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  1. [Sylvaa] Caffeinated Squirrel

    I think if it's gotten to the point where the kid can't handle it, and the adults can't stop it (or they won't, or do things that make it worse), then getting the kid out of there is the best thing you can do. But it's also tricky because, at least in my experience, most of the bullying takes place outside of school. And with constant bullying, you can't develop self-esteem and self-confidence (and you start losing any you had before). Which then leads to not being able to stand up for yourself as an adult (to workplace bullies, or even just assholes on the street). It's important to keep in mind that kids are still developing, so they are far more vulnerable to this type of behavior and it will have way more of an impact on them.
  2. Tateman continuing the Battle to Avoid Surgery

    I would love to be able to just walk everywhere, but I've never lived in a city that convenient. Or one with a halfway decent public transit system. There's always something all the way on the other end of town. Or just outside of walking distance. Or there's a bad neighborhood between you and where you wanna go.
  3. Zeroh, Chapter Two: 30 + 1

    The daily dares just haven't been happening, so I'm changing that goal to keeping a food log. That's probably more beneficial to me at the moment. And I'm keeping it relatively simple by just photographing everything I eat. I need to find a nice way to organize it though.
  4. Zeroh, Chapter Two: 30 + 1

    The support group was okay, I guess? IDK. It's recovery focused, so I feel like I don't have much to offer. And it's a big group, so I don't feel comfortable asking things either. And of course there's the whole "I don't know if I fit in here". It's also at night in a creepy old building with slightly malfunctioning elevators. (Or at least the building looks old. This is at the same place my wife is getting treatment, and I'm not sure which buildings were built when, but I know the original buildings were constructed in the mid to late 1800s.) And it took me forever to get home because of buses that seem to make up their own schedule. Next week is National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, so there's a speaker event on campus at the same time as the group next week, so I might go to that instead of the group. I'm not sure.
  5. Akari: it can just become better

    It's frustrating. Sometimes we do better under pressure, and other times it seems like we can't do anything right under pressure. I know if I have someone looking over my shoulder, always watching me, I make all of the stupidest mistakes. And it's so hard to build up self-confidence in that kind of environment. IDK. I think you'd do much better working somewhere with colleagues that treat you nicely. But you can't really change that yet. You can do things right. The problem isn't you, or how many tasks you have, but the people you work with.
  6. RedStone Rumbles

    Maybe I should look into this intuitive eating stuff too. A relaxed attitude sounds nice. But I do have the same fears. I'm also worried that my hunger signals and such are too off balance right now for it to work... But something I'm learning is that these fears and worries are part of the ED. So they really are something we have to face.
  7. Zeroh, Chapter Two: 30 + 1

    Things at the clinic went well. I'm pretty proud of my wife for being honest about her feelings. She was always scared to talk about her suicidal thoughts because she didn't want to be "locked up" (put in the intensive care unit). And they did want do put her in there, but she convinced them to let her do the day hospital instead. So yesterday was her first day of that. I went with her so she wouldn't get lost (we had to take four buses and it was still dark when we left). Then after I dropped her off, I had to turn around and go to volunteering. Of course the bus I wanted was late. I ended up giving up on it and walking the 20 minutes to the second bus, which I then had to run to catch. And then my third bus was super late, like they were missing two buses on the route. So I ended up 40 minutes late to volunteering, and had to walk along the very muddy trails to find the rest of the group. And then spent an hour pulling vines out of the mud. And then I had to change in the bathroom and turn around again to go to work. (The arboretum is between my apartment and the hospital. And the hospital is next to the campus where I work.) Luckily, they have a transportation program where they'll give her a ride to and from the place. (It's on a needs basis, which she definitely qualifies for.) Also luckily, our insurance covers all of this. (I think she said it was $200something a day out of pocket for the day hospital, and she's gonna be in it two weeks.) Tonight is the eating disorder support group. So we'll see how that goes.
  8. Rebel Mini: Boot Camp

    For things that could be placed in multiple categories, it's based on the primary intention. If you're walking to get in better shape, it'd best fall under Endurance. If it's to stretch your legs, if could be Balance. If it's to clear your head, it'd fit under Analyze. If it's walking as part of a parade, you could count it as Entertain.
  9. Zeroh, Chapter Two: 30 + 1

    I'm currently at the crisis walk-in clinic (at the psychiatric hospital) with my wife to try and get her some help. It's basically the only way to get an evaluation without a referral. There's a sad number of children here. And teens. My wife is one of the oldest patients here... And then there's the guy that proved it's a good idea to have a security guard in the room. Who locked himself in the bathroom after throwing a little fit. And put some holes in the wall there... On the bright side I'm getting some reading done in this book my therapist lent to me.
  10. Wobbegong's Complain Cave

    You could do a bit of both. Like, connect emotions and memories to the general things. Okay, this I totally understand. I'd be hurt and angry if anyone suggested that to me too, especially my therapist. Understanding asexuality, and discovering that community and acceptance, was really significant for me. (It's a feeling I can't put into words. It wasn't a lightbulb moment, but more like a huge bonfire that left me with some burns.) The whole "you're this way because you're traumatized" is one of the biggest and most harmful myths about being ace. >_< Which makes it harder to gently correct someone who is saying it from a place of ignorance. It's also a complicated subject because there can be overlap in behavior. The difference is in the psychology behind the behavior. And it's further complicated by the unfortunate reality that some ace people are also dealing with the impacts of trauma. But again, there's that (sometimes subtle) difference in the psychology. There's also an irritating number of people who think sexual identity, as well as gender identity, is static and rigid. (There's even some people in the ace community like this, which lead to a sizable group of us leaving AVEN. Yay community politics. ) But if you want someone to talk to about this you can PM me anytime.
  11. [Sylvaa] Caffeinated Squirrel

    I think it depends on the blender. My NutriBullet only really spills if you put too much stuff in it (I've used it to preblend protein powder and soy milk). And I've used a Vitamix (at a previous job) to make cashew milk without any leaking.
  12. Zeroh, Chapter Two: 30 + 1

    Wednesday after I got home I was too depressed to really do anything. Thursday was a bit better, and I was actually in a good mood when I got home. There's new work drama, and it's so ridiculous. Someone I already found annoying has now been upgraded to a problem child (we'll call her Miss Diva). Well, she got into it with one of my coworkers that I'm friendly with awhile back. And Miss Diva was totally in the wrong with her "I'm a supervisor so I'm always right" attitude combined with some pretty blatant favoritism. Well, she may be a supervisor, but not for my unit. She's just picking up some extra hours. So, she actually knows very little about how concessions works and made some pretty bad decisions. Fast forward to Thursday. And we found out that Miss Diva stopped talking to one of my other coworkers because he treats the woman I'm friendly with like a daughter. And then I realized, Miss Diva hasn't been nearly as friendly with me as she was before. THEN, when she was leaving she said goodbye to literally everyone who was in the room, except me. And I know she knew I was there because we got off the elevator together. As soon as she left the room, I just busted out laughing. (Which definitely confused some people because that's very uncharacteristic of me at work.) For some reason that put me in a good mood. Yesterday, I called the eating disorder place. And all of their outpatient therapists are full. And their afternoon program conflicts with my work schedule. Their website does list a weekly support group, so I could try that. It's a drop-in group and you don't have to be a patient with them. And then I didn't do much of anything when I got home.
  13. Rebel Mini: Boot Camp

    Sure, but only if it's done correctly and you aren't just lying on the floor. Edit: But to keep it fair, you can only count up to five minutes at a time.
  14. Rebel Mini: Boot Camp

    Welcome one and all! This mini is open to everyone! Age, ability level, number of injuries, guild, none of that matters! It doesn't even matter if you don't have a challenge. Minis are also completely optional. And if you have any questions or concerns, post here or send me a PM. REBEL BOOT CAMP When you sign up on the spreadsheet, select a primary class and a secondary class (optional) from the drop down menus. (You don't have to make a selection before the skills and goals are revealed, but once you start adding your numbers, do not change your class!) Everyone starts at Level 0. You'll level up by working on class specific skills beginning February 12th. You'll gain points in your primary class fastest, followed by your secondary class.* You still can get points in the other skills, but it'll take longer to earn them. Earn points, level up. (Points and Level are automatically calculated with spreadsheet magic.) *If you don't select a secondary class, you'll earn points in your class skills faster than someone who has two classes. BARD Put on a show and motivate your fellow adventurers. FIGHTER Channel brute force and outlast everyone else on the battlefield. MAGE Study and understand the ways of magic. ROGUE Avoid traps and hang precariously while disabling said traps.
  15. Zeroh, Chapter Two: 30 + 1

    Hi, I'm Zeroh, one of the guild leaders for the Rebels! For those that don't know me, here's a bio: On to the second challenge of 2018! I'm continuing with the format from last challenge, with some changes to the goals. Old version: Guide One: Wolf Improve physical strength. - Daily Dare. Complete the daily dare five days a week (Up one from last time.) - Push-ups. Do 140 100 push-ups a week. Incline push-ups around desk height count as a quarter point (0.25). Incline push-ups around one to two feet count as a half point (0.5). Push-up negatives count as three quarters of a point (0.75). And standard push-ups are one point (1). Wall and knee push-ups don't get any points (0). Guide Two: Toad Improve inner strength. - Compassion. I really need to work on being nice to myself. This is something that comes up in therapy all the time. So the goal is, six five times a week, write down a statement that reflects self-compassion. If I'm having trouble coming up with something myself, it's totally okay to ask google. The important part is writing it down. My old bullet journal has about 40 pages left, so that's enough to dedicate each page to one statement. - Decompression. I don't think I need to tell anyone here how bad stress is for you on so many levels. So, this is about trying to manage stress levels. Originally, it was going to be very broad. But then I kept looking at that pile of unread books. So, more specifically this goal is to read five times a week. Guide Three: Peacock Improve physical self-care. - Hydration. Stay properly hydrated six days a week. I'm tracking this using Plant Nanny. (Up one from last time.) - Brush & Floss. Brush and floss six five days a week. (Up three two from last time.) Guide Four: Wasp Improve productivity. - Unfuck. Using the Unfuck Your Habitat (UfYH) app, unfuck my apartment four times a week. (Up one from last time.) - Tomato. Using the pomodoro technique, sit down four times a week and work on something related to my photography business. Maintenece Don't lose progress. This goal takes four previous goals that I want to ensure become habits: Updating my thread, checking-in on NF, skin care, and no snooze. Added: take medicine on time. Each goal is worth one point for each day I do it, aiming for a combined total of 24 30 points a week. Scoring All goals except maintenance have a passing grade of 60%, and a reward grade of 80%. Maintain has a passing grade of 75% and a reward grade of 90%. Overall, a passing grade is 60%, and if I get 90% I get an even bigger and better reward. However, each goal is weighted to calculate the overall percentage: - Daily Dare: 8.75% - Push-ups: 10% - Compassion + Decompression: 18.75% - Hydration + Brush & Floss: 18.75% - Unfuck + Tomato: 18.75% - Maintain: 25% And I'm starting today, with zero week being a test run. If something isn't working (goals or math), this week is the time to change it! Edit: One last note, my birthday is near the end of the challenge.