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  1. I've lost motivation. I'm trying, but... it's difficult, which you all know. Yes, I want a "bikini" body. But it's not enough. I used to be a soccer player. I used to do martial arts. I don't really have an outlet for those things anymore, so now I can't seem to find something I love so much.... Help please. The pizza of despair calleth.
  2. Day Three Report: QUEST B: STUDIES AT UNIVERSITY -started paper! QUEST C: FITNESS -REST DAY -posted to this thread
  3. Day Two Report: QUEST A: LIFE -wrote one thing I like about myself (I'm gonna have to get a jar to put these in!) -went to Russian study group -saw a movie in theatres (Mockingjay P2) QUEST C: FITNESS -one resistance training -posted to this thread
  4. Day One Report: -one resistance training -one endurance training -posted to my friends at uni
  5. I do NOT want to try the join the six week challenge right now, so I am going to do my own personal one week challenges until I can join y'all next time I've tried to do to much or look at the bigger picture too soon before I'm ready, and I get overwhelmed. In my post, #RelationshipGoals, I wrote out my Ultimate Quest goals. This is for weekly elaboration and progression. I just watched a TEDx Talk about video games and how we are making real life a game. Whether that is through making time to play FarmVille b/c your crops will go bad, or going consistently to your favorite coffee shop ten ti
  6. I'm seeing people doing things with their challeneges, like ading tags +5 DEX and so on. I know what some of them mean, but not all of them. Could someone give me a cheatsheet please? Thanks
  7. I saw your log from the beginning in 2014, to now... and you're so inspiring! Thanks for showing me that time, patience and consistency can go a long way! I' going to start my first battle logs today or tomorrow (depending on finals haha).
  8. Thanks! That really seems to help out. Its been a little stressful, so I have been feeling pressured to try anything that I had gotten results with before, even though it made me miserable and ended up not being sustainable. Now that I am (almost) fully recovered from pneumonia, I have some catch up to do, and it has gotten me feeling despaired... a LOT. So the last thing I was looking forward to was going back to eating ridiculously clean, which is good, but horrid when you just want to go out with your friends to a party after exams! Your post was very encouraging, and thanks to everyon
  9. ^^^^ Original topic. Original questions. And people have been giving me their input. It may be that most people who happen to read this thread (and respond) prefer low carb, and that is fine. BUT it is nice to see some regular-carb people here too! Let's not worry about titling food, because it isn't topic and I really am looking for advice.
  10. I'm kindof having a low-carb discussion on another thread, but it seems like that is the kind of diet you're following. If your energy feels low or brain functions just are not alert, you might need to add some fiber/carbs. I would say oatmeal... it always seems to work for me!
  11. It sounds like both of you like the low-carb which is great! I just need to figure out what works for me I guess.
  12. Hey there, So i've tried the whole low-carb thing. And for me it doesn't work. The nutritionist I am seeing is recommending that I try to have a healthy carb with every meal (previously, I wouldn't eat carbs with my last meal that were grains or starches in any way). So I have a couple of questions: 1) IS it possible to drop body fat percentage without crazy carb-cutting/having a balanced food pyramid-like meal structure? 2) Is not eating carbs at night really affecting anything? Thanks! LN
  13. Interesting articles. Need to read them more thoroughly. Thanks for the advice!
  14. Thanks guys. I am starting to do some workouts, but I can't do cardio with pneumonia, I just end up coughing after.
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