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  1. Well, despite losing some weight this challenge, I didn't meet or even get anywhere close to my goals this time. I will plan to redo this challenge with the same parameters next challenge time. Until then I'm focusing on developing a solid schedule for myself for the upcoming months.
  2. This challenge is definitely not going well. I've been seriously sick since Sunday, so I haven't worked out at all and have hardly eaten anything. There is a silver lining though, today I weighed in at 192.5!! Half way there!! I know I won't make it in time for my goal, but I'm gonna get as far as I can in the time I have left.
  3. Pft, nice jrosto. Thanks for the advice, and I've already joined up with the Assassins. The Fellowship mini was quite fun last challenge, right? Go Dwarves!! XP I do need to pick up more sweet potatoes from the grocery. This week is just as bad as last in just about everything, I've been too stressed about the multiple midterms tomorrow plus I've been fighting off a nasty bug, so my habits are slipping.
  4. Week 1 did not go well. Total failure on the carbs, cardio, and core. Had a bit of a scare at the beginning of the week when I had trouble breathing and my vision went away completely after a got done with a weights workout, temporarily of course. I hadn't really eaten anything substantial beforehand, and my Doctor says I was just dehydrated, anemic, low blood pressure, low blood sugar, Vitamin D deficient, and a couple others. Nothing major, and pretty much my own fault, but it still freaked me out a bit. Besides that, school has been stressful, depression is eating away at any motivation I have, and I'm just feeling generally unhappy with life and myself at the moment. Next round of midterms is up this week, plus I'm working, and the professors have released a couple massive projects on us, so blehhhhh. This week probably wont be too great either, but I'll do my best to pull myself out of this slump.
  5. Hello everyone! The Third challenge is here! My name is Lia, and I'm 20 years old. My weight peaked at 215 lbs, and I realized that wasn't how I want my life, or body, to be. While I didn't lose the kind of weight I was hoping for last challenge, I've seen a dramatic increase in my strength. My weights workouts have become a set routine for me now, so they won't be a main focus in this challenge. It's time to break down a handful of my problem areas and tackle them individually. And I understand it's a rather bad title, but I really couldn't think of anything else. Main Quest: WEIGHTLOSS Current Goal- Reach 170 lbs by December 16th, 2015 Ultimate Goal- Reach 150 lbs by July 31st, 2016 *Ultimate Reward: Las Vegas Vacation* Goal 1: CORE +2 STR +2 DEX TBD - I'm still trying to find a good program/guide. I plan to combine Darebee's Core and Abs 30-day workouts, although if that proves too difficult I may revert to just one. Since this will end 12 days before the end of the challenge, at that time I will determine a new/continuing core routine. Pre-Requisite: Continue following Year One Challenge for Women: Thinner, Leaner, Stronger. { A = Complete all 30 days, plus 6+ additional days | B = Complete all 30 days | C = Complete 21 days | F = Anything less than 21 days completed } Goal 2: CARBS +2 CON, +2 WIS Processed carbs are one of my largest problem areas. Breaded chicken, garlic cheese rolls, doughnuts, pre-packaged mashed potatoes, and many others haunt me. I struggle to get away from them, and while I know carbohydrates are critical to a healthy balanced diet, I know there are other, healthier ways. This goal will be to limit heavily processed carbs, and sticking with healthier alternatives. Some example would be substituting sweet potatoes for processed mashed potatoes, fruits instead of candy bars, and if I have to have bread, sticking to whole grains. Each day will be pass/fail determined on what I eat, but I also might penalize myself if I go too far overboard on a fail-day. (Ignoring my daily protein/breakfast bar for the time being.) Pre-requisite: Continue calorie/macro counting. Updated daily numbers are: Max Calories = 1400, Fat < 40g, Protein > 100g. Tracking with the Lose It! app. { A = 5+ days/week | B = 4 days/week | C = 3 days/week | F < 3 days/week } Goal 3: CARDIO +3 STA, +1 DEX Walk or other cardio 5 days per week, for at least 30 minutes each. While I didn't completely fail this last challenge, I know I can and should do better. Plus I lose weight faster when I keep up a steady cardio workout pattern. (Additionally stretching before and after.) { A = 5+ days/week | B = 4 days/week | C = 3 days/week | F < 3 days/week } Life Goal: CLEANING +2 WIS, +1 CON Deep-clean my room, including doing all the laundry, vacuuming, dusting, and donating things I don't need. I'd love to be able to see the floor. { Pass = Cleaned | Fail = Dirty }
  6. Hello all! I look forward to working with you!
  7. OVERALL: •STRENGTH: A, +4 STR •DIET: B-, +1.5 WIS +1.5 CON •CARDIO: C, +1.5 STA +.75 DEX •SOCIALIZE: A, +3 CHA Assassin Mini-Challenges: +1 STA, +1 STR, +1 CON New Totals: { Level: 3 | STR: 7 | DEX: 1 | STA: 4.5 | CON: 3.5 | WIS: 2.5 | CHA: 5 }
  8. Definitely, jrosto. I've decided to celebrate by buying a pair of workout gloves for weightlifting. The ridges on the bars are a little rough on my hands, plus I'm a little vain and don't want tough calluses. XD
  9. A little late again, but here's Week 4's Review. Reviewing the Week: •STRENGTH: B for completing 3 workouts •DIET: C for 3 days tracked and successful at goals •CARDIO: C for 2 days of cardio this week •SOCIALIZE: C for 1 social interaction I kinda was intimidated by the scale yesterday, since I wasn't near as good this week, but today I finally stepped on and turns out I lost 2 lbs!! I'm now officially under the big 200, at 198 lbs!!! And my motivation is back! I'm gonna kick butt this week!
  10. Oops, forgot to update ya'll on Sunday. Reviewing the Week: •STRENGTH: A+ for completing all 5 workouts •DIET: A for 5+ days tracked and successful at goals •CARDIO: A for 4 days of cardio this week •SOCIALIZE: A for 2+ social interactions I forgot to weigh in on Sunday, as well as Monday, so I don't know how much I may or may not have improved towards my Main Quest.
  11. Sorry guys, I have neither the flexibility, balance, or patience for yoga, so I'm sitting this one out.
  12. Day 4 done! Barbell curl: 2x10 @ 15 lbs 3x10 @ 20 lbs Close grip bench press: 1x12 @ 16 lbs 1x10 @ 36 lbs 4x10 @ 41 lbs Gonna try the normal 45lb barbell next time. Alternating dumbbell curl: 2x10 @ 12.5 lbs each hand 1x9 @ 12.5 lbs each hand Couldn't manage the tenth on each side. Seated triceps press: 4x10 @ 17.5 lbs
  13. Days 1, 2, & 3 completed for this week. I haven't been able to get online quite as regularly as classes pick up pace. Monday: Incline Barbell Bench Press: 2x12 @ 16 lbs 2x6 @ 26 lbs 3x10 @ 41 lbs Incline Dumbbell Press: 1x10 @ 12.5 lbs each hand 2x10 @ 15 lbs each hand Flat Barbell Bench Press: 2x10 @ 41 lbs 1x10 @ 46 lbs Tuesday: Barbell Deadlift: 2x12 @ 45 lbs 2x10 @ 65 lbs 1x9 @ 65 lbs Couldn't quite manage that last rep. Barbell Squat: 3x10 @ 31 lbs Barbell Row: 3x10 @ 30 lbs Dumbbell Row: 3x10 @ 22.5 lbs each hand Today: Standing Military Barbell Press: 2x12 @ 15 lbs 2x10 @ 20 lbs 1x5 @ 30 lbs Side Lateral Raise: 1x12 @ 2.5 lbs each hand 2x10 @ 5 lbs each hand 1x10 @ 7.5 lbs each hand My form was bad on the last set, 7.5 is just a bit too much right now. Rear Delt Raise: 3x10 @ 5 lbs each hand What are your thoughts on weight lifting in the morning? Right now I do all my workouts in the afternoon/evening, but I've considered switching to the mornings before I go to class and wanted to see what you all thought.
  14. Day 5 of Week 2 completed! Barbell Squat: 2x12 @ 16 lbs <Warm Ups 2x6 @ 21 lbs < 2x10 @ 26 lbs 2x10 @ 31 lbs Leg Press: 1x10 @ 90 lbs <too light 2x10 @ 95 lbs Romanian Deadlift: 3x10 @ 31 lbs Barbell Hip Thrust: 3x10 @ 30 lbs
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