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  1. Can verify that I've been able to uncheck all (as far as I can tell) and I still have 35 XP. I even went in and maximized webpages in Chrome properties, but the My Quests page only shows a few and then I still have to scroll to get more.
  2. I am having to do it multiple times as I have to scroll down to show more quests each time. Seemingly have done it all, but still have 35 XP.
  3. Doing God's work. Please let me know how to do it.
  4. Slow and steady!!!! Now on Workout Level Gym 3, Nutrition Level 6, still eating in an 8 hour window. Just picked up a Fitbit Flex 2 to replace the original Flex. Life is good!!!
  5. Thanks, I just joined the gym today as promised! Nutrition is paleo based, but I can imagine you can tailor it to your lifestyle easily. As far as the gym is concerned, there are two ways of doing the levels for the fitness aspect, one is the gym and one is bodyweight, so if you are happy doing exercises at home the bodyweight path is for you. If you need the gym, like I think I do, then that is your path. Options a plenty!
  6. I joined the Academy back in the beginning of June. Since then, I have lost around 25 pounds just from the nutrition program alone. I have yet to even start any exercise (beyond going for a walk or short hike every now and then) but I am joining a gym tomorrow to get started on the exercise program. To me, the mindset portion is worth the price of admission alone. What price are you truly going to put on your well-being? Take 3 months to pay if need be, it spreads it out, but knowing what I know now, I would not hesitate to join and I wish I had joined earlier.
  7. Wow... September! Did not realize I had not posted in here since then... Well, since then I have joined the Academy, lost almost 30 pounds and feeling great! Here is a link to my character and yes... cannot wait for Justice League and the following stand alone Aquaman! https://www.nerdfitness.com/character/87815/ AC
  8. Slow and steady wins the race!!! Currently on level 5 of Nerd Fitness Academy Nutrition and using IF as well, such a key to look at CICO.
  9. Good Day All! Since joining the academy back in mid-June, I have lost almost 5KG (11lbs) and I feel great! Paying attention to my nutrition was really the missing link and I know that I will hit my goal weight of 82KG in time! Thanks to all the guys on the Academy FB page for their support and their own stories which have kept me going! AC
  10. So, guess what! Since I joined the Academy on June 9th, I am down 3.75 pounds! Nerds, we are getting somewhere!!!
  11. So far, so good! Level 3 in the Academy and actually tracking what I am eating! That being said, what I am eating needs work...
  12. The bad news is this... Been soooo long since I posted here... So much has happened... The good news is this... I joined the Academy and said F%&K it to all the haters in my head. No turning back.
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