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  1. Really rats! I have eleven pet rats Holidays have been a bit of a disaster, failed on tracking/eating sensibly and conditioning. I did complete the yoga every day challenge though!
  2. Day two: Tracking went to pot as I ended up with friends and pizza on Monday night. Though as a side note I think I'm going to have to stop eating pizza (or Dominos at least...) because this was the second time in a row where my digestive tract had a temper tantrum after having it. Sad times. No conditioning. Yoga got done. Day three: I did track! I was over, mostly thanks to the multiple G&Ts in the evening. It's a friend's birthday on Friday so we met for drinks. Including the guy from Sunday night, and although it was nowhere near the levels of Sunday, it confirmed to me that we cannot drink if it's just the two of us. It was all above board, helped by the presence of people who would have basically gone "what the fuck are you doing??" at me. And I do at least have external confirmation that I am definitely not imagining him flirting. So that's a thing. Lord I have terrible taste in men No conditioning. Yoga was done before I went out (while I reheated leftovers for my dinner). Tonight I have hoop (yay!), tomorrow night I have my work Christmas dinner, and if I get my arse in gear I can have everything that needs doing before Christmas done by the end of tomorrow. Since I'm meeting a friend for brunch on Friday then going over to my parents' for my holibubs. Considering I am a massive introvert, this is a horrific amount of socialising.
  3. Week 2 Day one: I didn't track but I suspect I came in under the 1800 since I only ate a tuna baguette and then drank *coughsixcough* gin and tonics. What had been a plan to go to the Christmas market for a Gluhwein with a friend from work turned into going to several different bars around town. Which then turned into "turns out we both fancy each other but he has a girlfriend soooooo....". Technically nothing happened but there was a lot of cuddling and almost kissing and general grey areaness but that is something he is going to have to work out himself. We've chatted today though and I think we're both being adults and just ignoring that particular aspect of the friendship. Which doesn't stop my brain going over things buuuuut there we are. No conditioning was done, what with drinking and all. I did do my yoga when I got in (drunk). Still on track with that. Then this morning I had a thesis committee meeting (good job I don't get hangovers....) and am listening to a lot of very loud Sia for general "sod men"-ness.
  4. Day seven: Tracked and came in around the 1800 mark. Conditioning done! Turns out it's very difficult to hold a dish when you have eleven rats clambering over you ^-^ Did my yoga (twice!). My first yoga session was entitled "Love love love" and supposed to encourage self-love etc. Not sure about that bit but it was a nice session. Then did a Kundalina yoga session and lord that is way too spiritual for me! Week one overall: I reckon I probably just about made it onto the nice list!
  5. Day five: Not great on the tracking front. I've discovered that as soon as I know I'm going to go over I just give up on the tracking, so the first step will be making sure I track regardless. No conditioning. Yoga was a session designed for people who do repetitive arm/hand movements. I didn't particularly like it, and it annoyed my upper back something awful but I got it done. Day six: See day five on tracking. No conditioning I did get a yoga session in. This was a struggle bus day mentally. I performed in my work Christmas panto in the afternoon, then had wine afterwards, and my brain just went all sorts of funny. I ended up having a sleep when I got in from work, woke up much later than planned. Went "sod it" and ordered a Chinese while I did a yoga session. The teacher for this session is a little bit more into the spiritual side of it, which I'm not, but it was a nice session and it did help to clear my head a little.
  6. Day four: I tracked! I was under 1800! Despite eating three mince pies in the afternoon! I didn't even have to take into account exercise calories! Huzzah! I conditioned at class. It wasn't the most intense conditioning session but it happened. I did my yoga before I went to work (sun salutation variation). Look at me hanging out at the top of the Nice List ^-^
  7. Day three: I gave up on tracking and ate like crap in the evening. Tsk tsk me. No conditioning I did get a yoga session in! So probably on the Naughty List but I might get a single solitary sugar piggywiggy for the yoga...
  8. Yes!! I need to talk to you about that at some point actually, I have plans to start incorporating lifting in the new year...
  9. I watch and read Hogfather every Christmas! I used a session from Do Yoga With Me which is both online and free (the best sort!).
  10. Day two report: Still kicking about on the Nice List! Tracked my eating and stayed under 1800 (despite indulging in a burger at lunch and apple pie at coffee, although helped by calories burned by yoga) No conditioning Did a yoga session of "flow to side crow". My arm balancing needs a fair bit of work but it was a good session. I'm not expecting to be under in my eating today as I'm going to a board game evening where the plan is ordering pizza for dinner, but I went for soup at lunch and can minimise how much I eat tonight (plus switching out my usual fizzy drink for water). And should just have time for a yoga session before I head out!
  11. Day One Report: Calories were tracked. I was over by 55, but didn't count the hour I spent wandering around town Christmas shopping so I figure it probably balances out. No conditioning. Yoga was done (sun salutations when I got up) and instagrammed (because I want to win dammit!). Overall: I'm on the Nice List
  12. Happy Hogswatch to All!! "...and of course there was the Hogswatchnight Feast to look forward to at midnight. It would give some idea of the scale of the Hogswatchnight Feast that a light snack at UU consisted of a mere three or four courses, not counting the cheese and nuts. Some of the wizards had been practising for weeks. The Dean in particular could now lift a twenty-pound turkey on one fork. Having to wait until midnight merely put a healthy edge on appetites already professionally honed." This time of year is all about the food. However, I have a solid chunk of weight to lose. So compromise is required. Track food, aiming for 1500-1800 calories per day. This is subject to change as and when required. The Hogfather flies all around the Disc in a sleigh drawn by four boars (Gouger, Rooter, Tusker and Snouter). Alas, I don't have magic boars to help my fly so I'll have to improve my aerial the old fashioned way - hard work and exercise. At least two conditioning sessions per week. This can include conditioning in class but doesn't have to be aerial. Floor based conditioning also works. "The phrase 'Someone ought to do something' was not, by itself, a helpful one. People who used it never added the rider 'and that someone is me'." I'm definitely guilty of saying I'm going to do something and then not doing it. Participate in the #NerdFitnessYoga #YogaEveryDay challenge. At least ten minutes of yoga every day throughout December. So, will I end up on the Hogfather's Naughty List or Nice List?
  13. So. Much. Sausage. I don't think I'll ever get tired of watching that video Thanks for dragging me to weights @SpecialSundae! Still a bit sad I didn't get to complete Steve's challenge of Arthur's Seat buuuuut that's what I get for breaking myself...
  14. I should probably actually put down that I'm going on the facebook event then.... ETA I literally got the group chat notification as I posted this
  15. Woop! PM me your address and I'll send you money Also yes on the tshirt I'm probably a small if they're unisex or medium if they're woman's.
  16. Also I live here and so am around muchly! And can probably skive off work early on Friday
  17. Soooo would it be too late to paypal you money and join the lifting? My foot's feeling pretty good so my thought is come along, do what I can (maybe with the moonboot on???) even if that just means learning some vague sort of proper form with suuppper light stuff....
  18. Yaaay! I very nearly went "I'll try lifting and see!" earlier but double checked my dates and decided that week 4 of 6 healing was maaayyybe not the best time :'( My vague weekend plan might be to join for Wings on Friday, come along for the last half hour or so of the lifting (I'm an Edinburgh uni student so I'm sure I can talk them into letting me come join you guys ), dinner on Saturday and brunch on Sunday
  19. I'm good with you making decisions. I don't like decisions. Also would it be ok to pop along for a wee bitty of the lifting just to say hi/see people?
  20. You just do it with the other leg lifted up Doesn't really help with the fact I have one leg bulking up and one rapidly losing muscle but it was fun!
  21. Upward/downward down dogs done! No EC, buuuut I did do the whole thing on one leg! And I reckon I'd have managed the full 20 in one go with both legs
  22. So... I have a broken foot and thus am somewhat limited. Am I likely to be any use in this mini or should I sit this one out?
  23. Yay for crunch kick things! Boo for the next one though no standing exercises for me.
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