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    Zeroh's Wilderness Survival Guide

    I enjoy hiking. And I've been playing a survival game on my phone lately. So, that's where the idea behind the theme for this challenge came from. This is a bit rough around the edges still. But there's a while until the real start of the challenge. So I have time to flesh things out. And to do a bit of trial and error to work on figuring out what methods do and don't work. (Basically, here are my goals, now I need to figure out how to get from A to B.) Fuel the body You need to keep your energy up to survive. And more importantly, stay hydrated! So the idea here is to eat when I'm hungry, and make good choices about what I eat. Plus drink plenty of water. Strengthen the body There's endurance, to keep going as far as you need to. And strength to navigate the rough terrain and climb over obstacles. And being able to carry a lot is always a good thing. Calm the mind When shit goes wrong, you need to keep a cool head. So, I need to work on managing my stress and negative emotions. Be Prepared You can get much further when you actually know what you're doing and have the tools you need. And aren't lugging around a bunch of stuff you don't need. So, the practical application of this is to put together a kickass (and well thought out) hiking camera kit. Or at the very least make a concrete list (The camera equipment is going to run me $1k+, so I'm not expecting to be able to buy this before the end of the challenge). And by concrete I mean be more specific than "backpack" and "camera".