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  1. Ok soooooo C minus all around on this one But thank god for Monday's and new chances to kick ass
  2. Thanks for checking in having some hectic weeks . Logging not perfect but a little better than last month, did a few Parkour classes so going fine, and down a few lbs so altogether I would say c plus
  3. Had a bit of rum go with the food log in New Orleans, but back at it now
  4. Now that we have taken out the guards we have to get to the castle and shore up the defenses for the attack that will come next week. First you must get to the castle, that is 10 miles (bike run walk) If running is not your thing you can ask a magic user in the group for a teleport (one yoga or tai chi class equals teleport spell) Next we shore up the defenses. Every point we put in is a point of damage the walls can take before they come down. An army is coming for the princess so build big! (One body weight movement is one point, every 100 pounds moved is one point) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qZXUEFQD5HwOQnnq4Jzy497oG8HDbxVsGB3mJoxGdSI/edit#gid=870095205
  5. I run fairly regularly and have done half marathons already (not fast mind you, not fast at all) I am doing a April fools day half marathon in Atlantic City this year with the wife and I will be doing at least one tri athalon this year, maybe two. I also do a few mudruns like warrior dash or the like just for fun I am a scout mostly because all my movie heroes are thieves
  6. Just got back from a Parkour class where the average age was 14 Good thing I don't have a windowless van
  7. Welcome aboard The facebook group is here and jump into the adventure https://www.facebook.com/groups/905217446198325/
  8. Sounds like a good plan I look forward to seeing how whole 30 treats you
  9. A tidy secret lair is essential Fortunately for me my wife is a neat freak and schedules cleaning where I have specific tasks that are fairly easy and keeps she keeps me motivated by being super cute when she putters and cleans with me
  10. Good goals my friend, lets get some runs in
  11. Hardway

    First rebel yell

    I would rather do burpees everyday until I pass out than give up my beloved swear words
  12. thanks the log has often tripped me up
  13. To be the best thief possible I have to learn to be better than the best thieves ever! Han Solo The epitome of grace under fire and getting the job done no matter what! Han always got the job done! To be more like him I have to grind out and do what needs to be done to make my goals, namely stick to my logs and take care of what I eat, its my number one fault in losing weight! A=track the 90 percent of what I eat in a food log (4 points) B=Track 80 percent of what I eat in a food log (3 points) C= Track 70 percent of what I eat in a food long (2 points) Batroc Ze Leaper Continue Parkour Training with Memphis Parkour Batroc was always training and I must do the same to be ZE MAN Parkour 4 times in 4 weeks= 4 points 3 times = 3 points 2= 2 points Malek the Thief Malak the thief "I know when to steal, and when not to" Malak understood the need for self control, I must learn his ways to be the best and control my weight (chubby thieves are easy to spot and make more noise) Lose 15 pounds = 4 points Lose 10 = 3 points Lose 5 =2 points
  14. its a little harder to keep up with all the extra stuff, we do weekly challenges, wandering monsters, and cooking and hiking guild challenges on facebook more than here, but it is possible to play along MissStarshine
  15. I hear its lovely this time of year
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