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  1. September 3rd: It takes humility to know you've faced some setbacks. I haven't found consistency in my training, my meditation or just had any structure in my life for a while. I usually put too much on my plate and get discouraged so I wanna try this again, but with less pressure towards myself. I'm starting school again tomorrow. I have a concert coming up with one of my favorite bands I haven't seen in 10 years. I'm going on a short trip where it will be hot and humid. I wanna buy a bikini and rock the sh*t out of it and maybe go to Hawaii at some point in my life,
  2. December 30th: Heya. Woke up a few hours ago and I ate a gigantic portion of vegan scramble. I prefer to meditate on an empty stomach but now that I'm caffeinated, I feel like doing a few rounds of Sun Salutation before work. I also really want to cleanse the apartment with sage before a short healing meditation, the crystals I'll use are amethyst and rose quartz. Lots of love everybody, xx
  3. December 29th: I thought I'd try the format of Battle Logs again just to keep the consistency without the pressure of a challenge. I don't know, I'm just trying this out. Came back from work and after my coffee, I will do the Self-Love Yoga Routine from Yoga With Adriene. :-) Slowly working up my strength and flexibility after not having lots of time for myself in the past few weeks. Lots of light and lots of love, xx
  4. December 8th 2017 My practice today consisted of this beautiful flow by Yoga With Adriene: Heart Chakra Yoga ; it really helped change my mood this morning as the matters of the heart have disappointed me once more. I guess Love Filters don't exist to heal the wounds don't they? But I am fine. I followed the practice with a 7 mins meditation. I held my rose quarts crystal close to my heart for boosted self-love. <3 Have a beautiful day my Druids. Defense Against the Dark Arts 1/8 Transfiguration (+1) 3/12 Di
  5. December 6th Where has time gone? It's a whirlwind let me tell ya! I went to another beautiful Yin Yoga class last night and let me tell you, it was everything I needed and didn't know I needed. Based on the sign of water, a very fluid flow but with beautiful heart openers. My body feels whole today, slightly sore, but I feel amazing. Our meditation and Savasana brought my mood up and I feel invincible. Last Sunday was also another night out. There was... way more drinks than one should drink. But I also used many water spells to stay hydrated so waking up
  6. HP bias? I like you already! It was a good weekend and I was proud to not over indulge! Thank you for the good vibes. ; November 29th The session of Yin Yoga really opened up my back and shoulders. I haven't followed a full yoga class in a while and even had trouble breathing all the way through my diaphragm, there was always a blockage in my shoulder area. Since then, I really could feel a difference when I stretched throughout my waitressing shift. So thankful for this class. There was even an invitation to chug down some butterbeers and go
  7. *CLASS DISMISSED* What a whirlwind of a weekend. Sunday was spent with friends, having vegan tacos and local beer and then watching the open mic at the local bar and having gin sodas. It was good. Tiring, but good. Tonight (Tuesday, November 28th) I'm signed up for a Yin Yoga class and am very much looking forward to it. The soreness from my workout on Saturday is finally gone. Defense Against the Dark Arts 0/8 Transfiguration 1/12 Divination 1/28 Potions 1/4
  8. Good day wizards. As you may be aware, the school year is coming to and end. The winter exams are upon us and it’s time for everyone to put a little more effort into their homework. Along with the exams, holiday season is upon us. Some of us celebrate Christmas, some of us celebrate Chocolate Frog Day and/or many more holidays. They are all valid. Either way, some changes have been made to the scheduling for some students as the classes weren’t as successful as anticipated (maybe). You still have time to figure out what works for you, wizards, as it is not the last year of school yet!
  9. ♡ WEEK 1 OF THE CLEANSE: ♡ June 13th 2017 X One Coffee a Day [ X ] X Processed Carbs Once a Day [ ] X Fried Foods Once a Week [ X ] X Meditation Daily [ X ] X Yoga or Lifting [ X ] I was teaching yoga once again and it was lovely, wonderful, full of light. I had 9 students which is not the most I've taught all at once but it had been a while so the energy was bubbling. Lovely, so lovely. My breakfast wasn't filling enough so I gorged on carbs the rest of the day. Taco Tuesday at work killed me. 2$ for a taco
  10. ♡ WEEK 1 OF THE CLEANSE: ♡ June 11th 2017 X One Coffee a Day [ X ] X Processed Carbs Once a Day [ ] X Fried Foods Once a Week [ X ] X Meditation Daily [ X ] X Yoga or Lifting [ X ] Made myself one of those italian press coffees at home and it was so strong that half of one was more than enough for my day, haha. I put the rest in the fridge with some frozen raspberries to drink the next day. I taught a beautiful yoga class to two of my friends and it felt amazing. They seemed to enjoy themselves so it made my heart sing. They paid for my
  11. Japan was beyond wonderful and moved me beyond words. I never thought I would love it as much as I did. I knew I would love it but I fell in love to the point that coming back to reality made me sad. But now I am left with wonderful memories and hopes of going back soon. I am sending you all my love for your healing. Be it spiritual, physical or mental, I am here for you and you are doing great I am sure. Love and light, xx ♡ WEEK 1 OF THE CLEANSE: ♡ June 10th 2017 X One Coffee a Day [ X ] X Processed Carbs Once a Day [ ] X Fried Foods Once a Week
  12. ♡ WEEK 1 OF THE CLEANSE: ♡ June 9th 2017 X One Coffee a Day [ X ] X Processed Carbs Once a Day [ ] X Fried Foods Once a Week [ X ] X Meditation Daily [ ] X Yoga or Lifting [ ] Another 14 hour work day. Back was feeling achy. Energy levels were not as low as the day before, so there's improvement on the cutting down caffeine! :-)
  13. And I am back. Life has been a whirlwind but when is it not? So much change. So much growth. I went to Japan, loved it, fell in love, had a blast and came back to the reality of my routine but haven't quite picked up my good habits back yet. This is why I'm creating this battle log. The fight within myself to heal is not over and I am back in the arena. So let's start today, shall we? ♡ WEEK 1 OF THE CLEANSE: ♡ X One Coffee a Day [ ] X Processed Carbs Once a Day [ ] X Fried Foods Once a Week [ ] X Meditation Daily [ ]
  14. Yes, we all do! The occasions are sometimes rare to fully let go of the emotional built-up and yoga helps a lot with that. At least, it has for me. Thank you for the good vibes, I hope my Headstand will go smoothly. I might try to record my attempt.
  15. That is terrible and is angering me so much. I lived in Toronto, I love that city, it's somewhere I've always seen as safe and open-minded. This is scaring me a lot. Wishing you a better end of your day. 2016 has brought some really dark times...
  16. It was also too cloudy in my city to see the moon but I enjoyed everybody else's pictures. Great job on the yoga and Elements workout! Feeling sore is a great sign, it means your muscles are being challenged. Yay!
  17. I hope you will find more calm after this troubling text. Much love sent to you today.
  18. This is exactly how I felt. Thank you for bringing words to my feelings, sometimes I find it difficult to explain it. I am sending you lots of love.
  19. Shoes do make a difference, the sole of your old shoes could be a bit worn out as well which brings more impact to your feet. It's great to hear that the run felt better. I'm sure you will find time in week 3 to increase the mileage. There definitely is improvement on Camel pose, especially with the top of the feet flat on the mat. Back bends are very challenging, so as you are aware, working on it slowly is the way to go. Good job! I wish you a wonderful week 3.
  20. It really is! I mean I need the money, but that extra time for my yoga practice was actually extremely beneficial. Thank you, it's weird how last month I could barely bring myself to the gym and now It's my main focus. My yoga practice is suffering a little but I guess it comes in cycles. ; Transfiguration Yesterday was an emotional day. As in, I couldn't stop my heart from feeling heavy and as soon as I started flowing on my yoga mat, to some extremely cheesy emo music, I couldn't stop crying. It felt amazing, though. I read into it and apparently th
  21. This is absolutely beautiful. Thank you. I have so much left to learn in this life, keeping calm in moments of storm like this is difficult. Thank you for your kindness. ; Defense Against the Dark Arts: Class had to be held late at night yesterday because of an impromptu tea party with all my lovely fans. I slept though the class but the students made some good progress, or so I've been told. -Gilderoy Lockhart My shift ended earlier yesterday so I got to the gym around 9pm. I did different leg moves, to keep my body guessing. Glute Kickba
  22. Yup. It has made me sick to my stomach. I simply hope we can all unite through compassion and help one another. This is terrible news.
  23. Oh how I love your energy and how you use your words. It's important to reach for your sponsor when you need it. My sister has been sober for 8 years now and I am so so proud of her. Going to meetings with her truly soothed me. Have a beautiful weekend Heidi, you are amazing.
  24. Hiiiii, it's so nice to see you again! Thank you thank you. ; The Ministry has fallen... Good thing I'm pulling a double and won't have to think so much about the terrible decision that has been made politically. I am beyond sad. I kinda wish I had time for a yoga practice. Thursday will involve either some lifts or some yoga or both. At this point, I really need both. And a hug. Thank goodness I live in a country that has elected this cinnamon roll. Okay, sorry... back to the challenge now. History of Magic: I wr
  25. I am stunned by the US Elections. Not in a good way at all. Anyway. Still sending prayers for your Mom, have a good week in the meantime.
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