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  1. Annnd I never posted a challenge wrap-up. Very belatedly, here goes: Week 4/wrap-up: Workout 3x/week: I did end up doing all three BBWW in week 4. So in total, I missed one workout for the challenge. I decided not to count my hikes, because I hike a lot and that's not part of the habit I'm trying to create here. I still need to find the best way to integrate a workout habit into my life, so: B+ Snoozing: Still no snoozing at all! I was very happy with this quest. A+ Read: Did this consistently every day as well. As I had hoped, as I got into mor
  2. Oops! Fell off the updating-my-thread wagon. Still doing my challenge though! Weeks 2 and 3: Workout 3x/week - In week 2, my ankle bothered me throughout my run, so I had to take it easy the whole time. It was also achy for the next week or so, so I decided not to run in week 3 (and probably week 4) of the challenge. I did 2 days of BBWW in week 2, which went well. I'm working on trying to get my total time down for the workout. Week 3 went a bit off script. I did a BBWW workout on Wednesday, then ended up not working out again until Sunday, when I went on a hike and d
  3. Thanks! Yeah without structure I really lose direction and motivation - in any aspect of my life, not just fitness. I'm hoping to eventually have strong enough habits to need structure a little bit less, but in the mean time, I have to do what works for my personality. Thanks! Snoozing has been a problem for my since high school and I've just never really attempted to take care of it before. Definitely sets the tone for the day though, so I think I've really underestimated how important it can be. Yesss love the hashtag Thanks! Invisible Man is goo
  4. Hey I have the same goal as you! Good luck! I also don't identify as a runner but want to have some basic running skills (and am considering doing a half marathon this year, but with only 5Ks under my belt I'm not sure if that's crazy talk). I also have the same hair dilemma as you. Yours turned out great! I have a lot of hair (about halfway down my back right now) and it's growning really fast (diet-related?), so I want to do something interesting with it but I'm also very low maintenance about hair care. I'm considering dying it red but I'm not sure if dying it is a bad idea whe
  5. Week 1 summary time. Workouts - aside from my unhappy run on Monday, workouts went well this week. I did the Beginner Bodyweight Workout on Wednesday and Friday. I was happily surprised to discover that I can still do planks for over a minute! I was expecting to have lost that since I haven't done a strength training workout in months. I think the way I formatted the workouts in Habitica was helpful (structured discipline ftw!), but I'll have to see if it helps in the long term. I put 3 workouts as dailies only to be performed on Saturdays. So essentially, they are weekly tasks and
  6. Woo for reading goals! I've heard that phlebotomy jobs in California pay pretty well, sounds like that could be a good lead.
  7. Thanks! Yeah those are good alarm ideas. I'm hoping not to have to resort to the donation or running ones, but I'll see how it goes. The first day of not snoozing didn't go very well, because it was full of snoozing. I had my phone far away from my bed, but I just got up and snoozed it. Repeat until that alarm was done, then brought my phone over to my bed and set a second alarm. Fail. So last night, I changed the tone of my alarm - thinking something new might help - and also removed the snoozing function from the alarm, so that I would know I didn't have more chances (without setting a new a
  8. Hello! After over a year away from the forums, I'm back for my third challenge. I never should have left. I thought I would be able to sustain a consistent workout plan outside of here, but what I realized is that I work well with goals and structure. NF challenge = structure = good. I was able to find structure in some other health-related ways while I was gone - I completed a Whole30, which lead to the realization that dairy does not agree with me (after a lifelong love affair with cheese . That said, I feel so much better after cutting it out so it's worth it). I did the Couch t
  9. Here is my very belated challenge summary. Goal 1: Complete. I used exactly 18 free meals. I realized that a downside of using them flexibly rather than having one day for the meals is that I naturally ended up using these meals for dinners much more frequently than breakfast or lunch. Since I tend to eat larger dinners than breakfasts or lunches, this made this goal easier and probably less effective than it should have been. Grade: A. +3 CON Goal 2: Complete. I did the full first half of the training program with 4 workouts/week. I progressed from the 8-12 to the 6-8 rep range for weight
  10. Endurance feat completed - I biked to work without stopping for any breaks this morning.
  11. Strength feat completed last Saturday. Increased weight by 5 lbs/dumbbell for three (goal was two!) exercises for all three sets: bench press, calf raise, and deadlift.
  12. I tried for my speed feat Saturday - biking to work in under an hour. It took an hour and five minutes with traffic (hit a triathlon on the way with lots of rerouting and slowdowns). I assumed that meant I would have made it in under an hour otherwise, but I did the same ride yesterday and took an hour two minutes with minimal traffic issues. So, no speed feat for me. Just missed it!
  13. Yeah! I've been trying to focus on working out in the morning because I feel the same way - it helps me wake up and feel energetic. I inadvertently stopped drinking coffee in the morning when I started working out in the morning. I did my first ride to work this morning. My goal was to make the ride in under an hour. We hit several obstacles along the way - a triathlon and a race blocking our path causing us to have to get off and walk, reroute, etc. I was getting stressed about getting to work on time, because I had a time sensitive experiment to run this morning. The whole thing took an hour
  14. Thanks! Will do. In fact, here is an update. Quest 1: still going strong (no eat-whatever-I-want meals used yet), but I am realizing I need to be better about making sure I have meals planned well and plenty of materials around so that I don't just grab something when I'm hungry. I am also about to have my second trial of resistance: I'm going on my graduate program's retreat tomorrow and Friday. I'll probably end up using one or two of my free for all meals while I'm there but I don't want to waste them on something like a sandwich/box lunch, so I think I'm going to bring my own lunch for t
  15. Ah I used to love making maple syrup as a kid! I went to this idyllic elementary school on 8 acres of woods and we would tap trees to make maple syrup every year and eat the candy we made from the "accidentally" overcooked batches. We also had a ton of apple trees there and had "Apple Day", in which we would have no classes and pick the apples and make pies and apple cider (yes there was a cider press somehow). I also used to pick blueberries off a mountain in New Hampshire every summer and make blueberry pancakes with them. Sigh. Now I live in the city and don't do much hunting or gathering.
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