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  1. Omg I'm not judging I want some!!!!! During my yoga teacher training we would have these meditative walks twice a week and they were truly amazing. No talking allowed. Sometimes they'd ask us to count our steps to focus our minds on something different than the matters of the overthinking brain. It's good to switch it around and see nature in a different way. :-)
  2. I'm glad you're liking your new PT and congrats on an amazing week 2. Look at you slaying all those goals!
  3. I've been gone forever it seems! I'm glad it went better than expected with the draining family. I definitely can relate and it's not easy. That cake looked... amazing... must... stop drooling... I really like Darebee's website, I'm sure you will find it very helpful! Congrats on an amazing week 2 in my opinion.
  4. I find slower asanas bring me more peace and a better strech, but there is some good benefits of the faster flows as they bring up a sweat. It's good either way. I definitely would, I love LoZ so much! Thank you! :-) I find my energy levels have been low, I definitely needed a few good nights of sleep. Week 2 Overview YOGA - Bend, don't break. (3x a week) 2/3 Didn't fit in a third session, life has been crazy. WEIGHTS - Stronger than ever. (2x a week) 1/2 Sunday was legs day. I hadn't lifted in two or so weeks so getting to 5 x 85lbs was fun. I did lots and lots of other movements, my quads might be dead. I'm still sore, haha. BODY/MIND - Heal. (2.5L of water/day) 4/7 Yeah. Every night I go out and drink, I definitely don't hit my water goals. Well noted. SOUL - You are what you think. (Positive Affirmations daily) 4/7 Haven't done any affirmation since Friday. :(((((((((((((((( ; Week 3 YOGA - Bend, don't break. (3x a week) 0/3 Yin Yoga tonight after work. I'm still extremely sore from the lifts on Sunday so this might kill me. ^^' I'll be careful but I'm very much looking forward to the class and the energy that this teacher brings. WEIGHTS - Stronger than ever. (2x a week) 0/2 Em, if I'm not too sore tomorrow I might go before my last tattoo (my 3 appointments happened to be all within 30 days of each other. I'm honestly not looking forward to the needle in my skin tomorrow, I'm taking an ink break for at least a year after that!!!!!!!). I do have laundry to do before. I might not lift tomorrow. Maybe Thursday but only with certain equipments that won't require me using my bicep. BODY/MIND - Heal. (2.5L of water/day) 0/7 My plant hasn't been liking me recently, let me tell ya. I'm not doing too bad today as of yet. SOUL - You are what you think. (Positive Affirmations daily) 1/7 Picked my favorite tarot card this morning. (yes I have the worst handwriting and if you hadn't guessed yet, am French Canadian haha) It had been quite a while since I did my affirmations, it felt great. This is definitely something I want to keep in my daily routine. :-) I hope you're all having a splendid day! Time is flying away. Gah.
  5. Normally I never forget anything, that was just the last straw showing me why I'm very very lucky to be switching gyms haha. This is a ''cheaper'' gym. The membership is ridiculously cheap but they have very strict rules, per example: you don't have your towel, you get a written warning and can't enter the gym for a certain amount of time. I miss my old gym in Toronto where they worked like yours: spray bottles and brown paper everywhere so you can wash your machines. Vinyasa is good if you're looking for a more cardio practice, very fun. Yin will be good to help release lots of muscle tension and heal your muscles. Slowly but surely, no rush when it comes to these things! :-) I can honestly say it is a terrible gym, haha. I'm very glad to be moving on and saving money at the same time. Yoga is truly beautiful and touching. I've heard so many stories of people who have found great help and relief through their practice. I normally dedicate my practice to myself or to self-love, finding emotional strength. It was the first time that I dedicated to someone else and it felt wonderful, although it made me emotional. It was for a good reason. :-) Hahahaha yes! Week 2 YOGA - Bend, don't break. (3x a week) 2/3 No yoga today. WEIGHTS - Stronger than ever. (2x a week) 0/2 Apparently I didn't set up my alarm. Why am I doing this to myself. If I get cut at 9pm tonight, I can still make it to the gym for an hour-long lift session... TBD. Seriously I'm not slaying this goal, at all. I miss lifting, it just seems like life is getting in the way all the time right now. There must be a reason. BODY/MIND - Heal. (2.5L of water/day) 3/7 So today I've only had 24oz of water as of now and technically 2 coffees and I'm really not doing well on the water front. Oops. SOUL - You are what you think. (Positive Affirmations daily) 4/7 Haven't done my positive affirmations yet. So much to do at work, so little time! :-(
  6. So glad to hear that Yin Yoga is helping you feel good! Hahaha exactly, send him to find peanuts, then you can meditate instead.
  7. Rest days are crucial! This picture is so beautiful, I'm actually in awe.
  8. Hahaha this thread is awesome! I second the alcohol talk. When I reduce the amount of drinks/nights I go out with colleagues, I find myself much better rested. Alcohol makes for sleep that doesn't help recover as much. (but why does it taste so good, sorcery)
  9. Yay for Yin Yoga! I think it's great to use lessons from our less prosperous past as they make us feel more grateful for what we have at the moment. Plus, who wouldn't want to save on groceries? Nothing bothers me more than spending 40$ to have 6 items and not many leftovers from that food. I hope you're feeling better today! :-)
  10. I'm so so glad to hear this! Also, it is best to listen to your body, inversions can be very taxing haha. At the class we also mostly used a wall! Week 2 YOGA - Bend, don't break. (3x a week) 2/3 Self-Awakening Flow last night was a lot of fun. Not as physically demanding as Yin Yoga, but it brought up a lot of emotions. Without going into details, the teacher at the beginning asked us to dedicate our practice to someone or to us. I chose to dedicate to my Dad and during the flow, some Jimi Hendrix started playing, which is his favorite artist of all time. A moment of grace, I'd say. Made me want to cry. Anyway, at the end of the class, I went up to the teacher to thank her for the class and started crying, haha. She gave me a big hug and we talked for a little while. I love yoga so much. Such a beautiful practice. WEIGHTS - Stronger than ever. (2x a week) 0/2 Yeah... Went to the old gym I have a membership at. I lost my card, funnily enough as my membership expires in 10 days. So they gave me trouble for it and wouldn't let me in. They made phone calls for 15 mins, until they decided to let me come in, until they noticed I had forgotten my towel as well. So I was kicked out. No lifting for me. I'm never setting foot in this gym again, I'm so grateful to get a membership in a better gym since I teach there... (that gym is just a bit more far away from my house, but at least they're nice and the equipment is plentiful) ANYWAY. Lifts tomorrow morning, bright and early at 6:30... :DDDD BODY/MIND - Heal. (2.5L of water/day) 2/7 Yay, I had 2.5L right on the dot yesterday! SOUL - You are what you think. (Positive Affirmations daily) 4/7 About to read some positive affirmations out-loud in my living room. :-)
  11. The change of weather because of fall also brings lots of tiredness. Our bodies have to adjust to less exposure to the sunlight, it's not easy at all! I hope meditation can bring you some help with the sleep issue, it definitely has helped me in the past.
  12. Guided meditation is the easiest way to start, in my opinion. Silent meditation can be scary. I recommend setting a time daily that is for you and your meditation. Normally, mornings work best for me. Waking up earlier isn't easy, but it helps set your intentions for the new day! You can also repeat mentally a positive phrase that makes you feel good or a mantra if you have one. It's a fun experience, I liked the taste of it but I don't think I'll drink absinthe again... At least not for a long while, haha. Class was absolutely amazing, a moment of true grace. I don't know if every Yin Yoga teacher is this amazing but she truly brought the class to a beautiful state of peace, although the poses were ''painful'' at times. I swear I've been drinking more since I started my second job at the restaurant. These people go out everyday!!!!! I like the idea of the Gatorade. Normally, I only make sure to drink tons of water once I get home or even while I'm drinking, but sometimes that isn't enough to fight the growing hangover... Gatorade test-testing next time I drink: check! Week 2 YOGA - Bend, don't break. (3x a week) 1/3 Yin Yoga was absolutely beautiful, a true moment of grace and bliss. The concept of that style of yoga is to hold the pose for a few minutes (yes multiple minutes) and to use breathing to ease the release of the muscle tension. It's a fight against your mind sometimes but the teacher was so lovely, she really knew what words to say at the right time to ease the process. A very very beautiful class! Tonight is Self-Awakening Flow. Also a first try, I'm excited! WEIGHTS - Stronger than ever. (2x a week) 0/2 Should finally put some weight on my back tomorrow morning. I probably lost some strength so I'm aiming for 5 x 85lbs as my heaviest set. BODY/MIND - Heal. (2.5L of water/day) 1/7 Didn't quite make my water goal yesterday because I went out for a beer. I tried to chug my last 2 cups of water but my body wanted none of that. I'll do better today! SOUL - You are what you think. (Positive Affirmations daily) 3/7 Got it done as soon as I got to work! I wrote a different set of affirmations this morning, it felt good. :-) I am doing work that I enjoy and find fulfilling.
  13. Whole lotta wins all-around, woot woot! Hey, giggling while running has never happened to me, but I'm also someone that has poor cardio so maybe my brain just doesn't think about laughing and more about surviving. Giggling during yoga has happened to me quite a few times, though.
  14. So much meditation, that's amazing! Also that Jedi Code Mantra sounds really cool.
  15. I looooove the idea for your reward! Congratulations on a great week 1.
  16. Thank you very very much! I love my tattoo artist's style. He calls his art ''no skool'' tattoo as it is inspired from traditionnal tattoing but also newer art forms. He's such a cool dude too! (they call him the pizza man hahaha) Believe me when I say that I used to be an emotional eater, have been since childhood. Almost everyday I would cope with food and I only truly stopped and healed myself from this when I did my yoga teacher training. Might be the hour of meditation a day, the 4 hours of yoga, I don't know, but I never went back to emotional eating afterwards. Once in a while, very rarely, I will overeat but I'm still somehow in control. I don't have such a strict regimen anymore, it's not possible for me in the ''real world'' to be meditating and practicing for such long hours but it fixed something in my brain. I can't really explain what changed... but I'm so happy that it changed. Have you found a meditation style that you enjoy? Maybe you haven't found the right fit yet, it makes it much easier once you do. But I won't lie, being disciplined is difficult! :-) Week 2 YOGA - Bend, don't break. (3x a week) 1/3 Yin Yoga class tonight! Somehow I'm expecting a lot of emotional release, I'm really looking forward to it. WEIGHTS - Stronger than ever. (2x a week) 0/2 N/A BODY/MIND - Heal. (2.5L of water/day) 1/7 My co-worker brought me to a really cool bar last night where we tried absinthe for the first time. I drank enough water yesterday but I woke-up soooooo fatigued. I need to slack on alcohol! Edit: Only missed two glasses... I went for a beer and therefore missed my goal. Gah. SOUL - You are what you think. (Positive Affirmations daily) 2/7 My writing felt more robotic today but I still wrote down all my affirmations. :-) Have a beautiful Tuesday my druids!
  17. Oh yes the good old forward fold. Not an easy pose, especially since we tend to hold so much tension in the back!
  18. I haven't encountered my dragon just yet, might be because I haven't looked in the right places. My path has brought me on many locations, but no dragons to be seen... There is a legend that talks about a white dragon who lives on top of the Himalaya mountains, apparently this creature is full of wisdom, discipline and heals others. Sounds like a dragon I might want to meet one day. :-)
  19. Yes I agree with the new Pottermore, although I stayed a Hufflepuff my patronus confused me. A horse just seems like a very random choice for me, but oh well! Sugar.cravings.are.real.monsters. Good job on slaying them! I love the writing, by the way.
  20. Congratulations on a great week 1! Change is not easy at all but you seem to have a great attitude about it! Cleaning the house is very therapeutic for me, even though I don't do it often enough. You can send some of those leftovers my way if you don't want them.
  21. It's not easy to say no to shots of Southern Comfort, to be fair!
  22. Thank you! The weekend has been fun, busy, maybe a little too full of alcohol... but I don't drink often so I won't be too harsh on myself. As for the emotions, I only started being more calm about it when I did my yoga teacher training. Meditation has been great for this, looking at the emotion from a different point of view and almost dissect it mentally... I'm not 100% at peace with this yet, sometimes I'll wish for sadness to go away faster but I'm better than I was and that's what counts. :-) I'm doing better, thank you! I don't know why I was in such a funk but it has passed, thankfully! My new tattoo is an ode to childhood memories and me loving cartoon pizza too much. Not the most meaningful tattoo I have but I love it, haha. Sorry for terrible lighting! Week 1 YOGA - Bend, don't break. (3x a week) 3/3 WEIGHTS - Stronger than ever. (2x a week) 0/2 BODY/MIND - Heal. (2.5L of water/day) 4/7 SOUL - You are what you think. (Positive Affirmations daily) 5/7 Week 2 YOGA - Bend, don't break. (3x a week) 0/3 I had a feeling when I woke up today that my class would be empty. I ended up having two students, so slightly better than anticipated. It was good, as it always is. I love teaching so much. :-) I'm registered for a Yin Yoga class tomorrow night, super excited about trying this out! Apparently it's a really good practice to release tension in the muscles. WEIGHTS - Stronger than ever. (2x a week) 0/2 So I didn't end up lifting at all last week. I kept finding excuses (flu, tiredness, etc. etc.) but this week I'm really set on getting those weights on my back. I miss it. Plus I created a new playlist for the gym so that's always exciting. BODY/MIND - Heal. (2.5L of water/day) 0/7 I've noticed that when I do double-shifts, I tend to not drink enough. I'll try to fix that issue this week! SOUL - You are what you think. (Positive Affirmations daily) 1/7 Glad to be back at it! I didn't do my positive affirmations this weekend and missed it dearly.
  23. You have done so well! I'm sure meeting the PT will be a fun experience as they will help you set some goals. 4/7 is still a good grade, in my opinion. ;P Here's to week 2 being amazing!
  24. Week 1 YOGA - Bend, don't break. (3x a week) 3/3 I was too tired after work and watching the new Tim Burton film, so I slept in a little bit. Ended up doing the Yoga For Mood Swings sequence, as nobody had arrived at work and my yoga mat is still hiding in the back studio. It's not an easy day today. I'm overly emotional and all-around just feeling blah. Yoga helped and I felt good the entire time, but a few hours later and I'm back to feeling sad. Oh well. I'll just allow these emotions to be. It is what it is. WEIGHTS - Stronger than ever. (2x a week) 0/2 Saturday will be a legs day and Sunday an upper body. Gots to be, otherwise it won't get done. Gah! BODY/MIND - Heal. (2.5L of water/day) 3/7 I didn't get my full 90oz yesterday. I'm aiming to do better today, hopefully. SOUL - You are what you think. (Positive Affirmations daily) 5/7 About to finish writing them down. I hope being busy at work later today will help switch my focus to something else, I'll keep repeating a positive affirmation in my head if I can't shake the sadness away. Gosh, I sound so depressing.
  25. It seems to happen quite often that yoga studios find themselves close to brunch restaurants or junk food chains. I mean, I wouldn't be the yogi who judge the carb-loving brunch goers, I'd probably go to brunch right after my hot yoga session, haha. Yeah... Being a woman isn't easy sometimes. Some months I'll have tons of energy still and some months I won't be able to move at all, inflicted with terrible pain. Gosh, Aunt Flo, why don't you bring nicer gifts. Week 1 YOGA - Bend, don't break. (3x a week) 2/3 Got to work before everyone, took my mat in the studio and did the Let It Go Flow by Yoga With Adriene. A short 19 mins sequence but it went smoothly. WEIGHTS - Stronger than ever. (2x a week) 0/2 Lifts didn't happen this morning. I got at the front of the gym around 7:50, I would have had 30 mins to warm-up, lift, stretch and leave for work. Yeah. Friday and Sunday will be lift days? BODY/MIND - Heal. (2.5L of water/day) 3/7 I will edit later with the results of this, as of now I've only had a pumpkin soy latte in my body. Sugar and caffeine, a deathly mix haha. SOUL - You are what you think. (Positive Affirmations daily) 4/7 Wrote down my affirmations, shuffled my tarot pack to pick-out my daily card. The Wheel of Fortune. Again. I swear my life is all over the place at the moment. Have a great day everyone, keep the momentum going!
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