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  1. @Roamer My main problem with that is that I really don't like being sweaty so I have to block out some time I can get sweaty and then shower. The do-one-then-one-more style means I'd stop long before done to prevent sweatiness.
  2. No clue what happened. Not even sure the last time I was here (spring 2016?). Got married May 2016. Changed jobs so a more active one June 2016. . . . ? Well here I am Fall 2017. I started using Habitica to keep track of my To-Dos about 6 weeks ago I started journaling to have a personal record, sort out thoughts, etc about a month ago I started stretching 15 min twice a week last weekend. Once I've been doing the stretching a few weeks I'll probably get back into bodyweight exercises. I work fast food now so I'm often tired after work but I'll have to find a good time. So anyway... Hi. :-)
  3. back after a long hiatus. just lurking for now.

  4. I understand phobias but consistency is important so try asking your doc about patches, gels, or sublingual tablets. The rollercoaster isn't gonna do you any good. Couple blog posts to get you started: Make Optimus Prime Proud Be like Groot Beginner's Body Weight Workout Have a great night.
  5. Really depends on your goals. Are you looking to be faster? stronger? more flexible? just over all healthier? What sounds most fun? The Beginner Body Weight Workout will help with everything except flexibility and is a good place to start. In addition, or if you're only looking to become more flexible, start up some yoga, or at the very least Stretch No one can tell you where to start or finish. That's really a personal thing. I started with half of one set of the BBWW twice a week. Some people come here ready to tackle a more advanced program. If you're stuck in analysis paralysis, stop collecting underpants and just do something. Small changes can make a big difference. Hope I'm helping and not just making the problem worse lol
  6. A bit formal but it takes all types. :-) Your best bet is to start here and read the blog posts linked there along with any others you see that look interesting to you. You mentioned sugar so I'll link the sugar post I remember here Take a look around and if you have any more questions, do ask.
  7. Gaining muscle and loosing fat will help you get a more masculine shape. If you don't mind sharing, are you on T? It'll help with the muscles and the trans-guys I've known have started liking their bodies better when the hormones helped tone down the "girly" traits and started sharpening their faces. You are welcome here. This is a safe place. We even have a LGBTQA specific thread here if you want to come say hi. Do read the Habit Building and Best Nerdy Articles posts on the Resouces Page because we focus on small changes over the long term here and reading the why will help you with the how. Best wishes on your journey, ~ Sinnah
  8. Okay now I'm confused. Why do you think you need to tripple your effort to get the same results?
  9. Well this probably has a lot to do with it. Most teens I know don't actively workout. They sometimes play sports, but very few work on strength.
  10. On a side quest. Currently taking the rattling skeletons I've picked up over the years out of my closet, and trying to see if I can get rid of some, or at least pack them more neatly so they stop disturbing my life.

    1. SinnahSaint


      ^Metaphor. Not dusting off halloween decorations.

    2. Silverwitch


      Take 'em on one by one. Might get spooky if dealing with too many of them. And yeah, not talking about halloween either.

    3. SinnahSaint


      Thanks Silverwitch. :-)

  11. .... massive failure... I was kinda hiding from you guys but... Lets see, updates.... There was a personal life crisis and I got... maybe half the 30min walks and none of the workouts. None of the meditation and (checking what the last thing was...) Oh taking lunch to work? lol no. I feel sad, and I know that missing a week due to unavoidable issues is... unavoidable, but I still wish I could have finished strong.
  12. Just made hummus. It's currently sitting in the fridge getting good(mingling of flavours, etc).

    1. Cannonfury


      nice,I love hummus!

  13. You're going to want to be subscribed to THIS THREAD and THIS THREAD because that's where us recruits get all our newbie questions answered as Blaidd walks us through our first challenges.
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