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  1. Thanks everyone. I ended up using free weights for the bicep curls and switched the triceps rope out for a 2 arm triceps extension with a dumbbell. I also cut the calf raises in exchange for doing a run (7 min mile or 27 min 3 miles). For the military presses and the chest presses I want to get to the point where I have built up a little more muscle before I try the barbell. I also think I am going to add some kind of squats to my routine.
  2. I am a complete beginner to all kinds of weight training, and recently got my first gym membership. I have been doing a plan that I found online, which is below. I am gravitating toward the machines because I am scared of using free weights and hurting myself. My legs are relatively average for a beginner, but my arms are tiny, to the point where I can barely do 1 pushup. I want help designing a workout to stay healthy and build a little muscle. I don't need advice for cardio as I have been jogging for some time. Thanks! 2x8 Machine Military Press 3x8 Machine Chest Press 3x8 Lat Pulldown 2x8 Tricep Pulldown - Rope Attachment 2x8 Bicep Curls 2x8 Standing Calf Raise 3x8 Leg Presses 3x8 Leg Curls 2x8 Crunch Machine
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