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  1. I'm excited to get this started. I had a bad week this past week with the diet and I am so ready to get right back on track. So diet wise that starts today. I will be planning out my goals to start next week!
  2. Thanks danger! I will check them out. I appreciate it
  3. Skip ahead to 2:20 and enjoy. This cracks me up. "They don't make clothes for me anymore" this how I feel every single time
  4. Ok my turn for TMI. I am totally ok with my body I use to use the nuvaring and you had to be comfortable with yourself to insert that. However I had a miscarriage 7 years ago and ever since then I have not been able to use tampons. So I am a pad only girl. I tried using tampons again after I had my son and I cramped from the second I put it in until I took it out. So I worry that I would cramp and be uncomfortable, hence why I am dragging my feet on trying these out.
  5. I agree with Philociraptor, and also when choosing meat go with bone in it's cheaper and cooking with the bone in adds a nice flavor. We have a lot of farmer's around us that have little stores and I get all my spices and veggies from them and it's cheaper that way. I also like getting roasts and you can cut them down and have tons of extra cuts of meat that you can freeze. And I found that the first week of stocking up is more expensive but then you have all that stuff that you keep using week after week. And looking up recipes online will help with boredom and spices! Spices rock
  6. I have a 2 year old and when I was pregnant I let the tiredness and everything take over so I stopped working out and gained weight. I'm now taking control and kicking ass. I think the body weight exercises would be the best. And it sounds like you have a lot of other exercises that won't be overworking you. I know my doctor had told me to keep working out, and I didn't listen. We're going to be trying again soon, so I plan on continuing with the weight lifting and exercises and Paleo diet for as much as I can stomach. It is definately tough when you can't keep anything down. That's a tough one, because you really are just going to have to try different things and see what works. Once baby is here all those things go away and you can start eating better. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and welcome to the Rebellion.
  7. Hi Monk! Welcome to the Rebellion. It sounds like you have a great plan, best of luck to you. And the Angry Birds workout is awesome. I love it
  8. Everyday Paleo also has some great pressure cooker recipes too
  9. Welcome to the Rebellion. Any questions don't be shy there are plenty of ppl that want to see you succeed. Good luck!
  10. I'm a little wierded out by it. So I have not purchased this product yet
  11. Elana's Pantry and Mark's Daily Apple have some gluten free paleo friendly breads you can make. Once this 6 week challenge is up, I am so making some bread. And I freaked out to about bread, but I don't really miss it that much. But occasionally you do want some bread.
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