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  1. No kidding! The last time I bought sheets it was because they were on sale. I'm hoping they'll last a while. The value pack is great 😃
  2. bdwilson

    BD Starts Over

    *LOL* Yes! I think I probably over-cook everything, but I'm terrible at telling when things are done and am worried about under-cooking 😝 It works out that I don't mind. I went for a walk again yesterday, so that's three for the week. I have an errand to run today, so that should make sure I have one today, too. I might make my seven day streak here. I meal planned for next week. Oddly, the series I'm going through for this switched from the pattern of eating left-overs for lunch. Maybe because they're planning Intermittent Fasting into it, since all of the "lunches" seem to be breakfasts (eggs and such). Anyway, I changed all that, and moved a few of the items earlier in the week, since they'll use stuff I already have in the fridge and would like to use up as soon as possible. In the meantime, I liked yesterday's dinner a lot better than I'd expected. Oh! And I managed a side-quest yesterday, and cleared out my "read/do later" files in my email. So maybe I can get on with the physical decluttering now the digital decluttering is done 😝
  3. bdwilson

    Waanie reboots

    Oh my gosh, that looks delicious!
  4. I'm sorry for your loss and the stress at work. I hope you're able to find something on your lunch break, but your back-up options sound good, too. I'm glad you're taking comfort time, too. That's a good idea.
  5. bdwilson

    Waanie reboots

    Congratulations!!! That's fantastic! Excellent plan 😃 I've got nothin', but I'm going to listen in to any suggestions you get!
  6. bdwilson

    BD Starts Over

    You're right. I might never go back to the other, but at least it's working now. It was warmer yesterday, so I went for a walk. Also because I needed to drop some things in the mail. The Pokestops I usually hit are in the other directions so I wasn't going to open the game, but them I remembered there was another not far up from the mailbox and hit it instead. Then I decided to do a loop and hit another. Neither gave me friend gifts, though 🥺 I've now sent out all I've got, so I might have to hit some stops soon. Wish I didn't have to both with crossing some annoying roads to get to any of the near ones, though. Anyway, cooked yesterday! And a morning check-in today as well! I think might try that from now on. Makes it less likely I'll forget 😋
  7. bdwilson

    BD Starts Over

    Thank you so much! I admit, knowing I'm going to take a picture of it means I'm not just slapping it down on the plate *lol* Last night I got absorbed in something, so I just pulled one of the casseroles out of the freezer and added a salad on the side. I spent hours trying to solve a problem, then when I was 3/4 of the way there I stumbled across something that would by-pass it with a five-second fix. /headdesk I'd still like to get it to work the way I was trying, but given this was blocking something more important I'm going to do the more important thing first. Since I also forgot to check-in last night, due to being absorbed in problem-solving, my Beeminder goal for that has turned blue. D'oh! I'm going to have to make sure I check in everyday this week, now 😝
  8. bdwilson

    BD Starts Over

    Took wound up not cooking on Saturday as well as on Friday. Oops! But I did make the Seafood Chowder today. Did not declutter this weekend either, as I got wrapped up in a different thing. I might have to try scattering it in small pieces throughout the week.
  9. bdwilson

    BD Starts Over

    Okay! New year, new challenge. Let's try this again. I think I'm going to make it simple. Start Meal Planning Over the holidays, I slacked off on paying attention to what I was eating. Now the holiday treats are whittling down, it's time to sort that out. Figure out a planning schedule Create the planning tasks in Habitica Plan a week Plan a second week Plan a third week Walk Every Day Also falling off, any sort of movement. Therefore, it's time to get out to walk, even if it's only a little one. Schedule a daily walk for the weekdays Schedule a daily walk for the weekends Go for one walk Get a three day streak Get a five day streak Get a seven day streak Create a Decluttering Plan I had a grand quest to declutter last year, but with no plan. So, it's time to strategize. This one's a little more vague than the others. Figure out what areas need to be tackled Break down each area into smaller tasks Work through those tasks Okay, I think I'm going to work with that. Here's to a new start!