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  1. They certainly are! I am doing pretty well on my challenges. I am losing fat although some of it is in places I didn't expect. Oh well, fat loss is fat loss!!
  2. Awesome work Wolverine. You are certainly getting your mutant on!
  3. Waldo I have a question about when you started your bulking and cutting phase. I know you were down around 190. Did you still have some extra fat around the midsection or anywhere else?
  4. I think that would have taken quite a bit more wine. It was a pretty good time. Now to get back at it!
  5. I went to Niagara Falls this weekend (Canadian side) so I didn't get a full workout in. I didn't get too off paleo however I did drink a lot! Mostly wine on the wine tour but it was a lot. I also ate a lot. It was 90% paleo but it was still a lot. Those restaurant meals are probably near the amount of calories I usually eat in a day. Saturday: Push ups 3X30 Body Weight Squats 3X30. Todays workout: Jump rope for a couple minutes warm up Pull up 3X2 Ring Straight Arm Hold 3X 2 seconds Ring Knee Tuck 3X30s Ring Horizontal Pullup 1X10, 2X8, 1X6 Ring Dips 1X8, 1X7, 1X6, 1X7 Ring Pushups 2X15, 1X12, 1X13 Piston Squat 4X4 - each leg. Bulgarian Split Squat - 4X10 each leg
  6. Thursday workout at or around midnight. I can't sleep. Jump rope for a couple minutes warm up Ring Straight Arm Hold 3X 2 seconds Ring Knee Tuck 1X30s, 2X20s Ring Horizontal Pullup 2X10, 1X8 Ring Dips 1X8, 1X7, 1X4 Ring Pushups 2X15, 1X13, 1X10 Piston Squat 3X3 - each leg. Already an improvment over last time. My left leg is not as and mobile at the bottom as my right leg. Hopefully that will come. Bulgarian Split Squat - 2X5, 2X6 each leg Chin up 3X3 I felt really good today and I felt like I put in a really good effort. I've been eating a little more, especially in the protein department. I can see my improvement in the rings already. Dips are getting better, ring push up are better. Pull ups, the ban of my existance still suck it. The horizontal ring pull ups are improving a little.
  7. Same here! Especially since I started getting it from my local grass fed farm! Crazy good baked. Todays workout: Handstand work belly to the wall. 3X20 seconds. Plank/Planche - Saw a video on GMB about a plank varition when you get into a pull up position except with toes pointed out. Then pull your knees up to your stomach. So I decided to try that today. 3X10. It was not overly tough. I liked it though. I guess it can help move you towards a tuck planche. I don't recommend doing this exercise sockless on a burburry carpet. Cut the top of my foot all up.
  8. Come on by. I'm pretty sure that's a long drive though .
  9. Came home tonight and Mrs Empeg was working out so I went down to the dungeon and did my missed ring knee tucks from the morning. 3X20 seconds. I also did some additional pistol squats holding the dumbbell. I need to try one slightly smaller. I am using a 12lb one. 3X1 each leg. We had an awesome dinner tonight. Baked 2 lbs Brussels sprouts with 4 slices of bacon and some baked chicken breast with turmeric and I made a sauce with coconut milk, turmeric, and cilantro. It was awesome!
  10. Nice work on the workouts dude. I know what you mean about the eating temptations. I am a comfort eater (drinker). My wife and I have been killing it diet wise but last night I got home after a crappy day at work. I had 3 glasses of wine and a quarter cup of chocolate chips. I need to NOT do that. You are a machine though!
  11. Awesome workouts bro! Keep it up!
  12. This mornings 5am workout: Jump rope for a couple minutes warm up Ring Straight Arm Hold 3X 2 seconds Ring Horizontal Pullup 1X10, 1X6, 1X8 Ring Dips 2X7, 1X2 Ring Pushups 1X15, 2X12 Piston Squat 3X2 - Tried holding a DB in front of me per BigM and Waldo's suggestions. This definitely helped me do it. I have a week point in the lower middle section. I can get initially moving then there is a point before me legs are 90 degrees where I run out of power and have to really grind it out. Then I am find the rest of the way up. I would say today was more like skill building on these and less like a workout. Overall this was not me best workout. I felt like I was just going through the motions and not really into it. I even forgot my leg raises. I will do those tonight when I get home. I may also do some more squats. I had some wine last night. I need to lay off of that for the rest of the weekend. I feel like i am doing pretty well on this challenge. I measured my stomach and it is going down for sure. I wish I had taken measurements on my legs in more than one place. I usually just measure the largest part of my thigh but I have lost some fat around my lower thigh area around my knee. I can see a visible difference. My weight has been staying around 195-192 depending on the day so I must be putting on muscle somewhere. All the measurements seem the same except my stomach. Strange. I will do some good measurements tonight.
  13. Nice work BigM. Tried the holding the DB during the pistol squat. You and Waldo were right . It definitely helped.
  14. Epic workout as usual Waldo. Pretty amazing stuff. Tried the holding the DB during the pistol squat. You and BigM were right . It definitely helped.
  15. Hey Vector, Welcome aboard! Good luck on the challenge!!
  16. Friday's workout: Run intervals on the treadmill. 3 minutes warm up. 7 sprints as fast as I can run on the treadmill with 1 minute light jog in between. Then 3 minute cool down. Saturdays's workout: I didn't get to do a whole workout. I had to go to my Mom's for her birthday and I had some how maintenance work to do before that. So while waiting for the shower to warm up I did: push ups: 2X30 (one set with ym fat cat sitting on my back!) body weight squats: 2X35 My diet has been going pretty well. I was off-paleo for my mothers birthday but I am back at it. My weight went right up from that non-paleo meal. I am hoping that goes back down in a couple days.
  17. Wow dude you are killing it!
  18. Awesome! I am pretty certain I will probably pick it up.
  19. I am exhausted just reading that workout!
  20. Thanks Waldo. I will give it a shot tomorrow when I do my workout. Todays workout: Run some intervals on treadmill 20 minutes. Wall Handstand practice Crowstand practice
  21. Awesome! I am also very weak in the pulling exercises. I have been doing my quasi ring workout for about 3 weeks. I am only doing the rows though not the pull ups. So how many rows and pull ups do you do? This plan give you the whole routine? or just here is a bunch of exercises and now go do some? That is strange that your triceps are so sore but then again I am not sure what exercises you've been doing. No worries on the updates.
  22. I did 5 Clap push ups in a row today. First time I've ever done them. I have been able to push up into the air for a little while but I hadn't tried them in a bit. They weren't pretty but I did them,
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