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  1. To all those people who said running outside is very different than a treadmill...you were so right! My legs are seriously telling me off today.
  2. Ok - all caught up. Great challenge and you're doing amazingly well so far Marauder. The photos are wonderful! How the heck did you still manage to take an incredible photo on the day when you "only" have your iphone with you? That's some serious Harry Pottering right there!
  3. I don't make it in here for nearly a week - and you're now at 8 pages. I have a bit of catching up to do. Bear with me....
  4. Yay! Found you. I'll really interested to see how tracking works out for you Eureka. (I shall be making notes, as I imagine I shall start down that path eventually). Good luck with the rest of the challenge.
  5. Is no one going to ask how many gyms Ellis' work has? Well done on week one Ellis. I'm with you on the goblin goblet squats. And don't even mention lunging with a dumbbell in each hand. My left leg is never going to forgive me!
  6. Thanks Ellis. Random bow tie gifs are always welcome! The week has been mixed. The good... I'm on track to complete the 3 scheduled dumbbell workouts. I'm killing the knee push-ups! (Those pesky full push-ups are still tantalisingly out of reach though...but they WILL be mine). The bad... I've only done one run out of two. No yoga squeezed in yet. I still have tomorrow and therefore one of the above may get done, but it's unlikely to be both. The exciting... Ok, so I have only done one run, but I have reasons and the reasons led to a breakthrough. TONIGHT I RAN OUTSIDE IN PUB
  7. Woah! A beautiful challenge Marauder! (I didn't need to check the spelling, yay). Good luck! I shall be here to cheer you on and have a proper nosy at your photos.
  8. Well that's a good start. Thanks.
  9. I had to rush in at the last minute to get it done! It's been a busy week. I'm so relieved to get a new 6 week challenge started though, life without progress bars seems to increase my desire for cake!
  10. I love your somewhat confused and mumbling (and slightly sarcastic) super-ego - I hope he/she sticks around for the 6 weeks.
  11. Hahahaha! Great challenge Ellis. I'll once again look forward to seeing those bars filling up (I need to sort out the colours on mine - if I can remember how...)
  12. I now need to stalk you all and find your new challenges!
  13. I came within seconds of posting my new challenge in the Assassins, but in the end I went for the Rangers. I was soooo torn!
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