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  1. Welll... I am rather ashamed at my pathetic excuse of a try for my first challenge! 😂 I made a commitment to myself to return to normality and ended up sending myself deeper into depression. I should have seen it coming... I have always been more of a lover than a fighter, so I have no idea why I thought battling depression head on would make a good first challenge! Aye... I have learned a lot since January and I am determined to join in with the next challenge. For all those reading this I hope the very best for you and thank you for your time. Like a Sir, JollyOldMrPhelps
  2. Well... I am afraid to admit... This challenging is more than I can bare, breaking me down only three days doing it when I thought I was making such great progress with my depression... I am in desperate help of figuring how to redeem myself... What happens now?
  3. No worries! I will stress enough for the both of us!
  4. That is the thing about chocolate, you cannot just have once bite of it... What a delicious pain in the arse! Good luck with the whole challenge, of course I will follow along! My tip would be just to get your profile personalised and if you ever have any worries or questions, do not hesitate to start a new topic! Like a Sir, JollyOldMrPhelps
  5. Paying you back for support! I will be following along to encourage you Like a Sir, JollyOldMrPhelps
  6. Functioning is scary! Thank you for your concern, just went in a jog to clear my head and that with your reply has made me feel better
  7. Seriously, to be honest, I am absolutely panicking about this challenge the closer it gets to starting.
  8. Goodness, we are almost identical! I wish you all the luck and a happy new year I will definitely being following this to see how you get on! Like a Sir, JollyOldMrPhelps
  9. I love the title of this challenge XD You can do this! All the luck Like a Sir, JollyOldMrPhelps
  10. I love your goals! I hope this year things go your way Like a Sir, JollyOldMrPhelps
  11. This made me chuckle! I am so bad when it comes to devices during meal times... Ah, If only I was graceful enough to pull off ballet and rollerblading! Sounds like a very secure plan, I wish you all the luck! Like a Sir, JollyOldMrPhelps
  12. Hello Dropped by to give you all my support, good luck with your challenge!
  13. "3. Work on not saying "I don't like to cook" or thinking it. From now on I'm the happy chopper." Yes! This is my mindset for most things Fake it til you make it. I admire your determination and wish you all the luck with your clean eating. Like a Sir, JollyOldMrPhelps
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