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  1. Thanks guys. It has been fun. I am lucky since the classes are really reasonably priced and close to my home. What more can you ask for???
  2. I have had problems starting running after breaking my leg and now after a having back surgery about 9 months ago. Here some thoughts. 1) shin splints are often a form problem. Yes running requires good form. I suggest using a good coaching system to learn better form. Good form running is a great place to start. 2) you can't substitute patience. it will take time to learn better form, correct bad body mechanics, and build your body up to handle the stress of running. 3) look at your shoes. you may need to experiment or consult with a good running coach/ PT/ foot doctor
  3. I have used the Concept2 rowing machine for several years. My own personal machine has over 4 million meters on it with no signs of damage and I am a big guy banging on it. When I started using it, I weighed about 350, so it took much abuse and held up great. I know they are expensive but you do get what you pay for. Given how damn indestructible they are, I wouldn't be afraid of buying a model D or E used if you found one. They frequently come up on the used market at a fair price. Happy rowing.
  4. This is my story. I found for me cutting out carbs, intermittent fasting, and exercising regularly was the best way to drop a bunch of weight. I lost almost two hundred pounds following this plan. I stuck to a diet of meat, eggs, low starch vegetables, occasional fruits. Typically I would only eat two meals a day. I lifted weights 3 days a weeks doing 5-7 exercises 3-5 set with heavy weights only 3-5 reps finishing each workout with some sprints on the bike or rowing machine. Opposite days of lifting of biked at the gym for as long as I could fit in at a nice and steady pace. Everyday, I
  5. I think everyone has been here before. You can get through it. You have gotten through it. Don't think about the times you fallen off the horse but think about the times you got back up. Take a few minutes to write down something you are good at, things you feel good about, things you are proud, good traits about yourself. keep that list with you. when you hear that negative voice, take out the list and read from it until it quiets. Also, you have permission to fall off the wagon but before you do that give yourself five minutes. Take a walk, make something, then decide..
  6. Yesterday, I had my first Systema class. I had a great time and really learn something. I think I found new hobby.
  7. Good luck. I am recovering from a lumbar fusion at L3 through L5. I suffered with back issues for nearly 3 years. Tons of pain and weakness down my legs. Had lose almost 200 pounds to be able to have the surgery. Slowly getting back to my old training too. Hoping to get into shape enough to run a triathlon this summer.
  8. That is a great idea. It's sometimes called greasing the groove. The idea of doing a little bit of exercise all throughout the day really adds up. As part of the rehab after my back surgery, I practice standing on one leg for 30 seconds each leg every hour on the hour just about to help build core strength, leg strength, and balance. It really adds up after a while.
  9. Welcome back. I hope to hear more about your recovery. I was in a similar boat. I suffered from a pretty serious back injury that left me in tremendous pain walking any more than a few steps at a time. My legs and feet would feel numb then feel like they were on fire. I found out that my back was a ticking time bomb waiting to go off that could leave me paralyzed after even a minor event. I was scheduled for a spinal fusion at L2 through L5. I spent two months prehabbing myself for the surgery. I had it, then spent nearly three months flat on my back. I just recently started to work o
  10. Today I walked for a whole before I left for work today. Might not sound like a huge deal, but five months ago, I couldn't do that. In July, I had a major back surgery. I have been slowly rebuilding since then. To be able to walk that long with no pain is so great.
  11. This week I hit a small milestone. I fit back into my pants I wore before I had back surgery. Not a huge victory, but one I thought I would never hit. Also went out on a date. First one since my ex left me a year ago.
  12. On ‎6‎/‎19‎/‎2016 at 6:35 PM, Charlotte S said: I found a Systema school about an hour away that looks worth trying. It looks interesting. I'm not sure it will end up being a style that works for me, but I am definitely going to give it a go. Their current new student schedule doesn't work for me but it looks like it changes every few months, so I am waiting on the next round. Does anyone have experience with Systema? Any feedback? Even if you can't start the schedule now, maybe see if you can drop in to observe a class? It would let you know if you
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