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  1. Progress report (weeks 1-3) Yikes! Where did the time go? I am so bad at updating! So, let’s see it is now nearing the end of week 3: What have I managed to achieve in my challenge? Week 1: Q1: Strength training Only managed 1 of 2 sessions Q2: 30-min run Did it but didn’t manage to run non-stop. Ran for 24 min (3K) @ 7.5 kph Fast walked to the 30-min mark (total 3.6K) Q3: 2L water & 5 f/v daily Check! Week 2: Q1: Strength training Managed the 2 plus made up the 1 missing from week 1 f
  2. Yes! Thanks! Though surprisingly I was behind on the strength training. I guess it was because I knew I was gonna be busy later on in the week, so I made myself get the thing I liked least out of the way. Progress report to follow.
  3. Welcome! And yep, can totally empathise with the respawning then wiping. Still, you’re here now and looks like you have achievable goals. Keep at it!
  4. I’m doing the NF Academy level 4 gym workout which is a 2x-a-week one, so I’m thinking I’ll do that for a couple of weeks then do the Boss Battle. If I kill it, then I might move onto the level 5 gym or body weight one, possibly upping it to 3x a week. I’m actually not too bad at keeping at the strength workouts when I get going. It’s the cardio that I keep finding an excuse not to do! I find running on the treadmill such a slog but running outside is just too hot most of the time (I live in Bangkok). I’d have to get up earlier than I’m prepared to or run later in the evening than
  5. Hey, and welcome! Wow, your running time is great as it is (that’s like 2x faster than me, so I’m totally in awe) but all the best in aiming for even better. We’re right behind you (literally :-P). Good luck with your October race!
  6. Hi, and welcome back! I am respawning too and I can really relate to some of the things you said, though I’ve never made it as far as nearly black belt, so way to go! Totally rooting for your 100 press-ups. Sounds amazing!
  7. I started on this journey before. I was doing quite well, levelled up a few times (outside of the challenges and NF), then ... "You have been waylaid by bandits." I got lost along the way, fought off some monsters but then got trapped in an evil wizard's dungeon where I kept reliving my greatest moments of achievement. But I couldn't move or get out of the spell I was under. Finally, I managed to free myself from the shackles and escape the clutches of my captor. And I discovered who my nemesis was: None other than a mirror image of myself! But I had lost a lot. All my
  8. Hi @Hazard! So, I'm respawning after being trapped in an evil wizard's dungeon of torture. I did my first challenge - wow, 4 years ago almost to the day! - and I never completed my second challenge, although I did continue to train. I got pretty fit and strong until roughly the beginning of 2018 when life got in the way and my workouts slowed to a stop around the summer. I managed to pick back up round about this time last year, but never managed to really get my momentum going again, and since this summer my workouts have been all but non-existent. I'm struggling to fi
  9. Hi Luciana, I totally know how you feel. I often get those too, but somehow we need to be able to not beat ourselves up about it. Sometimes you just need alone time or time when you just do nothing at all. It's OK to not feel like seeing people or even interacting with people online, especially when we're in a world where we're constantly bombarded with sights & sounds and everyone's on social media all the time. It's all the more important to be able to switch off and not be connected sometimes. Having said all that, we're glad you're back!
  10. Woot! Congratulations! \o/ So you're in charge of a blood bank? You may not be using them for vampiric purposes, but beware the one lurking in the shadow! I hear they're super quick. But with all your training, I'm sure you could take them out. ;-)
  11. Pumpkin Pi bounces around the room trying to escape becoming dinner, knocking down all the glasses and cutlery, then bounds out of the room and camouflages in the pumpkin patch. Phew! That was close...
  12. Alright, so here's my report for week four: All in all, it mostly went better than week three. I'm still a little behind on a couple of fitness things but not much. The research is well behind, but I hope to catch up on that this week and next week. I won't manage my 42 hours, but I'll try my best to not completely fail at it. Anyhoo ... Week Four Report Days 22 & 23 Didn't manage any training as had to be out of town for work. NQ: 5 F/V & 8 glasses of water each day Day 24 Q1 & Q2: Strength training, with chin-/pull-up training (resistence bands & negatives) with PT + 10 press
  13. Hey, thanks for that. Yeah, I was starting to get a bit down, but at the end of the day, like you said, the real world comes first and training will still be there.
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