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  1. This costume looked a-ma-zing on you! And yay for dressing up at the office. I didn't do it this year and it's a little sad. Halloween is such a fun holiday.
  2. That's amazing, you did such a great time! Exercise truly is therapeutic. One day, you will follow along the same trail as those superheroes, it's only a question of time.
  3. Yes ''Yoga With Adrienne'' is a great channel with lots of different videos with different vibes. You get everything from ''weight loss'' yoga and more grounding flows. It's lovely.
  4. I hope that this advice will help you! Your story truly made me smile.
  5. There's most definitely more than that, haha. In Hatha Yoga, which is the style I have learned and should technically be teaching, we follow this sequence of the ''12 basic postures/asanas'': (as showcased by Swami Vishnudevananda, truly impressive) I've put under a spoiler because he's not wearing much, haha. Welcome, welcome! Thank you for following. Hopefully we won't have attacking trolls on Monday.
  6. I'm subbed to Adrienne so I remembered she had posted something about Camel Pose recently. My brain didn't play tricks on me this time, woohoo! I haven't finished the video yet as my back bends are... erm... not good, so I didn't notice the change in her energy! (I assumed loopy meant something along the lines of goofy? Pardon my lack of english vocabulary) Also, good luck with the run tomorrow. Everything will go well!
  7. Ouch, I hope you're not in too much pain right now. I used to have the craziest dreams when I played Majora's Mask... what a weird game. But still my LoZ favorite. :P
  8. I definitely think it's possible in 4 week to deepen the backbend! Here's a lovely video for Camel Pose. :-)
  9. Intuitive yoga is such a beautiful name. It sounds more fancy than what I did. ;P Yes, I have Thug Kitchen's first cookbook but haven't gotten a chance to try one of their recipes yet. I love their sense of humour and definitely am a fan of mexican food so their cookbook was right up my alley. (All those tacos recipes are to die for) Thank you so much! Yay, welcome to Hogwarts! :-) Honestly, it doesn't have to be a perfect flow. Get on your mat, start with a sun salutation and then feel what muscles need more work on and just follow along the journey. Even with the 12 basic postures, you can improvise little flows. :-) Yes, I agree! It's the best.
  10. I used to have a slow-cooker but it got thrown out when I moved from one province to another. I need to invest again. Ratatouille is so delicious omgsh. Thank you for the amazing recipe
  11. Definitely following because Star Wars is rad and swordsmanship is also very cool. Hopefully one day I get to try it. :-)
  12. I love those charts so much. I will definitely follow your challenge. I am sending you lots of positive vibes for a lovely rest of the week!
  13. It will be great to follow you again! More yoga is always good, eheh. Good luck with everything, keep on rocking your goals! :-)
  14. I can't wait to see your progress with the PT coaching you and all the awesome keto food.
  15. That is amazing! I have this weird diet where I'm a vegetarian that's lactose intolerant. So when I cook batches of food I normally do rice with lentils and things like that. I probably need to vary a little. Hahaha I'm sure it will go great! Hopefully by the hand of the challenge I can hold my Headstand for 30 seconds again. :-) Thank you! I totally forgot about NaNoWriMo, I'm totally going to use that format for my writing! Thank you for the reminder. ; I'm not counting week 0 but I totally freestyled on my yoga mat yesterday. I put some hip-hop on spotify and improvised a flow, following what my muscles needed. It was a lot of fun. :-)
  16. This is the coolest t-shirt ever. Following because yoga and also because Rexy is awesome. :-)
  17. Welcome, welcome! :-D My meal planning is always... a mess. I basically improvise with what I have at home which is generally rice and beans. Or pasta with some sort of tofu mixture. I need to study for those Muggle Studies.
  18. Following this time-around! I love the ukulele goal, so rad. That costume looks great. :-)
  19. Hello everyone, it is getting cold around here. *gets closer to the fire* Week 0 will have some yoga, some workouts, but no pressure. Since it is including two nights out for Halloween, I will definitely indulge in some sleep as well.
  20. From House Hufflepuff representing Hogwarts for the Triwizard Tournament... Hyrulian Yogiiiiiiiiiiii *wakes up/cries because Cedric Diggory* Oh, hi. Just a regular school year at Hogwarts. Back to the good ol' schedule. Time to hit the books. Defense Against the Dark Arts Complete 8 lifting sessions in the span of the challenge. Getting my squat to 100lbs would, again, be a goal of mine. But I won't rush it or injure myself, everything in due time. Transfiguration Complete 12 yoga sessions (at home or the studio, it counts if it's more than 30 mins) in the span of the challenge. A sub-goal would be to hold a Headstand again. I am able to, but recently due to some tightness in my hips, I couldn't bring myself up. Muggle Studies Prep and cook 8 different home cooked meals in the span of the challenge, no magic allowed. (This will help me save money and also give me better lunches for when I do double-shifts) History of Magic As a writer stuck with writer's block, I am aiming to write 40 pages in the span of the challenge. I'm currently brewing a possible novel, those pages can be written for this or other stuff. Maybe some Fanfiction. As long as my writing brain is in action, it will count. Thank you to @SaltyDragon for the inspiration on the meal prep and also on the cumulative points. I'm testing it out to see if it works better for me. Let's get those parchments out and get to work. :-) Defense Against the Dark Arts 5/8 lifting sessions Transfiguration 3/12 yoga sessions Muggle Studies 0/8 meals prepped History of Magic 2519/40 000 words written
  21. Cupcakes for the win, haha! First of all, thank you for the positive vibes all-around. It means a lot to me. And I love your idea of cumulative points, I think I will actually do this for my next challenge. Thank you and I hope you had an amazing day! Yay, cupcakes! Thank you so much, it means a lot. I hope you had a great day as well. :-)
  22. Votre français est impeccable. Je n'ai absolument rien à redire! Thank you for the good vibes. It's always appreciated! Challenge Recap (what? it's done already? what happened?!) What I've realized looking back on this challenge is that I'm very hard on myself. I was asking for only perfection and nothing less, when in reality, I would never expect such a thing from anyone or ask them to be perfect for me. I need to learn to let go more. My next challenge will have very similar goals, if not the same goals, but I think I will leave more space to breathe. Time is not my friend right now, with 3 jobs. And I lost track of what's truly important, which is finding self-love. My heart still feels weak and achy. I'm still looking for validation through others and I think it's proof right there of what I'm lacking. I'm glad to be learning life's lessons, although sometimes it's difficult. So, I did not meet my challenge's goals. But it's okay. I will do better next time. :-)
  23. I also agree, great job! So happy that you found a PT that is helping you improve even in between your sessions. That's amazing.
  24. Wow, you really did great on every goal! What a great challenge for you. Although you didn't quite finish all the Elements workout, you saw the importance of it and it helped you get into Crow so it was worth it in the end. High fives all-around!
  25. Week 4 YOGA - Bend, don't break. (3x a week) 0/3 The day I said I really needed yoga after work, I ended up having a very last minute invitation for a coffee date. It was nice but after the coffee, we got a drink and then pizza. Yoga never happened. Yesterday, I had an extremely stressful day all-around and got home at midnight. I passed out right away. WEIGHTS - Stronger than ever. (2x a week) 0/2 I'm only working in the evening tomorrow so I will have time to hit the gym. Finally. :-D BODY/MIND - Heal. (2.5L of water/day) 1/7 I hit my goals for the Tuesday, which is surprising considering I did a double. (I'm cheating a little because I had lots of coffee in the morning but anyway) SOUL - You are what you think. (Positive Affirmations daily) 0/7 I miss my affirmations!!!!!!! I let stress consume my brain since Monday and I'm done allowing this zombie that is anxiety to harass me. I do have a taco date (I'm really going on lots of different dates recently... I just noticed. Weird.) but I will take the time when I get home (hopefully not late) to do my affirmations and a sleep yoga routine. Have a beautiful day my cuties.
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