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  1. QuietRiotGrrrl

    QuietRiotGrrrl: Hunter In Training

    OK, I haven't done much just yet. Friday I spend the first part of the evening loading the car for a last minute event; then I went to knit night. Saturday we had a tent/booth at a local art market. That was a ton of fun. Cold! But fun. Then after unloading and putting everything away, we fed ourselves and watched a movie. I was tired. I slacked. Sunday was nothing but chores and another knit. Monday after work I just had time enough to get another yarn order together, then went to knit night. I go to a lot of those. They are good for yarn business, but also good for de-stressing. I have been really hating my day job lately. I need the positive socializing and relaxation time. It was late when I got home, so I set up the lifting area and this morning I finally benched 5x5x75. Not much, but it was something. Tonight after work, I will be dying yarn all evening. I'm going to set it up for squats and if I have time between steps, I'll get that done. If not tonight, I'll do the squats before work tomorrow morning. Even doing one thing at a time here and there, at least that is something. And all stretching is good. Even just squishing in one move for each 2 minute rest between reps. Gotta start somewhere.
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    QuietRiotGrrrl: Hunter In Training

    OK. Deep breath. It's been a very long time since I've posted or really done much of anything here. I have historically had a tendency to DO ALL THE THINGS and usually all at once. It can be fun, but seriously not sustainable in the long run. No matter what my excitement levels say at the time. So I'm going to start all over again. Right now. I've requested a re-set of my academy quests and re-made my character/quest lists. I'm starting with Mindset, so that's mostly all I'll be working through at first. I've just gone through and cleared out my garage so I can have my lifting area back. I've been running a few times a week with a friend, but I'm stopping that. Waking up at 545 every morning but only having her show up maybe once a week is exhausting. She never came at all this week. So I broke up with her on that this afternoon. Just the scheduled running part. I've told her I'm down to run when she feels up to it, but I'm not going to wake up and be let down anymore. But this is not her fault. I could have done other things those mornings, but I didn't. I stretched a little then laid down on the sofa and usually napped until my husband got up. I don't want to feel like I'm counting on anyone else to do things though. Thinking about it, I just don't think waking up early is working for me anymore. It seems to be getting harder and harder and I'm so exhausted every day after. I was trying to do morning because my schedule is so funtastic most of the time. But I'm just going to make it work. I want this and I've been letting my schedule be an excuse and her not showing up be an excuse. And I'm just done with that. So for now, I'm going to make a quick lift happen after work on Wednesday and Friday and another lift on Sundays when I can fit it in. I'm going to make sure I yoga once a week whenever I can do it, I'm thinking Monday or Friday, but we'll see. As long as it happens once a week, I'll be good with that. Otherwise I'm just going to run when we have time to go together and walk the dogs as much as possible.I'm going to work on my food and sleep and just do the best I can. So, Life update! If you followed me before. Some of you are still facebook friends, but I'm not a great poster when things are going on and things seem to be always going on. I opened my yarn shop. Rebel Purl has been going just over a year now and I love everything about it. I love coming up with colorways and names. I love creating patterns and knitting samples. I love talking to people about yarn and patterns and just the fun of creating. I spent the first year getting used to dying schedules and processes, advertising, and such. I'm spending this year checking out events and selling at a few. Next year I'm hoping to do many more events and some larger ones. My dream would be to grow this into a small business that could be my primary/only job. I would love to have a little workshop with a small retail space and an area where I could do classes and host knit nights and such. But that is a long time off yet. Right now I'm just lucky that it pays enough to keep itself going. I'm still working FT at a trucking company. It wears me down mor every day that I am the political opposite to everyone I work with here. It is exhausting trying not to argue about equality and white privilege and religion having so much influence on lawmaking and man am I tired of having to listen to their sermons playing every morning. I suppose its mostly just one person who is the most vocal and judgemental that wears me down (because there is absolutely no avoiding her) but I know the others agree with her at least for the most part. Being the only progressive atheist is exhausting. And it is so disheartening when voting time rolls around because its one of me voting for what I so passionately believe and (just in this one office) 4 people plus spouses voting against me. But it will never stop me from voting. Sorry, there is just so much going on politically and I spend all day with no outlet. I have been able to make several colorways that donate a small amount per sale to causes I support. That really helps a lot when I don't feel like I have the time or energy to do much else. I can always make another colorway and use it to get money to the people who can do something. Another reason to love yarn. It is still just my husband, me and our pets (2 dogs and 1 cat). But we want to become foster parents. We decided if we don't end up having our own by next year, in January we start the research and prep to start that process. That is coming up fast. I've already been slowly cleaning out the house to try to make room. My mom still lives 3 blocks away. I make sure to visit her one day a week every week, but sometimes her depression and anxiety are too much for me. I still visit her, but I might end up feeling bad if I'm ever short tempered or testy those days. My husband also has depression and anxiety but in a different way. But again, yarn saves me. There are several knit nights around and I love visiting with everyone at those. My husband and mom are both so very supportive of my business and I love them both so much. Anyhow, a full time job, a side business, a podcast, pets, taking care of the house, family time..... I end up feeling like the only self-care time I have should be relaxing. But I'm going to change that. Lifting and stretching at first. And making better food choices. Seems easy enough. I can do this, right? Feel free to help me with support or gifs or whatever you might have the time and capacity for. I could use it.
  3. QuietRiotGrrrl

    QuietRiotGrrrl: Hunter In Training

    I am QRG! Or Mary. Either way. I'm currently deep in the throws of a Supernatural re-watch so my battle will be to train me for "saving people, hunting things". Really, I'm just a chick who loves horror, supernatural, superheroes, and knitting. I could just as well be a slayer in training, but Buffy is waiting for its re-watch turn. I've worked in various offices for most of my life, starting with folding pamphlets and babysitting for my dad's church as a kid, followed by market research, insurance, and trucking. Being an office monkey is good for me since I kind of enjoy getting lost in paperwork, forms and organization. But its bad for my body. Also, I'm no longer a weird little nerdy punk rocker grrrl. I sit to knit and watch tv. And I'm not running all over town visiting friends and going to shows. Adulting is hard all over. So, here is where I'm sort of starting (sort of because I've been an NF member for a year now, but I've only done 2 challenges counting the current): That was a couple weeks ago. I'll update after the next challenge or during it sometime. No pictures yet. I took some, I just really don't feel like sharing right now. So, I've been working on my food. I love baking, but I've been spreading out to making more salads (which I also love) and experimenting with other dishes more centered around veggies. I love veggies. But I still get asked to bake a lot, so I just make sure its clear the leftovers are not coming home with me. My boyfriend Mike is adjusting to there being more vegetables than chip in the house. He's doing ok so far. But he still brings in his own and eats out a lot. Which is cool.. This is my thing, he is only required to participate if he wants to keep eating the food I cook and keep around. Unless he's buying chocolate or pizza. Then I have to fight it. I've started running. I love it, even if I'm not very good yet. I did track in junior high, but I hadn't run since. I just love how I feel afterwards on a run day. Aside from the stiffness, I mean. I have more energy and I just am in a much better mood on run days. I feel like I have more patience. My best mile so far is 16:11 I'm trying to do yoga more and meditate, but those have not been my main focus. I do need to make yoga more primary, though. I miss my old flexibility and I am definitely stiff and in need of yoga after a run. I'm also starting to lift. This is quite recent. I had been doing bodyweight workouts and that was great, but I am in love with the bar. Right now I'm only lifting the bar, but I plan to get a schedule set up to start really strength training for the next challenge. A hunter has to be strong to fight. Those are the basics. With some side quests along the way. Here are links to my challenges: The Adventure Begins QRG vs the Army of Darkness QRG Apocalypse Preparation QRG Does Stuff. And Things. QRG - No Power in the 'Verse Can Stop Me QRG - Five by Five Now let's do this.