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  1. Grrrr!!! So this morning I get up to workout. Super sleepy from the crazy storms last night. I bend down to get something from under the bed and some how my back all locks up. It feels like someone is stabbing me in the back between my shoulder blades. So annoying when you do all this working out to make your body stronger and then this happens. Ugh. I took some advil and I am making sure to sit up super straight in my office. I am hoping it loosens up by lunch so I can go home and get a workout in.
  2. Wow that is a sick amount of push ups. I used to do a ton like that. I haven't done that since last fall. The most I ever did was 200 in a day but that was only one time. Crazy amount of pull ups too!
  3. Tour De Cure Training Distance:15.92 mi Time:58:52 Avg Speed:16.2 mph Elevation Gain:1,106 ft Calories:695 C Avg Temperature:60.7 °F Avg HR:146 bpm Max HR:166 bpm Avg Bike Cadence:84 rpm Max Bike Cadence:123 rpm • GMB Warm-Up Routine • GMB Cool-Down Flow
  4. I think you are right. I think I will buckle it down. I was just feeling a little off last week.
  5. The Land of the Lost That's what I was last week, lost. I don't know what my problem was but I only worked out once. I haven't ridden in a couple weeks. It's been a variety of reasons from laziness, not getting enough rest, not making it a priority, whatever. I are just okay and I didn't hit any of my targets. I feel like this challenge is slipping away. I have two weeks to get it back on track. Monday Lunch Time Workout I have moved on to Phase 2 of the beginner workout: 60 seconds rest between sets. I finished all sets of an exercise before moving on: • Warm-Up Routine• Push Up One Arm Extension - 3X12 - I felt kind of unsteady at first but I quickly got the hang of it.• Tuck Swing to Dip - 3X12 -This was harder than I thought it would be and I was puffing pretty hard by the time I finished and my form was falling off.• Battle Rams V1 - These again where harder than I thought they would be, especially when pushing my head out far over my arms in the down position of the pushup. There are two variants, one when you go down in the push up and do all your batle rams. In Version 2 you do a battle ram for every push up instead of a bunch of battle rams with two push ups. I figured I would alternate.• Tuck Hold 3X 5 secs - I am supposed to be doing an L-Sit here but I am just not there. Tying hard. • Mt. Climbers - 3X20• Cool-Down Flow I would put RPT at a 6 and RPE at about an 8. Hopefully this will be a better week for me all around.
  6. Killer workout dude! Looks like you are almost back.
  7. Great stuff Waldo. Very informative.
  8. That's cool. I haven't checked my max push ups in quite a while but I can do 5 sets of 20 easily although that doesn't always translate to max pushups. The last time I tested myself I was at 45. 100 was a goal of mine for a while but it wasn't really fun and I was kind of like eh. You can do pull ups like a mo-fo though where I can't even do 10! I am under no illusions that this will go on forever and that things would not change if we had a child. I have also gone up to a week for one reason or another. Just saying, you guys are tough for holding out like that. Sheesh!
  9. I actually love it.It feels like a workout later or the next day, but when I am doing it, it's more like playing around. I have noticed (and my wife has commented) that my shoulders and abs are more noticeably defined now than before. So it must be building muscle. Finding a workout I can enjoy and make it feel less like work while still building muscle is a huge win as far as I am concerned.
  10. Nooooooo!!!!!!! Nnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!! You guys are not making me want to jump into this whole kid thing. I am lucky if I can go 3 days!
  11. I am back at the workouts today. I haven't done much of anything except eat since Friday. Talk about going overboard with the celebrating! Sheesh! We had an awesome time milking out our anniversary celebrations. Now that my shoulder is feeling better it was time to get back at it. I only did 3 sets of everything today. Wednesday morning workout. Warm up routine 60 seconds rest between sets. Plank Push Ups - 3X20 Front Dips - 3X15. Plank Hold - 3X60 secs Tuck Hold - 5X10 secs - I did a couple more of these. I was able to bend the legs out in front end then when I got tired I tucked them. The totals holds were like 10-15 seconds each. Mt. Climbers - 3X15 Cool down routine. My rate of perceived technique (RPT) was 8 and my rate of perceived effort (RPE) 6. On the Tuck hold I would rate that as 6 for RPT and a 10 for RPE trying to get those legs out there. Thanks! We had a great time! Thank you sir and congrats to you as well!!
  12. Friday Evening Workout: Got up and was working out by 5:10am 1 minute rest between sets. • Warm-Up Routine • Plank Side to Sides 2X15, 1X12 • Assisted Shoulder Stand Raises - 3X12 • Jump Throughs - 3X12 • Assisted Inverted Presses - 3X12 • Swing Sets - 3X12 • Cool-Down Flow My shoulder was really sore Friday for some reason. I almost bailed on the workout all together but I wanted to get a workout in. I have the weekend to rest up the shoulder. Last night we went to a Man Men themed party with a car club we are in. It was a great time and I had lots of classic cocktails. Everyone was dressed in period clothing. Today is our first wedding anniversary. Its also Mother's Day so Mom is coming later this am for brunch. We are going out to our Anniversary dinner tomorrow night at the place where we had our reception.
  13. I missed my morning workout (DANG YOU PENQUINS!!!!) now I have to try and be motivated to do so when I get home tonight. Here's hoping yur motivation rubs off on me. I hate the afternoon workout.
  14. I have noticed that it really works your lats and traps. I also noticed that you do need to lean back. I guess I was thinking of it more and pushing my body forward but leaning back might work. I did not get my workout in this morning. Too tired to get up. I will have to workout tonight when I get home which will be weird for me.
  15. Awesome dragon flag dude! Nice work!
  16. Waldo what does the fat being super soft represent? The fat around my stomach is crazy soft. Nice workout again Wolverine!
  17. Thursday morning workout. Warm up routine All exercises done as a circuit. 60 seconds rest between sets. Pistol Squats 3X5 BW Squats 20X5 Forward Lunges 10X5 each leg Side Lunges 10X5 each leg Chinese Squats 10X5 each leg Shoulder ROM/Mobility Cool down routine. My weight seems to be in the 190 range this week. Interesting what not drinking and eating out several times a week will do for you.
  18. Awesome video and great strength on the HSPU. Nice work overall Waldo. As always you're an inspiration.
  19. HAHA! I guess some might say that. I am trying to make it look nice. Last couple years it looked kind of rag tag. Now I need to put some welded wire fencing around it to keep the deer out. I wanted to do a nice picket fence but it's so expensive. Not to mention not high enough.
  20. Wednesday morning workout. Warm up routine 60 seconds rest between sets. Plank Push Ups - 5X20 - Cranked out the full 5X20 today! Front Dips - 5X15 - I upped these to 15 today. Plank Hold - 5X30 secs Tuck Hold - 5X10 secs - I was trying hard to extend my legs. I just can hold my body level. I am trying really hard! Mt. Climbers - 5X15 Cool down routine. My rate of perceived technique (RPT) was 8 and my rate of perceived effort (RPE) 6. On the Tuck hold I would rate that as 6 for RPT and a 10 for RPE trying to get those legs out there. These are still holding me back right now. I will be doing GTG in my office today with one my my extra chairs. I did not get in a ride last night but I did a lot of gardening and I got the new sprinklers in for all the raised beds. I also buried all the water lines to it looks all nice and tidy! Mrs Empeg is very happy.
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