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  1. Thanks for the input, folks. I'm not eating Paleo, but most of the stuff I've read comes from folks who eat Paleo... so I think I've come to think of starchy carbs as being "unclean" without particularly intending to. To clarify, starchy carbs include things like bread, pasta, etc., yes?
  2. Thanks for saying that. I suppose part of this is that I'm not entirely sure what's normal and what's not. I started 292; I'm at 285; I'd like to get sub-200. Mid-term goal is 270 by November 1, and keep it there or lower during the holidays.
  3. Lately, I've discovered something: I have a hard time getting sufficient calories for fuel when I'm eating healthy. I've been cooking most nights and eating leftovers for lunch... grilled/baked beef/pork/chicken/fish with a greens/tomatoes/bell-pepper/carrot salad and some fruit (400-700 calories, depending). My breakfast is either eggs and bacon (if I get up early enough; 450 calories) or fruit (if I slept in and have to run out the door; 150-250 calories). Given all this, there have been days that my logged calories come out to 1200-1400 at the end of the day, with MyFitnessPal listing my ca
  4. So here's the deal. My diet revamp started July 25-ish. Since then, I've lost 7-ish pounds. I'm wondering if I should be concerned about losing more. Here's my current thought process: I could definitely go down to 1200 calories a day and drop weight quickly, but there are two BIG problems with that: 1) It's not sustainable. 2) I wouldn't have enough fuel to get through the day, especially considering my job as a teacher just started back up and I've been under the requisite beginning-of-year stress. Therefore, I'm not incredibly concerned, and I'm hoping this is a "tortoise and the hare"
  5. (I double-posted an I don't know how to delete it, so I'll just leave this addendum edit here in the post...)
  6. So I read the articles. Seems like the big ideas are: 1) Sugar is fine, as long as it's not excessive (the definition of which varies depending on who you ask); and 2) It does need to be part of an intake that isn't "empty calories," like (I think) things with HFCS often are... intake that includes micronutrients. Valid takeaways?
  7. I didn't consider that. I'll have to see if I can find a different brand somewhere in town. (We don't have Whole Foods, etc. around here.) Would somewhere like Drug Emporium have it?
  8. [Yes, it's been awhile... teaching started back. lol] Flexibility is definitely an issue for deadlifts, but I think a poor understanding of form also plays into it. I've finally got my form decent from my current height, and I can feel my hamstrings are really tense when I do the exercise right. I've not actually thought about weight goals, as I have no clue what is feasible. Any suggestions?
  9. Hi folks, Really long post. Sorry. Background: 27yo male, 5'11'' 290. Exercised sparsely before; started regular exercising three weeks ago. Diet recently improved drastically; if I continue cooking when work starts (I"m a teacher), I should be fine there. (I have a plan to make that happen.) I'm very inflexible. Here's what I've started with for my goals. Bench press: stay at current weight (75lbs) but increase reps until form is consistent and small stabilizer muscles are strengthened. Current rep max is 4x8 + 1x5.Bent-over rows, focus on keeping traps tight and performing full rep e
  10. I'm glad someone asked (and you answered) the question about sleep apnea. Something to think about: sometimes my sleep apnea manifests as less of a snore and more of a stop breathing, then a gasp of air. It's not snoring... it feels and sounds more like a heavy mouth-breather. (Like the kid from Hey Arnold that always hears Helga talking about her love, and then she smashes him in the face... Does that make sense to anyone? Anyone??) Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that if I'm thinking correctly, sleep apnea can happen when you're not per se snoring. Anyway... there's that. I know that a lot
  11. I love everyone's suggestions (which might end up duplicated on my newly posted topic lol). I think my favorite is a combo of Tanuki and JustPam. Figure out what your average sugar intake is right now (using something like MyFitnessPal, which incidentally has a "weekly average" viewmode). Then start getting the same amount of sugar from only fruit. Then slowly wean yourself off the sugar by replacing higher-sugar fruit with a similar volume of lower-sugar fruit (like Pam said). Of course, this approach takes a lot of quantitative evaluation and lots of planning, so it isn't for everyone. :-)
  12. Two thoughts: 1) I think the most important aspect for you goes back to something Steve says often: "The best diet or exercise plan is the one you stick with." Once you find something that works for you, keep it up! (I'm telling myself this too, because this is always a problem for me lol.) 2) If you have an Aldi supermarket anywhere near you, check it out! They're insanely cheap (as in a dozen eggs for $.70) and also have a wide variety of stuff, including meat. --Ea
  13. I'm interested to see what more experienced folks have to say, as I've been asking this question myself. Though I'm pretty new to this, I've been roasting veggies quite a bit over the past month. 400 F, 40-45 minutes. I usually coat them with olive oil and then dust them with garlic powder and paprika... but I've been looking for more variety, so bring it on, folks!
  14. I usually use brown mustard or Dijon mustard. (Make sure to look at the labels first, obviously... as usual, some brands are crap.) Avocado is a great idea, but I've never tried it. If you're thinking of getting rid of the toast (like some have suggested), consider adding chopped pecans or walnuts, or maybe cubed pickles, if you still want a bit of crunch.
  15. Hey folks, I'm traking all my food intake using MyFitnessPal. It's been good for me to quantify how much food I eat and what the calories and macro breakdown are for each food. For context... For my eating plan, I'm doing healthy qualitative strategies: mostly home-cooked, lots of lean meat, and significant veggies (usually either roasted veggies or a salad with a low- or no-sugar vinaigrette dressing). Quantitatively, I'm attempting to keep my calories at 2000 max and my carb macro at <30%. Right now, I'm wondering (in general) about sugar. I know that it's best to get it from natur
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