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  1. You're doing the right things. It does take time. That said, my friend carried a heavy baby also (not as big as yours - I think hers was 10 pounds). Her baby is almost 2. She still has a protruding belly (I haven't looked at the skin, she is too embarrassed by it), and she recently was told by a doctor that it is due to a hernia from her pregnancy. She will need surgery to fix it, and not just for cosmetic purposes - the abdominal wall needs to be intact to protect the organs. She also has an issue with core exercises - I can't remember if her doctor said to just be very careful with them or t
  2. LMAO that was my thought as well. I lurve my (home-roasted) coffee way too much to put protein powder in it.
  3. I'm sorry, I know this is kind of silly, but I'm poking around on Mark's Daily Apple and I'm wondering about this. In the Primal Blueprint Shopping List, it mentions yams and yogurt (for example) as being things to consume "in moderation." Alcohol and dark chocolate are mentioned as "occasional indulgences." What's that mean, exactly? I do consume probably about a half cup to a cup of plain Greek yogurt a day, but not always every single day. Is that moderate? Is that a lot? Is that not enough? And I've been microwaving sweet potatoes every other day or so for lunch or dinner. Is that moderate
  4. Big seconding of the suggestion to monitor your activity. I slacked off on that after a while, and some asshole started charging my card for $50 and $90 bouquets in New York (I've never even been there).
  5. My ex and I (our reasons for being exes had nothing to do with this system ) had a pretty good system going for a while. I had a spreadsheet that would tell me what percentage of the household income each of us brought in each paycheck (his income fluctuated, mine did not), and bills would be split based on that percentage. We also had a joint account for the "together" finances, but maintained our own individual accounts separately. Doing the bills based on how much we each brought in ensured that we each had some spending money, and also made it fair.
  6. Finished up week 3 of bootcamp class. Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday again. I really like it! I wish I could afford the $100/month fee, but I can't. One thing I was surprised by is that there are some really challenging exercises that can be done with 5 lb dumbbells. The website recommended to bring a pair of 5-10 lb dumbbells to class, and I was mentally almost scoffing at the 5 lb idea because I'd gotten up to 25 lb dumbbells in the BBW workout (I feel so weird abbreviating it that way because it means something else elsewhere... But I'm getting so sick of typing it all out, so I'm calling
  7. I've been sometimes substituting a smoothie for breakfast or lunch (usually my smoothies are whey protein, strawberries, unsweetened almond milk and either greek yogurt or kefir for some tanginess - yes I am using a dairy product and a dairy substitute... don't ask) and my weight loss has been progressing. However, I have also been tracking calories, so that probably accounts for why it's not been a hindrance.
  8. THANK YOU! I will totally try this. I roasted a whole chicken and ate it for a week, but it was a bit more labor intensive than I would've preferred. (Read: WAY more labor intensive). Good chicken, though... I stuffed it with onions and garlic and fresh herbs and stuff.
  9. Makes me feel a little bit less worried my goal of 120 lb at 5'6" isn't realistic. (I've weighed that before, but I wasn't strong then. I want to see if I can get there and be strong, too. If not, that's OK; I'll take strong over weighing 120 lb.)
  10. I've done conditioner only washes before, but I don't tend to rely on them. I usually do conditioner, shampoo, then conditioner again, and I wash about every 3 days. Or, well, that's what I used to do. Now that I'm exercising I wash on workout days. Which is currently Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I need to get a bottle of Suave or V05 conditioner for freshening up on the weekend, and for a milder wash on Thursday. I find that I get best results with a conditioner only wash when I use Suave Naturals or V05 or something else without silicones in the ingredients. I love silicone in the second
  11. Got a smartphone? A friend of mine likes this app: http://www.sleepcycle.com/ It senses when your sleep cycles are, so that it wakes you up when you're ending a sleep cycle close to the time you have to be up. So if you have to be up by 7, and you're finishing a sleep cycle at 6:45, it'll wake you up then. Other than that, all I can do is sympathize. I have the exact same problem. I have my alarm clock on the other side of the room, so I have to get up to snooze it, but I still snooze it and go back to sleep at least three to six times before I actually get up. I think I just love snuggling d
  12. OK, well I made it through week 1 of bootcamp class. I went on Monday, Wedndesday, and Thursday. Two days in a row scared me, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be to go without a rest day in between. The only reason for doing it is that the schedule for the class only has those days available at a time I can actually go. Well, that's not true - they also have a 7am and a 8am Saturday class, but I know me, and I know me in the mornings, and I know me in the mornings on weekends, and I know that's just not going to happen. Things I like about bootcamp: It's something different each time
  13. This is Viki's ghost. Bootcamp effectively and completely kicked my ass. I might talk about it tomorrow.
  14. Hee. I feel bad now for slacking on updating it. I've been keeping on keeping on, though, but it seems I've stalled out a bit (in terms of leveling up, that is. I have most certainly not quit.) So... where was I? OK, yes. The workout I could do the last time I tried doing the Beginner Bodyweight routine was the same as the last one I posted, except for some reason I couldn't do pushups the week of March 5th, so I had to go back down to knee and decline pushups (declining from the knee of the sofa, not from the feet. Those would be harder than regular pushups! ). I could do one pushup again th
  15. I'm still doing the beginner bodyweight routine, but I've added a dumbbell to my squats and lunges, I've been increasing the weight on the dumbbell rows, and extending the length of my planks. Here's what I'm doing now: 20 squats with 15 lb dumbbell (I had this on hand from when I went to upgrade from 15 lb to 20 lb, but I lost the receipt so didn't try to exchange it). 10 push ups - I'm still working on getting to where I can do all of these as full push ups. Right now I can do about 3 full pushups and the rest on my knees. 20 lunges with 15 lb dumbbell 9 dumbbell rows with 25 lb dumbbell (I
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