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  1. Well, I'm back! Walked/ran 5k in just over 35 mins yesterday, which ibwas happy about.
  2. Went for a run on Monday (2.4 miles) and dos a really heavy gym workout yesterday - i was beat! Hospital tomorrow.
  3. Sounds like everything is progressing nicely and your hard work is paying dividends.
  4. Thank you. I like seeing other people's workout video clips, I must say. Here's one from the end of the week. I topple over unceremoniously at the end. https://vimeo.com/182281571
  5. Be interested to hear if they help. I had shocking DOMS last week (first week back after four weeks of no gym, though). My trainer reckons I drink too much water and need to drink something like lucozade sport to put the electrolytes back.
  6. Not really hard (I struggled with a lot of the other stuff we did yesterday, mind) - I said to my trainer "please video me doing something that I don't suck TOO badly at". My son's girlfriend follows me on Instagram and he said "oh, Clemmie likes your gym stuff" so, like, no pressure, only have to keep impressing a 16 year old.
  7. Ooh I can so relate to your post about not sleeping well because it's been so hot at night here.
  8. https://vimeo.com/181901340 Have done a couple of solid sessions in the gym this week. No running though [emoji15]
  9. Hah! I hear you...! The only reliable guide is to keep the channels open - keep talking and even more, keep listening. IMHO.
  10. What age are your boys? Mine are 17, 15 and 12. Good luck with the week ahead!
  11. It's all going very well so far (so something must be about to go wrong... ) I am back up to 10 minutes running without pausing or walking. I did 20 push-ups this morning in the park - 10 straight and 10 with plank walkouts. I did 10 negative chin-ups yesterday. Haven't spent money on unnecessary things although equipping the boys for the return to school has meant one helluva lot of large but necessary expenditure. Oh well. Oh - and because of the forthcoming junior doctors' strike, I'm pretty sure my planned minor surgery on 15 September will be cancelled. Which is good in one way, I guess, but bad in others. I'm glad I joined in with this challenge, anyway!
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