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  1. hahahaha woah calm down mate What do you mean by "flop over"?? Can you give a bit more detail? And how did you learn it on you preferred side??
  2. Goals. Hahahaha cheers mate Do you put the bacon on first? Then cook the eggs?
  3. Yaaayyy welcome to the assassins!! Hahaahaha yeh it starts off feeling like everything you see other more experienced freerunners doing is impossible. It never gets easier. You just get better How's his book? Can you post a brief review? If you got any questions hit me up
  4. Haven’t done any strength training for about 3 months because I was lazy, sick and it is summer in Perth WA (heatwave of 42 degrees Celsius this week) hahaha I have lost some mass as I used to weigh about 84kg Anyway here is my first try score: Male 80.5kg/178.5lbs 12 perfect form pull ups
  5. I'm gonna take that as a no. For anyone who else is trying to get one, here is a few good tutorials: Most of them describe the technique of the set up to the flip, but not the actual flip itself. I have been very cautious recently, to avoid injuries. And I know this is a really bad (like REALLY bad) way of trying something but I just threw it. I fully committed to it and almost died/landed it. First was like a twist. Second way more of a macaco/gainer. After that it looked like a cheat gainer but not really. There are plenty more tutorials out there so check them out. Remember be safe! and have fun!
  6. Try on an something that is so soft there is no possible way for you to hurt yourself. eg a thick mattress. Once you get the correct angle and technique (it will still be very sloppy due to the degree of error soft things allow) move onto something slightly harder and keep that angle. But everything else that has been said should be enough help ^^ Goodluck and don't give up!
  7. Hey Etchi!! Thanks! It took me awhile to decide if I would regret choosing it in the future, but it has grown on me Up until recently my progress has been dropping away because exams are not fun - haven't been training regularly and eating clean BUT!!! Exams finished yesterday!! So in the afternoon I went out and had a massive session working on fundamentals and flow. National Gathering (NatGat) was on last week and this year it was held in Perth. It is an event hosted by the Australian Parkour Association (APA) where tracures and freerunners all meet up and have a jam. The event was on from Thursday 1st October to Sunday 4th October. Due to exams I was not able to attend every day so I only went on Friday 2nd October. All the guys I knew who went are apart of teams and are wayyyy above my skill level. But I met plenty of new people and also got invited to train with the lads. They said they might be starting a new team so next year I may be apart of that. But I will definitely have to pick up my game to be in their league hahaha. Going on a Gap year next year to save some money for a car so I should have time them to train and hopefully film/be filmed. I think these guys mostly train tricking and mix a few movement of parkour into it. such as precisions and kongs. I like to do both but my style is pretty much parkour movements without the philosophy. Instead of efficiency I play around and do whatever feels good and flows. These are the links to the guys I knew/met: Arcane - https://www.youtube.com/user/arcanefreerun Pulse - https://www.youtube.com/user/PulseFreerunMedia X5 - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC218qon5hGql3ApTXVZ_6mA Goal 1: Strength I have found a pair of gymnastic rings for $85 from Rebel Sport in Midland. They look really good quality and will dramatically improve my pull up game. Other than that I still do a few push ups and squats every now and again. Honestly I am not trying to bulk because I already have a big frame and learning to do acrobatics takes alot long when you are bulk. Question: Do you guys think $85 rings are worth it? or should I get $25 pair from Tagret?? Goal 2: Nutrition Been eating bacon and eggs for breakfast pretty consistently. the days I had exams I had to have cereal because 3 hours of focus on an empty stomach is not a good game plan (didn't have time to cook bacon and eggs). I cooked chicken stir fry for the fam last Thursday (1st October). This is probably my hardest challenge. self control and willpower. No eating that packet of biscuits in the pantry. But the more I do it the easier it is to not eat processed foods and sugar. Also vicer-versa. I get more craving if I eat more sugar Goal 3: Undecided Hahahah I still don't have a 3rd challenge haha. Oh well.. Since its on the cusp of summer over here, I have started going surfing again (also its school holidays). Its good fun and hope to get alot better before the summer. Well.. that was a long rant. Hope you made it through hahaha! Got any feedback? tips? opinions? questions? You can post here or hit up my inbox with a message
  8. I landed a round-off to double backflip on a long trampoline into a big bag at Bounce! http://bounceinc.com.au/ I only started acrobatic training this year as well!! Have been doing training parkour for 3 years though hahaha
  9. Thanks! I am keen to get started! I think at some stage you should try it out, its good fun, gets you fit and healthy and if you get good at it you become a straight out bad-ass I'm also thinking of getting into break dancing because its cool and will really help progressing. Also do you do stength training side of gymnastics?? I have never been in a gym before and thinking of trying it out. Planning to start with rings at home first though hahaa I went to Bounce the other day (http://bounceinc.com.au/) and landed a round-off to double backflip into the big bag. I was pretty stoked about that. But I only started getting into flips and tricks this year, before that I just trained fundamentals - such as big drops, rolls, precisions, vaults etc.. So I am really good at "pure parkour". Might work on flow this challenge - connecting moves and making interesting lines
  10. Allocating attribute points Goal 1: Strength training STR +3 STA +1 Grade A, so STR: 3 STA: 1 Goal 2: Aerobatic training DEX +2 CHA +1 Grade C, so DEX: 1 CHA: 0.5 Goal 3: Eat clean CON +2 WIS +1 Grade B, so CON: 1.5 WIS: 0.75 Does anyone have anything they might want to add??
  11. I'm a Perth boy hahahaha Yeh take it slow, you don't want to start parkour, get overwhelmed and just give and never try it again. Baby steps is like the secret motto among the community
  12. Question. I started 3 weeks into the last 6 week challenge. I completed all my goals. Do I go to Level 1 or 2??? I am thinking Level 1 because I finished only 3 weeks?? pllllzz hallllp
  13. Hello ^0^ I am Ben and I absolutely love parkour/freerunning. I have been training for about 3 years now??? Over this time my progress has been up and down due to holidays and school. I only joined the rebellion (due to age restrictions) half way through the previous 6WC and completed it over in the recruits section. Now I'm here with the big boys I will be earning my place among the brotherhood and picking up my fitness game. Main Quest: Build up fundamental strength to ensure safety in emergency situations (jumping from buildings, climbing) and to do cool stuff (flagpole, muscle up, front lever). Become a very skilled tracuer/freeruner - next year planning to create my own YouTube channel so I will need to be good enough to pull in the views Goal 1: Get stronger By the end of this 6WC, my goal is to be able to complete the '5 Fitness Benchmarks a Man Must Master'. I have put the link at the bottom of the post. My current max pull-up is 8 and max push-up only 17. think they will be the hardest challenge. At the moment I can already "jump over obstacles waist high". And the other 2 benchmarks are going to balance my overall fitness. I will achieve my goal by doing 2-3 strength training sessions per week (Mon, Wed, Fri) and doing 1-2 HIIT or Hill sessions a week also. Strength training sessions will consist of the old 'Rebel Strength Guide Bodyweight Brigade' and a workout of my own design based upon the 'Top 10 Bodyweight Exercises for Intermediate Parkour Practitioners' (link at the bottom). HIIT and Hill sessions may be casual or serious (depending on how I am recovering). Might also try Tabata training. Goal 2: Eat clean For the last challenge I started changing and substituting things in and out of my diet to see what worked. I went from - a bowl of cereal for breakfast; juice box, muffin and jam sandwich (white bread) for lunch; noodles as an afternoon snack; and whatever mum cooked for dinner (which is usually the healthy part of my day) to - bacon, eggs and an avocado for breakfast, tuna, macadamia nuts, apple, banana, carrot and capsicum for lunch; and still whatever the rest of my family has for dinner. I still do get offered chocolate and chips by my mates nd struggle turning them down. Will be working on resilence For this challenge I am aiming to keep the results of my previous challenge consistent. Make it a long term habit. Goal 3: Crowd challenge You guys get to set me a challenge. I will notify you if I accept. So make it a good one Preferably parkour/freerunning based but it could be anything Side Quest (Life Goal): Study for my upcoming exams I plan to study at least 1 hour every night. That's it. 1 hour per night. I study Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and English. I have 2 waves of exams, one in about 3 weeks and the other (the important ones) in 6 weeks References: http://www.artofmanliness.com/2009/09/15/every-man-should-be-able-to-save-his-own-life-5-fitness-benchmarks-a-man-must-master/http://apexmovement.com/blog/top-10-bodyweight-exercises-for-intermediate-parkour-practitioners/#sthash.XpCm2f8Q.dpbs Also any feedback on how I can measure these challenges and how the points system works would be sweeet. Wish me luck!!! PS: Planning to get some gymnastic rings before the next challenge but they may be implemented in this challenge if I can get my hands on them soon enough Peace!
  14. Hellooo!! Welcome to the rebellion ^0^ I LOVE PARKOUR. Get amongst it. Goal setting is important, just take it slow and keep chipping each day away - you will get there if you persist Also in which state/territory of Australia do you live??
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