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  1. oh no!! really?! well, I've used the tropical vanilla a few times now and I never got the 'vom' vibe. tastes tropical. but, to each their own i guess! hahaha
  2. the guy described the vanilla as "pina colada" vanilla... and I like it!! lol i must like dirty socks.
  3. many (paleo) people at my gym claim it's "cleaner" or "one of the cleanest" protein powders out there. soooo idk. but yes, it tastes awesome!
  4. Wow, lots of amazing WODs here! Congrats on all the PRs - you just keep getting stronger and stronger! (what are you doing that I'm not?!) Also, what are games-style pushups? Like hands release?
  5. I also tried Alli.. And I also got the grease-in-the-underpants thing. Soooooo gross, why would anyone want to do that to themselves?!?!!? From a complete undereating standpoint, at one point in college (after a bad breakup) I pretty much lost my appetite and pretty much only would eat some carrots & one of those Campbell's "Soup at Hand" things. They're about 80 calories each. I was probably consuming 400-500 calories a day, if I could guess. Then I'd go binge drinking. Yeah, super healthy. I was at my lowest post-high school weight then, but after I got over it I gained about 30 l
  6. Don't get too down about it! We all have crappy workouts. SOmetimes that means it's time to take a couple days of rest & recovery. Sounds like squats are going well! And Annie!!! Love that workout.
  7. you are doing great, so solid!! and any frustrating day without ice cream is a win in my book. go you!
  8. Wow, that is awesome awesome awesomeeeeee. Could I say awesome any more times? You're going to rock it!!!
  9. Tuesday, 5/22/12 Fitness Deadlift 3-3-3-3 (90% of 1RM) (Rest 3-4 Min. between) Warmup 5 x 105, 3 x 155 Then 4 x 3 @ 195# + Snatch Complex: Every Minute on the Minute for10:00you have 1 attempt at: Snatch Grip Deadlift Snatch Hang Snatch (Note: You cannot let go of the bar, snatches can be power or full squat, only get 1 attempt per minute, 10 attempts total to achieve highest weight) I used 65# the whole time. I suppose I could have gone up to 75 or 80, but my back was feeling weird and I wanted to make sure I was focusing on correct form. Fuel Breakfast: 4 eggs, 4 oz chicken, 1 cup s
  10. Ah yes! So sorry! http://paleomg.com/mexican-inspired-burgers/
  11. I've kind of been off the ball here too!! My accomplishment: no Diet Coke. at all. it's been tough but it's the one thing I've really, really stuck to.
  12. Last night I went for a "quick" 2-mile run with my husband. He runs at like a sub-7 pace (it's disgusting... he runs entire marathons at that pace), so for him to run as slow as me is probably a challenge. He'd already done his workout for the day, but I asked him to go out with me because I don't completely know our neighborhood yet (I moved in with him in September...). Needless to say he kept me going. I felt like I was going to puke by the end. Didn't want to go more than 2-3 miles because I'd already worked out, but it was nice to get that sweat on instead of sitting on the couch lik
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