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  1. When I did it as a workout on Monday it felt more like a workout. The tuck hold was pretty tough. If I jump up to 4 or 5 sets that will make it feel like some work. I think day 2 will be harder. I will let you know though. I am enjoying it however.
  2. When I did it as a workout on Monday it felt more like a workout. The tuck hold was pretty tough. If I jump up to 4 or 5 sets that will make it feel like some work. I think day 2 will be harder. I will let you know though. I am enjoying it however.
  3. I made my set out of oak and some Douglas Fur 4X4 with plywood for a base. I made them pretty tall for now, about 10 inches high at the bar. I made them so I can lower them as I get better. Thanks guys. I actually starting playing around with it last week to try out the moves but I wouldn't say it was a workout. Today's workout GMB P1 Warmup Done as a circuit with one minute rest. Pistol Squat 3x3 BW Squat 3x10 Lunge 3X10 Side Lunge 3X10 Chinese Squat 3X10 Should ROM exercises GMB P1 Cooldown
  4. Gotcha. I see where you are coming from.
  5. I think for most sedentary people what Mark Sisson writes is good advice. As someone who weighed 270lbs just last January following his methods allowed me to lose a ton of weight and put on some muscle. I now need to start adding in more carbs to get my performance higher but his methods did get me to where I am so to dismiss him as not knowing what he is talking about at all not completely correct either. As Waldo always states everyone is their own N=1 test and you need to find your path. Shunning carbs for a year (or keeping them very low) certainly worked for me and helped me to establish a discipline to break free from processed foods and sweets.
  6. Tonight since it was sunny for once I went out for a quick 10 mile ride to get in some more training for the TDC. Distance: 10.23 mi Time: 42:47 Avg Speed: 14.4 mph Elevation Gain: 764 ft Calories: 488 C Avg Temperature: 56.3 °F Elevation Gain: 764 ft Elevation Loss: 827 ft Min Elevation: -194 ft Max Elevation: 51 ft Heart Rate Avg HR: 143 bpm Max HR: 164 bpm Zones % of Max bpm Cadence Avg Bike Cadence: 77 rpm Max Bike Cadence: 101 rpm I felt pretty good. I also ate plenty today to compensate for the extra 500 calories. Todays Food totals: Source Calories Quantity Protein 38% 210g Fat 36% 89g Carbs 27% 150g 2225 total calories today.
  7. Nice workout! I don't love the split squats but I find them easier than the pistols!
  8. Sure! I hope it works out for you. I have been using it for about a year. There isn't much in there for processed food but if you are eating predominately whole natural foods you won't have a problem. I like how it lets you know if you are paleo or primal or what ever. It also gives you your omega 3-6 ratio and potassium to sodium ratio. I just discovered him about 3 or 4 weeks ago! I am basing my nutrition plan for this challenge around his advice for athletes. Sorry for the hijack Elder!
  9. Thanks! You are right it's a lot of goals and I was unsure about so many. However some of them are interlaced with each other like the nutrition and tracking. The cycling will be a tough one because the paralettes in my main focus right now. Monday morning workout. First one with the paralettes. Warm up routine Plank Push Ups - 3X12 Front Dips - 3X12 Plank Hold - 3X10 secs Tuck Hold - 3X5 secs Mt. Climbers - 3X12 Cool down routine and shoulder ROM. My rate of perceived technique (RPT) was 7 and my rate of perceived effort (RPE) 7. I could have done more sets for sure. The manual states not to kill yourself the first time out and I was worried about running out of gas before finsihing. Next time out I will do 4 sets of everything and see how that goes. The judging of my effort and technique is new to me and I am not 100% sure of my rating. I did not find the workout overly hard. I was working but it wasn't killing me. I do feel my form was very good in everything except the tuck hold. It was a good workout though and I really enjoyed it. Starting Stats: Date 4/15/2013Weight 189Neck 14.75Chest 39Waist 36.75Hips 40.25Thigh 24.5Quad 22Quad Above Knee 18Calf 15.5Bicep 13.5Forearm 11.5
  10. Cool series of photos. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Oh yeah one more thing. Goal 6: Find time to train for the Tour De Cure 50 I will be riding June 2nd. I went out for the first time yesterday and rode 16 miles straight out of the gate. It took me me an hour and 6 minutes which is about 7 minutes off my best pace but for the first time out of the year I will take it. This is the first time I've ever done 16 miles for a first ride. I usually just do 5 or 10 miles a few times.
  12. Nice Goals Elder. I will be following along. You might want to check out paleo track to track your meals. It's pretty good.
  13. It kind of is scary. As you say though I will be watching very closely to see what is happening. Yes I an really looking forward to the paralettes.
  14. HAHA!!! That's awesome Wolverine! Nice work! Good luck on the surgery. I will be rooting for you! Good luck on your challenge and keep those spirits up!
  15. GOALS 1 Get Proper Nutrition I eat healthy. I often don't eat enough and I don't get enough protein - Eat 1900-2000 calories per day. Get 170-190g of protein and 100-150g of carbs. Let fat come from mostly meats eaten throughout the day. Increasing my carbs is tough for me as I have lost so much weight by not eating them. I have finally decided that at my activity level the lack of carbs might be holding me back. This is where the average weight and weekly measurement tracking will come in. If I lose or gain weight I will know if it's the right kind. 2 Track Really track my weight to get weekly averages. Take measurements, photos. Track avg weight and other matrices in a spreadsheet. 3 Workout 3x -5X a week This is the Enter the Paralettes part of the challenge. I bought the P1 program from GMB and I will be working on getting through the first level during this challenge. I am very excited for this part of the challenge and seeing what proper nutrition and this program can do for me. I will do this workout M-W-F and do a legs workout on T-Th. 4 Lose 1" from my waist The last challenge I managed to lose 2.25" from my waist. I know it's not going to be easy but I am up for it. 5 Shoulder ROM & Mobility work 7x a week This is a big one for me. I really need to start working on this. P1 recommends doing the warm up and cool down routines 7X a week. I will try and do this while also working in the Porto Ido shoulder ROM routine a few times a week. This is a lot in one challenge but I am going to go for it. I will post up starting weight and measurements on Monday. Oh and a photo but it will probably be pretty similar to the last one.
  16. Waldo I will be watching and rooting along for you. You are where I hope to be a year from now. I will be doing another challenge myself although I have decided to lose more gut first while trying to maintain the muscle I have.
  17. Thanks! I will be trying for a similar amount of improvement net challenge.
  18. I am finally at that point myself where my weight isn't the end all be all. If I don't improve by 10 pushups then I failed. I always try to improve but sometimes the body doesn't work that way.
  19. I would say you did pretty well. I think you just had a little too many goals on there. Remember keep you goals simple and probably cap it about 4. Hey you went for it though and you actually achieved quite a bit!
  20. Thank you guys! Much appreciated. Totally motivated to go for more on the next challenge. I am enjoying my relaxed week this week however.
  21. Dude you killed it as usual! You are very inspiring!
  22. This is a repost from my challenge thread. I also put some before and afters in my challenge post: Challenge Wrap Up Goals: Eat Primal/Paleo I rocked this goal. I ate very health and even got close to what I should probably have for my macros. On my next challenge I will really go for the macros. A+ Lose 1" from my waist I killed this. I actually went down to 36.75" so I lost 2.25" from my waist. A+! I also dropped to my lowest weight since I was about 21 at 188. Workout 3X a week I killed this one too. I worked out 3X a week plus additional walks and runs. A+ Sprint/run 1X a week This I did not do so well on. I don't love running so I guess that was a dumb goal for me. I did it some of the weeks, not all. I am going to go with a C for this. Measurement Stats Update: Neck 14.75" +.25 Bicep 14" +0 Forearm 11.5" +0 Chest 38.25" +.25 Waist 36.75" -2.25 Hips 40.5" -.5 Thigh 24" +0 Calf 15.75 +0
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