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  1. Thanks both for your advice. I take my MultiVits when I have my first lot of food. I drink about 2-2.5 litres per day so should increase really. I am on my feet with a young child and am on my feet in work so I've upped my calories and will lower my protein a bit. I think I went like a bull at a fate and went too crazy for the first week. I don't want to lose weight to quickly or do it in an unhealthy way. Thanks :-)
  2. Hi! Been doing IF for 7 days strict calorie control and macros. Day 4 woke me early with horrible stomach cramps. I ate carbs and egg with salt to resolve. Day 7 the stomach cramps came back and made me break my fast 3 hours early. Taking women MultiVits. Healthy 5"8 age 30 BMI approx 31 (Shy about weight!) Macros 40/35/25% prot/fat/carbs 156g/60g/98g 1500cal goal Light exercise: 2k jog twice this week Active job on feet Eating window is 13.30-21.30 Please help as I want to continue. I'm not feeling much hunger pangs but the abdominal cramps is awful. I'm worried that I'm harming my body. Has anyone had this? Thanks
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