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  1. Sunday and Monday were good for challenge goals. So far staying hydrated is the toughest. Probably cause that has to be done throughout the day. I’ve been using Plant Nanny 2 for tracking it. It’s a cute app. I think I slept on my shoulder wrong or something last night and pinched a nerve. Hopefully that sorts itself out over the course of the day.
  2. Go right ahead! Eh. Challenge wise not bad. Life wise could be better. So... To sum up zero week, maintaining with the skin care has gone will. No clothes were folded or put away. Still a giant pile on my chair. I need more motivation to do anything about that. But it’s hard to come by with all the stress going on. Stress cause by something we have no control over. Which just opens the door for depression and invites it right in. We’ve been dealing with crappy upstairs neighbors for well over a month now. Maybe two. And crappy is putting it lightly. Long sto
  3. Yeah, well, I was tired with a migraine when I wrote it! And my cat thought my notes are a good bed. LOL
  4. This will be my first full challenge in a long time. But I just finished great. So maybe it won’t be so bad! So the system I’m working with is split into stats and difficulties. There’s Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Sanity, and Charisma. And then for difficulty I have Tutorial, Easy, Medium, Hard, and Nightmare. The difficulty determines how many stats are being worked on during the challenge (aka mission). Mission 2: Spooky Scary Skeletons On my first mission, I started in Tutorial Mode, and focused on Charisma. I had 3 quests: scar cream daily, face wash dai
  5. Hey. I’m Zeroh. I currently live on my bed. Watching YouTube. Or tiktok. Or playing games. Yep, very exciting life.
  6. I have everything figured out pretty much. Just need to write it up into something that looks coherent. I did good this challenge. 100% and max streaks. Ordered my rewards and waiting on them to get here.
  7. Yesterday I did all three goals. So, points now stand at 214. One week left, so a good time to start planning the next challenge. And to decide if I want to do week 0. Which I probably will so I don’t lose any momentum.
  8. OMG your mother...😟 I would not have the patience to deal with her whatsoever. Do your best to not let her negativity spread to you. Anything she has a problem with is all her, not you. *hugs*
  9. Already washed my face for the day. So maybe it is starting to get a little easier. Points are at 186!
  10. Yeah. Leasing has 3 audio clips now. I actually have a lot recorded to document the issue. Mostly because I want them to take us seriously. Like, we aren’t overreacting. We live somewhere where the walls, etc, are thin. So there is going to be noise. But OMG this is insane! It doesn’t help with the stress that people didn’t take me seriously when I was a kid, so now I assume that people are just not going to listen to me. 😒
  11. I recorded them being loud at 4:30am. Do these kids ever sleep??? Okay, enough about that... I’m doing a little better about convincing myself to do the scar cream in the morning. Helps that it’s very simple and only take a couple minutes to do. And it’s in the bathroom. And at some point I’ll have to get up to use the bathroom. The thing is, how come it never gets done if I don’t have it as a goal? And when I’m doing the goal without any accountability, I can only keep it up for like a week? The face wash is harder. Cause I’ll be in bed all comfortable and ready t
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