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  1. You can also figure out when the cravings happen, whether there is a certain pattern. Mine always happen at 4PM and at 9ish PM and it resulted in eating a bag of chips just before dinner or bedtime. So I try to make sure I eat something before those times and the real cravings start, fruit or an energy bar. That usually gets me to dinner / bed safe ;-).
  2. I'm wondering if this isn't normal. I had a similar frustrated feeling over the last few weeks after a really good couple of months. Maybe we should allow for a month of less / no weight loss every three months or so. If this helps in the long run & keep the motivation up, it would be a smarter move than losing weight for 12 months in a row. It took four years to gain 20 kg for me and I've been overweight for a decade, it's not realistic to fix it in a year. I think the body needs time to adjust. It's great if you can keep it up, but don't be too harsh because eating another bagel when you
  3. I'm in! These are my two goals for 2018, The trip is in October / November. Making the full payment once I'm below 100 kg, hopefully this month / early next month . It's been a great motivation so far! Looking forward to see what everyone else is upto!
  4. I'd like this suggestion. And would add that you can think about what you can do for her besides talking about it. Drop by with fresh juice, or a home-made healthy dinner and leave some leftovers behind for another day. Take some healthy snacks, easy to eat - pre-cut fruit, etc. Say its mainly for you and see how she responds to it. I stopped caring about what I ate since unless I made a big chance, it wasn't going to have a significant impact anyway. But I always preferred a healthy option if it was easily available.
  5. Update 1: General feeling is that I have hit a bit of a slump. I dropped below the 10kg loss for the first time but als bounced back a bit. It looks like March will be the first months since December I will not lose weight. I think that keeping up the running is becoming easier but making additional changes is not that easy. Either because I have to resist cravings, it takes more time. I'm not sure yet. I need to figure out if a weekly plan is going to help me or make me nervous about missing targets. I want to try it for next week. Since I will be home, I will need time for exerci
  6. Also good to know: they should fit right from the start. There should be no real need to break in new running shoes. And the ones that fit you best are likely to be the ugliest ones. No one else will care ;-).
  7. It's also a great question for work/life in general. It made me realise last year that work was always going to be crazy - it isn't my jobs fault, it's just I like it that way. So if I want a crazy job, I need to be able to stay healthy at the same time. So now my running shoes always travel with me and it does not only make me loose weight and be more healthy, it also provides perspective and down-time so I'm more focused at work. Losing 2 kg/week without starting to become a bit more active will be difficult but you can start small: walking stairs, walk to the grocery store, etc.
  8. Big fan of main quests that are fun and have no goals with kg or lbs in them! Good luck with the challenge!
  9. That's what everyone says before never coming back .
  10. Just delete all your accounts - game plan done ;-).
  11. No major new goals for this challenge, I have been slacking a bit and I think it is important to have a more healthy four weeks then the last challenge. Goal 1: Building stamina for the hike Plan my runs better around travel: this is still tricky for me. Whether it is because of long flights, jetlag or long work days on trips - my running seems to suffer. I decided this was a comprise I was no longer willing to make. In this challenge I have two trips: one shorter - just 3/4 days to a familiar country & a longer trip to a country where I have never been. I can ask colleag
  12. I lost track of my goals a bit this challenge. Work travel interrupted the schedule and I could not stay on target. It's the second time this happened since I started preparing for the hike last September. Compared to that trip in October, the last few weeks have been a lot better: I was prepared with running clothes for cold weather and did manage to run two times each week (except one week with only one run) - compared to zero runs during my trip in October. I did manage to eat slightly better but have also not been able to resist eating chocolate, biscuits and other treats. I did gain a lit
  13. It's not been an easy start to the challenge. I got sick the week before the challenge started, a hectic week after and this week a jetlag. So I'm finally getting back into it. The trip in October is a good motivation to keep going instead of taking a few extra days off. Tomorrow is going to be my first run in more or less a week. Goal 1: Building stamina for the hike I created a new running schedule based on advice of the physiotherapist. There was a lot of useful advice in a 1 hour session: increase my steps / minute, daily stretches, build in an interval run, and a few addi
  14. Switching to the Adventurers for this challenge. My main goal for this year seems to be a good match ;-). I decided a few months ago that I needed a big challenge that I would enjoy if I was ever going to change my lifestyle and become more healthy. Climbing peaks in the Himalayas has been on my wish-list since 2008 and seemed like the right choice. Booked a trip in October this year and doing everything I can to get ready for it. I have also since decided to pick-up diving again and I will make at least three trips to complete a few speciality courses on top of the basic certification. Breath
  15. Full evaluation of the challenge. Overall feeling is that it went great. Brought more structure in exercise, diversifying enough to keep it interesting and getting a lot of positive feedback on the weight loss and lifestyle changes. Lots of other changes to make but feel I'm not overdoing it, accepting of my limitations at the moment (physical and mental) and most days want to go the extra mile. Goal 1: Run three times a week --> went great Total distance (January): 60k --> Completed Create training plan for half marathon in April --> Completed but for 10k
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