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  1. Evening of champions: Homicide Hunter, sweet italian sausage, and some colby jack cheese. And a good time was had by all...well...most. I'm sure the victims on Homicide Hunter weren't having a good time. :-\ My, my, my...
  2. I'm back...again. 2016 was an awful...awful year. The latter half of it has been filled with injury, physical and mental, along with my job being genuinely awful. 2017 already looks grim, considering what's about to become our government here in good ole 'Murica. But ya know what, I'm fighting back. In every single way I can. Against everyone and everything that gets in my way. I'm going to ball up my fists, plant my feet, load my guns, and tell 2017 to just effing bring it. Come at me, bro. >.< Back on a sort of keto meal plan, from a health standpoint. I'll try to keep it as paleo as possible...but money is tight. Dinner tonight: Spam and eggs. Monty Python would be proud. Hah.
  3. Entry 75 Bored, bored, bored, bored, bored... My job is such utter drudgery at this point it's kind of pathetic. I mean, not that I mind farting around on the internet all day, but it gets a bit mind numbing. My brain needs some kind of work to make the perception of time passing faster...otherwise it just feels like the minutes never move. Still doing well on keto/paleo. Down another couple pounds. Going to start hitting up the gym again soon with a modified Stronglifts 5x5 kinda program, in addition to some cardio. Also invested in a Fiskars push mower so I can get a bit of a workout mowing the lawn. Also, screw buying gas...and screw having to wait until lazy neighbors are awake to mow. I'll get up at the crack of dawn and do it if I want. Always makes me feel better to do that shit early, anyway. Still not ready to head back to TKD yet. Just too heavy to bang around my knees and ankles with that kind of movement. Soon, though. At the rate I'm going, may be very soon. Here's hoping. Heading to Pymatuning park in OH tomorrow for the Nephew's birthday. One year, already...crazy little bugger is shooting up like a weed. Wish I'd had time and money to rent a cabin and squeeze in some fishing, but I have to haul the old man with me. :-\ Oh well.
  4. Entry 74 These boring days at work are killer. I'd rather be busy than constantly watching the clock. Oh well...I guess I should be thankful for the less hectic work volume, but dammit, one can only read so much crap on the internet in an eight hour day. :-\ Weight's going down...general trend, anyway. Usually daily bumps and valleys, as is the norm. Being pretty good about keto/paleo. I've been indulging in alcohol a bit too much...going to have to cut that back for a bit. Makes for bad hangovers and bad choices...plus, it's expensive. Heh. For you gamers out there, the new DOOM is pretty sweet. Multiplayer is hectic, campaign is just plain cool. Give it a shot if you want a gory infusion of nostalgia mixed with great visuals and a decent soundtrack.
  5. Entry 73 Dying of absolute boredom at work. Tired, grumpy, allergy shot tonight, and need to go to my CVS Pharmacy's new location to pickup my Rx. Trying to convert my stuff to mail order because now they're all out of my way. I don't feel like making special trips to get pills...and I should be able to ditch one of the damn pills fairly soon. Just gotta keep up with what I'm doing healthwise. Need to get back to the gym, but my knee has been bugging me. Kind of putting a damper on things. No idea how I tweaked it, but it is pissed off for some reason. As is a muscle in my abdomen. Both just randomly started hurting two to three days ago. Grr.
  6. Entry 72 Boring monday at work. Went out after work to do some errands...my CVS has moved, and I don't know where. o.O But they have my drugs. Dammit! I'll find them tomorrow. Grabbed some groceries...and stopped in the new Gander Mountain. Gander Mountain is dangerous. Walked out with fishing line (4lb, 6lb, 10lb, 12lb), some inline spinners, some utility rope, eagle claw snelled hooks (gold), an organizer I plan on using for my pre-rigged catfish baits, and a new micro-light one-piece rod for trout/panfish/bait (40% off!!!). Yeah...I can't be trusted in there alone. Currently making burgers to munch on through the week. Then sausage and spinach w/ Mozzarella for dinner.
  7. Happy Mother's Day to all you lovely ladies out there.  

  8. Entry 71 Well, the catfish rig was a bit of a bust. Only a few survived the trip to the lake. I need to think of a better way to package pre-tied rigs. I thought I could get away with neatly folding them into a container. Nope. Nope nope nope nope. By the time I unpacked them they had become a gnarled mass of hooks, monofilament, weights, 3-way swivels, and catfish bait. Also...catfish boilies are tough bastards. The one I used underwater lasted the whole day. Catfish "nuggets," not so much. One good soak and it was mush. I'll use them up, though. Next time I might just make stink bait out of hotdogs and Kool-Aid. It's cheaper and requires a much less complicated rig. ...Sticky though... :-( I did manage to catch a few bluegill on various lures. They ate all my worms, and only one got hooked from the squirmy buggers. Switching to plastics and doing a bit of jigging on a float setup got better results. The hits were harder and easier to land...no bait take-aways. Sadly, with the Panfish Enhancement rules on that lake, only one was keeper size. I released him from my keepnet and he was spared the destiny of being dinner. One bluegill does not a meal make. Oh...and apparently one of my soft plastics has chili powder in the mix of ingredients. After rigging it up, I rubbed some dirt out of my eyes and effectively blinded myself for 20 minutes. lol Still doing well on Keto. Weight is going down overall. Trying not to take out various frustrations on pizza. Heh...the struggle continues. I keep trying to get out and do more...but I seem to lack people to get out and do things with. And dating is a fucking joke. Seriously...am I that horrible/undesirable? We'll see what happens when I'm closer to my physical goals. The real question is will I choose to use my powers for good or evil. I'm leaning towards "Come to the dark side...we have bacon."
  9. Entry 70 Doing well on a keto style diet with Paleo leanings. 20g of net carbs a day is helping a lot. Got results from my bloodwork back and all my labs are back in normal ranges. Take that fatty liver! As they say over at Reddit Keto, it's time to KCKO (Keep Calm and Keto On). Weight loss is slowing down a bit, but not a huge deal. If it doesn't pick back up in a couple weeks, it'll be time to reset macros and such. Huzzah. Going fishing this weekend, hopefully. Going to try out a new catfish rig. Mmm...catfish.
  10. Entry 69 Doc visit the other day went well. BP a little high, weight down, doctor happy. Caught a Black Crappie after seeing the doc...he was delicious. I need to catch more of them. Wouldn't mind a trout, though. :-p Going out this morning to try my new Shimano reel. Loaded it up with some 6lb mono from a panfish tackle company, so we'll see how it goes. Gonna use Trout Magnet float setup I did last time to nab Mr. Crappie. So tired. LOL...fishing early is great, but being sleepy sucks. Wish me luck.
  11. Entry 68 Ugh...this photosensitivity thing is killing me. The rash just won't quit. Gonna see if the allergy doc can squeeze me in for more than just my shot today. This really...really sucks. Today's to do list, besides the allergy BS: Vote, hide from the sun.
  12. Entry 67 Ugh...Monday already? Yeesh. Oh well...time to earn some green. Going to go to the driving range after work and break in my new golf clubs, then I have to finish mowing the lawn this evening and feed my pet snake. Busy day. :-p
  13. Entry 66 (Semi-Rant Warning) Well, fishing yesterday was not as good as I would have hoped. 1) My friend invited like 3 other people to come with us. 2) This caused them to all fish on top of me at an already crowded lake. 3) Apparently something is causing me to be photosensitive...soo...rash on forearms, despite using sunscreen. 4) Finally got a fish on the line, got him right up to shore...he shook the hook and in the process broke the bail on my spinning rod (had duct tape, so not that big a deal, but still). 5) Due to the previously mentioned friend invites we started late and left early. 6) Her boyfriend is an internet troll irl...I mean, c'mon...I'm snarky as hell, but can we tone it back a bit to people who can actually look at you when you're spouting bullshit and placing too much importance on gaming (holy shit, did I just say that?!?!)? 7) Spent car ride home listening to them mildly bicker about whether or not to adopt a kitten while butt-rock music played from the i-pod (no, sir...Smashing Pumpkins is ok, but your selection is not metal and many of these bands barely qualify as musicians). So yes, that was my fishing trip. I think I'll be going it alone from now on. At least when I go to Deer Lakes by myself the only conversation I have to endure is with the water...or other anglers to wish them luck or swap tips. *sigh* Got home, played some of The Golf Club, improved my handicap, made a giant hilly course for people to play, then cooked up a hardcore bacon cheeseburger dish. Probably ate a wee bit too much, but I was fighting the urge to order pizza and wallow in my own crapulence for the rest of the evening. Today I'm cutting my hair...too impatient to grow it long and it keeps getting in my face and annoying me. Then I'm mowing the lawn while slathered in SPF30 to try and keep the rash down to a dull roar. Hopefully I have time to dig out my garden bed and get the tomatoes outside. Really wish the weekend were longer.
  14. Entry 65 Friday at last. Rainy and gray, but still nice. Was going to go try out my new golf clubs after work, but in the usual rush to get out the door, I forgot them. Plus, rain...blech. Oh well...maybe over the weekend. Trout fishing tomorrow, assuming nobody flakes on me. If they do, I'll go anyway, but to a closer lake. I want to catch my 5 fish creel limit and see if I can make them into delicious dinner. Olive oil, salt, pepper, herbs in the cavity, tossed onto the Foreman and grilled up nice. Hopefully it works out well. Checked the scale this morning for the first time in ages. It's clearly a dirty liar. All my clothes are fitting looser, but it says I've gained a pound. Hah...I think not. Stupid pile of plastic. Not gonna let it get to me. Just gonna grind through the day and have something random for dinner. Been feeling lazy so cold chicken thighs, spinach, and sour cream sound like an ideal plan. Or maybe bacon...bacon is always an option.
  15. Entry 65 Thursday. Huzzah. Almost the end of the week. Diet's locked in, and I've been getting some exercise so all is good there. Still have a weird rash on my forearms...and it seems to be getting worse. I'm a touch concerned it may be photosensitivity. If so...why?!?! I've never had that problem before, and none of the medications I take are supposed to cause it. Grrrr...so itchy. Got my new 7ft fishing rod yesterday. OMG...it's glorious. Can't wait to spool it up and go after some lunkers. However, this weekend it's all about the trout, so the little 6 footer I have is gonna get all the action. Also picked up a beginner set of golf clubs and a bag. I figure that'll be a fun way to get outside with friends and coworkers, get in lots of walking, and even lifting heavy since 10 clubs and a bag is a bit hefty. Now lets see if I can manage the art of a golf swing without loosing hundreds of balls. LMAO. Incidentally, if you dig on golf video games, I highly recommend The Golf Club Collector's Edition. It's nice...good intuitive controls, decent graphics. There's no arcade stuff, mini games, flaming balls, etc...just butt loads of courses (course creator built into the game, btw), a decent simulation/physics setup, runs on the Unity engine...just all around nice. Relaxing, challenging, and fun. The announcer is a bit repetitive, but oh well...that's every game with an announcer in my opinion. :-p Well, time to eat my omelet and get ready for work. Peace.
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