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  1. I'm so ready for the new challenge. Like so ready. I can't wait. I'm way too excited I feel like It's the release of MM3DS again. EEK

    1. hgtedo


      Sounds awesome! I am excited and waiting for the new one to start as well.

    2. Hyrulian Yogi

      Hyrulian Yogi

      I'm sure we'll do amazing! I love challenges in general, they kick my butt back and it's the best :)

  2. September 1st... the day I cry because I missed my train to Hogwarts (AGAIN)

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    2. Hyrulian Yogi

      Hyrulian Yogi

      i love this, thank you :') <3

    3. SjardisDead


      You have to "borrow" the flying car of your best friends father and avoid trees.

    4. Hyrulian Yogi

      Hyrulian Yogi

      Where are my gingers at?

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