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  1. Wow this is my worst challenge ever and I have been having a run of some back luck. First I got the sore shoulder (tendinitis?), then I finally feel better and workout only to fall on the paralettes. While on a mini-vacation in the Adirondacks I stepped on a piece of glass in the water and cut my foot open. Sunday I get home and stepped on the end of the hand truck which then whipped up and clocked me in the brow which of course swelled up like a goose egg and got black and blue. It looked like my wife punched me. Then Monday I was using my table saw and experience table saw kick back for the first time. If you don't knwo what table saw kick back is, here's a video: So instead of being a spear it spun around and smacked me right in the groin just above me hip then spun around me and hit the wall behind. It split my skin open right through my jeans from the impact and left a large welt and bruise as well. I am having difficulty walking as my hip flexor is really sore not to mention the 3" gash it left on me. Needless to say I haven't worked out and I am feeling pretty defeated right now. I am looking forward to this challenge being over so I can just put it behind me. I am going camping tomorrow and hopefully I don't catch on fire of have a tree fall on me. Hope all of you are doing better than me,
  2. Thanks! It would have made a good video for sure. Just the sound of the crash sprung Mrs Empeg from bed. I do seem to recall that the other day from someone??? Here are some pictures of the carnage! Left shoulder: Right shoulder a little worse: That sucker stings! I wore a bandage over them all day since even my shirt touching it hurts like a mo-fo!
  3. Okay so I had a little mishap today. Working out on paralettes. On my first set I am doing bent are bang leg hand stand. I have not previously been able to do these and frankly I have been a little chicken. Well today I decided to go for it. The first one went well and I actually held myself up there 10 seconds or so. The second one I get up there, start holding it and lost my balance. I fell forward and down and my shoulders crashed into the ends of the paralettes on the corners. They cut the heck out of the backs of my shoulders and scraped them all up. It's pretty uncomfortable and I had to put gauze all over them so I could put on a shirt for work. I feel like a complete dummy.
  4. Nice work Wolverine! I am glad you found something you are enjoying more.
  5. Monday Workout I was finally able to get back to the paralettes and workout mostly pain free in the right shoulder. • Warm-Up Routine • Push Up One Arm Extension - 3X10 - I felt a little twinge here and there but it was okay overall.• Tuck Swing to Dip - 3X10 • Battle Rams V1 - 3X10• Tuck Hold 3X 5 secs - Still trying to get those legs extended• Mt. Climbers - 3X20• Cool-Down Flow It fel good to finally be back at it. Thre are a lot of shoulder exercises on Wednesdays workout and I am not sure I will be able to do them judging on how it felt today. I guess I will see. This weekend I didn't workout but I did do a lot of manual labor in the garder. I am building a couple large trellises for the raised beds for the tomato plants to grow up. Hemlock 4X4X10s and 2X10X12s are pretty heavy. Plus I hand cut all the joinery and the whole thing will go together without nails.
  6. Holy crap Waldo you look totally jacked! Nice work! That's awesome and you did some great moves in that second video.
  7. Okay I ended up at 200 push ups for that day. I think that's plenty. I did 100, 5X20 this morning and then I did 4 sets of 25 this afternoon. I haven't done that in a long time. It's all your fault Kenobi because you've been doing the GTG pushups this challenge.
  8. Friday morning All exercises done as a circut, 3 sets, 60 seconds rest between sets. Body Weight Squats - 3X30 Pistol Squats- 3X5 - each leg Body Weight Squats - 3X10 Forward Lunges - 3X10 each leg Side Lunges - 3X10 each leg Chinese Squats - 3X10 each leg Pushups - 5X20 Chin ups - 3X3 - suck at pull ups still... I am going to do some GTG push ups today. I haven't done that in a log time.
  9. You are right you are supposed to. There is just something about when I am doing them on the paralettes right now, or anything when I am lowering my body and my elbows are going much past my torso that the tendon across the top is not at all happy. I am tired of doing no upper body work. I have been thinking about trying a chin and and see how that feels.
  10. I am still here. I was away in Maine for 4 days. My diet was not great while there. I stayed with my in-laws and when you are a captive audience I eat what they have. I am not going to make them get special stuff for me. I have been working out still only legs. I tried to go back to paralettes on Tuesday and that was a big bag of fail. I did discover I can do plain jane push ups of I turn my wrists out a little so my elbows are really close to my body. I did 5 sets of 25. Monday and Wednesday All exercises done as a circut, 3 sets, 60 seconds rest between sets. Body Weight Squats - 3X30 Pistol Squats- 3X5 - each leg Body Weight Squats - 3X10 Forward Lunges - 3X10 each leg Side Lunges - 3X10 each leg Chinese Squats - 3X10 each leg I haven't been on much because it's a total S**T show at work right now. I work on a computer all day and when I work late and it's terrible to boot I don't want anything to do with a computer. Hopefully it calms down soon.
  11. Wow those are giant for so early in the year. Ours are finally starting to grow like crazy now that's it's getting warm.
  12. I was super busy and I didn't think I was going to get a workout in. However I finally sat down to watch the hockey game (awesome game by the way) so I decided if I had time for tv, I could do some leg work in front of it. GMB Warm-Up Routine All exercises done as a circut, 3 sets, 60 seconds rest between sets. Body Weight Squats - 3X30 Pistol Squats- 3X5 - each leg Body Weight Squats - 3X10 Forward Lunges - 3X10 each leg Side Lunges - 3X10 each leg Chinese Squats - 3X10 each leg GMB Cool-Down Flow Whew. Now I feel better.
  13. Killer workout today man. Ps. I hate running!
  14. Some updated photos of the garden after some work this past weekend. I got some borders around the fence. Mrs Empeg is planting some sunflowers out there and some squash to grow up the fence. Tonight we had our first fresh salad of the season! Mrs Empeg picking the lettuce: Yummy!! Sooooo much better that store bought.
  15. shuuuuush!!!! It's the SAME hobby! I have actually starting turning out work on a fairly regular basis. Well today since I am still resting the shoulder and I did legs yesterday I did 3 sets of 20 mountain climbers and I have been doing a GTG on tuck and plank today.
  16. Thanks! Eh I think you might like it. I have lots of power tools but more and more I get more satisfaction from hand tools. The exception would be when dealing with large sheet stock or something like that.
  17. That! Be careful Wolverine. I did that to myself last fall when I was cycling like crazy 4X a week because I wanted to ride a century and also doing BW workout 3X a week. I totally burnt out and I ended up doing nothing for like a month. I had just lost all motivation and I was really depressed.
  18. Awesome videos and photos everyone. I will have to come up with something.
  19. Nice workouts Kenobi considering your everyday life getting in the way. Happy Father Day btw.
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