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  1. Hi there. This is my first challenge. I like to write. In fact, I do it for a living. Writing is difficult to do when you aren’t sitting, so I sit most of the day. I weigh a whopping 279 lbs. and I am not 7 feet tall (5'7"). Last week I realized, though I don’t go out near as often as I did in my early 30s, I still drink too damn much for my off work activity. I’ve already spent a week detoxing. No alcohol and eating only whole foods. And it has been fricking amazing! I wake up like a champ raring to go. So I see it – I see where I want to go. I was never a large person until I hit 21 and work happy hours became a thing. And eating crap late after a night of carousing became a thing. I gave up running, biking, skiing… so I could hang out with friends and shoot the shit. When I was 14 I dreamt of exciting adventures and new lands to discover. My 14 year old self would kick my ass if she saw me now. And it is her that motivates me. I want to take it back to 14. Main Quest: Run a half marathon by spring 2016 Quest 1: Complete six weeks of the Couch to 5k program. I understand that in my under-exercised state I may need to repeat some sessions, but for the next six weeks I will follow the instructions as far as I can. Quest 2: Eat whole foods every day with 95% accuracy. I realize that I may need to compromise at times given the environment I am in with work and family obligations, but so long as I stay committed to the plan, I will recover and keep on track. Alcohol is not a whole food! Quest 3: Be able to complete 10 actual, real, full push-ups by the end of the challenge. I will use the resources on NF to guide me in proper approach. Life Quest: Gain basic French understanding in time for my trip to France on Thanksgiving. I will use Duolingo daily lessons and speak with my French friends on a weekly basis to further understanding. Motivation: I want to run and raft and bike and play with my niece and nephew and brothers and dad. Right now I'm like the roly poly aunt that heaves and weaves behind the fun. Enough! Taking back my life!
  2. I think I posted in the wrong spot at first - I meant to post in the challenge section! So I've edited this to fit here better. Hi, I'm new. Long time lurker, first time participater. I'm 39 years old and must have been too busy throwing parties and attending parties to notice I gained 40 lbs in the last 7 months. And it's not like I was small the seven months previous to that. But for some reason, I just haven't been able to pay attention to my health, my fading fitness abilities. My job was boring, my bills are paid... I was just coasting along. But in May I was chased down by a headhunter and was offered this cool new job writing for the health industry. We have three gyms in our building and free group classes throughout the day. I've been able to work on projects and contribute ideas that actually help move our work forward. It's like a haze has been lifted. So I started making small changes and I checked back in to NF. And look at that, there's a challenge starting tomorrow! I finally have recovered the spark of motivation - the want to do better, to be better. I'm taking it for a spin with my focus on my health, my strength, and my resurgance back into a full and active life. Looking forward to hearing from you and learning more!
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