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  1. Yesterday I went for two walks during the day in addition to my normal workout. I was going to cycle last night but Mrs Empeg and I decided to walk together and grill out on the deck. Today was a rest day: GMB Warm up routine Shoulder Mobility ROM GMB Cool down routing
  2. Wednesday Morning Workout: Warm up routine Plank Push Ups - 5X12 Front Dips - 5X12 Plank Hold - 5X30 secs Tuck Hold - 1X30, 4X10 secs - In Hindsight I shouldn't have tried a hold for that long. I was all excited I was able to hold it so long but then I was messed up for hte rest. I should have just tried 15 5 times. Oh well. Mt. Climbers - 5X12 Cool down routine I would put my RPT at 7 and RPE also at 7. Good news! I got back my blood work after a full year of primal living. I will just give the highlights: Glucose level:86 Total Cholesterol: 156 ​ triglycerides: 39 HDL: 59 LDL:87.2 Sodium: 136 - The low end. Not a surprise since I don't eat box foods and I don't use much salt. My eating so far this week has been good. I am avg 189g protein, 61g fat, and 145g of carbs for 1923 calories.
  3. Tuesday, Rest Day: GMB Warm up routine Shoulder Mobility ROM GMB Cool down routing.
  4. Nice work Wolverine. Your still looking pretty good dude.
  5. This one: 'across navel relaxed.' I have one of those body tape. I know the tape squishes in my stomach a smidge but I figure if I just let it happen every time and I do it the same way every time then it is what it is. I will give your method a shot.
  6. Big giant pile of awesome going on Waldo between the workouts, the cut, and the website. Nice going.
  7. Monday morning workout: 1 minute rest between sets. • Warm-Up Routine• Plank Side to Sides 5X8 - These felt a little easier today but they are still pretty tough.• Assisted Shoulder Stand Raises - 5X12• Jump Throughs - 5X13 • Assisted Inverted Presses - 5X10 - These are tough. I am feeling this!• Swing Sets - 5X12• Cool-Down Flow Week 1 Update: Avg Weight190.59 ChangeNeck 14 0Chest 39 0Waist 36.5 -0.25Hips 40.25 0Thigh 24.5 0Quad 22 0Quad Above Knee 17.5 -0.5Calf 15.5 0Bicep 13.5 0Forearm 11.5 0 My stated goals: 1 Get Proper Nutrition Eat 1900-2000 calories per day. Get 170-190g of protein and 100-150g of carbs. Let fat come from mostly meats eaten throughout the day.I am not doing bad. I had an avg of 160g protein, 158g of carbs, 70g of fat, and 2035 avg calories. 2 Track Really track my weight to get weekly averages. Take measurements, photos. Track avg weight and other matrices in a spreadsheet. Done. I averaged my weight for the week and took measurements this am to make sure I was on track and not putting on the wrong kind of weight. 3 Workout 3x -5X a week Done. I did my 3 required workouts for GMB, a leg workout, plus some cycling. 4 Lose 1" from my waist According to the tape I have lost a quarter inch already. I find that doubtful. Next week will tell the tale. 5 Shoulder ROM & Mobility work 7x a week Boom! I did that! ON my off days I even did the Ido Portal Shoulder ROM exercises for the extras. Goal 6: Find time to train for the Tour De Cure 50 I will be riding June 2nd. Boom! Did it. I got in 4 rides. Total Dist: 50.83 Time: 3:28:47 h:m:s Elevation Gain: 3196ft Avg Speed: 14.6 Avg HR: 150bpm Avg Bike Cadence:77rpm Calories: 2252 That was a pretty good week for me I have to say. I just need to get avg protein up and the fat down a smidge so I can eat more protein. Carbs are doing good.
  8. Todays workout: Met up with some friends for a group ride on the bikes. It was really cold out only 34 when we started and windy. We only did just shy of 16. It's amazing how much quicker you can ride in a group. I was feeling pretty strong today and went up most of the hills pretty quick. Distance:15.94 mi Time:1:03:41 Avg Speed:15.0 mph Elevation Gain:587 ft Calories:571 C Avg Temperature:38.4 °F When I got back, GMB Warm up routine Shoulder Mobility ROM GMB Cool down routing. Currently eating giant recovery salad since I rode on an empty stomach. That's okay though because I hate a ton of sushi last night! YUM!
  9. WOLVERINE!!! Glad to hear you are doing well. Sorry to hear you are going stir crazy but you are doing great. Wishing you very well. Hang in there man, in the grand scheme of things this will be the tiniest blip on the radar.
  10. Thanks Vector. So far so good on the paralettes. Just trying to build strength and learn some skills. Todays workout: Short cycling training ride. My plan was to ride 10 miles on a route I do that has a few big hills so I could get in some good hills and not be out too long. Boy it was cold today, only 42 and seriously windy. I got a flat though at mile 8.5. I didn't feel like fixing the flat so I had Mr Empeg come get me. Distance:8.51 mi Time:35:52 Avg Speed:14.2 mph Elevation Gain:666 ft Calories:413 C Avg Temperature:42.1 °F When I got back, GMB Warm up routine Shoulder Mobility ROM GMB Cool down routing. Today I am doing some volunteer work at the little park near my house putting in flowers and laying down some mulch. Why is it every time I volunteer it's really cold out.
  11. Well I want to lose for sure but I don't want my cycling to take away too much from my strength and the little bit of size I have put on. I made that mistake last year by not eating more. When you go on an hour to hour and a half ride you easily burn 1000 calories and last year I never accounted for that. So last weekend when I rode for an hour I burned 700kcal so I ate about 500 extra. I guess I will just have to keep playing around with it. I know I have gained muscle since the fall. I weigh the same but pants I wore then are getting pretty baggy on me.
  12. Friday Morning Workout: Warm up routine Plank Push Ups - 5X13 Front Dips - 5X13 Plank Hold - 5X20 secs Tuck Hold - 5X10 secs Mt. Climbers - 5X13 I would put my RPE at 7 and RPT at 7. I find what they call the Day 1 routine some what easy right now that's why I did the max amount of sets. The tuck hold is the only thing I am finding difficult. I will keep doing it as is. The worst that could happen is I will get a lot stronger. My eating was pretty good. I ate all home cooked foods however my protein and carbs were low and fat was probably a bit too high but I did hit my target calories for the day. So far I am completing all my stated workout, mobility, and tracking goals.
  13. Thanks man I appreciate it. He has taken a turn for the better today. He is no longer being intubated and breathing in his own. So that's a small step forward. I an trying my hardest. I'm looking forward to my workout tomorrow am. I will probably ride on Saturday and Sunday weather permitting about 40 miles total. I'm adding in extra calories on days I ride. I hope that's the right thing to do.
  14. Glad to see you are on the mend and keeping good spirits!
  15. Thursday no workout. Rest day. I did the GMB Warmup Routine. The Ido Portal Shoulder ROM and mobility GMB Cooldown routine and yoga movements. Yesterday I was a little shy on my calorie goals. My house guests unfortunately had already ordered pizza and wings by the time I got home from work so I was stuck eating that. I kept it to two slices and about 6 wings. My weight as been averaging about the same even though my carbs have gone up so hopefully things are working. I know it's only been 3 days so that's hardly a sample.
  16. I'm not sure how I feel about the term brotein shake!Nice workout and good job fitting it in with the family life.
  17. Good luck Vector. I will be following along.
  18. I can see that and it is a pretty big draw back I have to admit. However it is working for my needs and I have just gotten used to it. I would say I eat primal but I don't eat packaged food generally so it's not too big of a deal for me. Well you gave it a shot. What ever works best for you is what matters. Good luck! You are doing great so far.
  19. Have you been using Paleo Track and if so how is it working out for you?
  20. Sweet vid of the dips Waldo. They look great to me! Awesome workout.
  21. Wednesday morning workout: 1 minute rest between sets. • Warm-Up Routine• Plank Side to Sides 1X8, 1X7 - These are pretty tough because you are moving pretty slowly. It's more like a plank hold than a pushup• Assisted Shoulder Stand Raises - 3X10- These were slightly tough mostly because I don't have very flexible hamstrings and I don't think I am getting my rear up over my shoulders well. • Jump Throughs - 3X13 -There were pretty fun. The first set I don't think I did them 100% right because I forgot to make sure I was locking my elbows and keeping my elbow pits forward.• Assisted Inverted Presses - 3X8 - These were really tough. I am not very strong with overhead presses because it's not something I've worked on. I also again of the hamstring flexibility problem again.• Swing Sets - 3X12 - These were pretty fun as well.• Cool-Down Flow Today's workout felt more like an actual workout. I don't feel exhaust but I am sure I will be pretty sore. I had another day of hitting my eating goals. I am averaging about 2200 calories (a little more than I wanted but still okay) and my protein, and carbs are where I want to be. I am letting fat just fall wherever as long as I am hitting my protein and total calorie goals. I will check on Monday with the tape to see how things are going. This sums up my sentiments so far It is difficult with the eating for me for another reason. My brother in law is very sick with pneumonia and has been in the hospital since Easter. He is in ICU and not responding to treatments. He is only 31. He was transferred to the hospital near my house so various family members (on my wife's side) have been in my house non-stop since last Thursday night. I don't mind at all but everyone wants to take us to dinner everynight to thank us for staying with us. It's getting old and tough to plan my meals. I am whining of course and it is nothing compared to what my BIL is going through. I am happy to even be in this challenge and so far doing well. So to anyone that gets down on themselves, it could get a lot worse. Another nice thing is you really see how people in general really are good.
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