday, I took a rest day Friday and recovery on Sunday and today. I finished the monkey bars without trouble (I had failed that at the beast race in May), but failed again on the spear throw, z wall, and multi-rig. My spear throw looked better, I just aimed too high. I went further on the z wall than last time, my foot had just slipped off and took me down with the momentum. The multi-rig was kind of low, so when I went to swing myself from the rings to the bar, my feet dragged on the ground and pulled me down. Hoping to do better in a few days at the trifecta weekend. In the meantime, I'm visiting family to meet my new granddaughter and will resume Ranger training tomorrow as a drop-in and also get one of their t-shirts. This is also great opportunity for adventure and exploration! It's cool visiting an army base and hearing the cadences early in the morning, although I suppose that could get old for the people that live here full time.
  8. Ah, I haven't updated in a few days! I ended up taking a couple more recovery days (a couple of my Ranger trainers keep reminding me that muscle builds itself on those kinds of days) on Sunday and Monday. Monday wasn't spent completely idle however, as I am taking the opportunity to spectate a global competition this week (Dota 2 TI 5) and ended up doing a lot of walking around the area of the competition grounds. Unfortunately, due to distance and the lateness of the event, I missed my Monk training in the evening. Tuesday morning was spent with the Ranger trainer again and we worked specifically on my goals. I was able to do "Grace" at 95 pounds and again at 75 pounds, but not within the 2:30 time limit for the upcoming event. Still, it gave me a baseline and my trainer an idea of what we have to work with. The ongoing event this week ran late again, so I missed my Warrior training for Tuesday evening. No trainer visits today, as it's a recovery day, but there was a lot of walking around again. Sitting in arena seats for most of the day each day this week is literally getting to be a pain in the butt though.
  9. Thanks They aren't really push ups yet, but I'm proud of being able to kick up to a handstand on the first try most of the time! It will be a few weeks before I'm actually doing full handstand push ups (i.e. more than a couple of inches of descent).
  10. Yesterday, trained with the Ranger trainer again, however the trainer noticed during the workout that I wasn't going at my usual pace. She suggested I stop and work on mobility instead. Sure enough, today I am feeling a slight pain in my leg that indicates an injury that would have been worse had I continued. Kelly will have to wait until another day! Today, got in a good morning swim followed by a benefit workout at a neighboring Ranger trainer. The afternoon was spent celebrating with my Monk trainers at a local park.
  11. Visited the Ranger trainer again this morning and the Warrior trainer tonight. The morning workout included some handstand pushups. I was able to kick up to the wall on the first try a few times and I eventually got up there the other times unassisted. Still using abmats for the handstand pushups (so I'm not going down as far), but I'm getting better at them and we made the stack a little shorter today. For the evening workout, I blasted through the 1RM I had the last time I did this part of the strength cycle. Push press went up to 65kg, snatch went up to 48kg, overhead squat to 45kg, and front squat to 85kg. The techniques are starting to feel more fluid as well.
  12. My Ranger trainer in the morning is usually all three as well. A few weeks ago, we got a new trainer that comes in on Tuesdays and Thursdays that does very well in Assassin training and also has a Warrior training cycle going. In a separate program, we have a specialized Warrior trainer that I see on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. It's really good and has been improving my technique. Recently, my Ranger trainers have been emphasizing for me to take a recovery day on Wednesdays to allow things to heal and rebuild after so much training. That's awesome that you have such a great coach!
  13. Today's update... Spent some time this morning with the ranger trainer. Along with the regular workout, Tuesdays and Thursdays are skill work days that help us level up on the gymnastic movements (muscle ups, handstands, etc.). Got my first band-assisted bar muscle-up and worked on kipping. This evening, visited the warrior trainer to work on a strength cycle. Related to my goals, got a new 1RM on push jerk (65kg, I believe). For fun, someone brought out the parallets and we took turns doing (or attempting in my case) handstand pushups.
  14. Thanks Rurik! I'm hoping to be ready for the open by next year and see how far I'm able to get. I'm finally starting to rx a lot of the weights and movements in our daily wods and one of our coaches has been really awesome at getting us progressing toward the trickier stuff, like handstand pushups, handstand walks, muscle-ups, and double-unders. It feels like being a kid again, except I never had this much fun as a kid nor ever felt as strong. Since today is the beginning of the challenge, I suppose I should post the first update... Had a great morning with one of my ranger trainer and was able to convince my son to wake up and train with me. Aside from the regular workout, worked on a strength series that we've been doing twice a week for a few weeks, finishing 20 unbroken reps of back squat at 160 and not quite finishing unbroken for the 20 reps of bench press at 130. Now I am off to my monk trainer.
  15. Thank you Alienjenn! Yep, going for a complete trifecta in one weekend It's going to be a long few days of recovery after that. I am going for two trifectas total this year. I already did the Beast part for the other trifecta and will get the sprint in a couple of weeks (the weekend before the trifecta weekend) and the super (as elite) in October. They are some lofty goals, but not unreachable.
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