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  1. Well then, April didn't go as planned 😝 I have no excuse or explanation. I just, stopped wanting to do anything or be online too much, so, yeah. I did nothing this month. Looking to try and turn it around in May, but right now, I'm going to be working on the baby-steps of, like, deciding to do something and then doing it. Whee! I'm going to try and check-in on a regular basis again, but getting here weekly will probably be a success 😋
  2. That's a lot to get done! Good work, especially making the masks
  3. Great job on the meal planning! I'm glad the shopping trip went well 😃
  4. I went for bread today and came home with bread and chocolate bars. Ah well I was going to do Zumba today, but I did the beginner kettle-bells routine yesterday and I'm sore. So instead I just did the walk to get the bread. I'll try for Zumba again tomorrow.
  5. Ugh. I hope you feel better soon. I hear you on the schedule shift, though. It's hard to keep track of what day it is sometimes.
  6. Yay! 😊 Not getting treats is more difficult than I always expect it to be! I did okay yesterday. We ordered pizza, but skipped pop or desserts. I did get bread-sticks as an extra though, which I don't usually do. Still, in terms of extra food, better! I tried a quick Zumba thing I found on YouTube. I think I could do more of these, though I think I'll start with randomly selected beginner's workouts until I find something I really like.
  7. I admit, your subject heading made me laugh 😋
  8. It took a long time, but I did eventually drag my exercise bike out of the corner and rode it for half-an-hour. Low resistance, but it's a start. Trying to decide if I want to do that again today or try something else. I think I might try something else to get some variety started. Didn't wake up on time today, but I think I moved a little closer. I'll take it. Did okay on food yesterday, sort of. I mean, I tracked, so there's that. I also had some donuts, though. Oh well. They're gone now, so today should be better on the sugar side.
  9. Hula hoop! I hope you have fun with that. It's one that never occurred to me, but is a great idea!
  10. Okay, apparently a cold start for this isn't going to work. The "let's do this" part of my brain does not seem to engage until after at least one cup of coffee, which is a problem when that part of your brain is required to wake you up on time. So, zero week is going to be about wrangling my inertia, I think. My goal is to be hitting my schedule reasonably on time by the time the challenge proper starts. At the moment, I have not done any workouts, but I'm thinking of dragging my exercise bike out of the corner and riding it a bit, either now or after dinner. At least then I'll have done something today. At the moment, something is more than nothing, so I'll take it. Also, I'm wearing my exercise clothes while doing laundry, since they were clean, and therefore feeling like I should be exercising...
  11. I've spent the last week trying to figure out what I wanted to work on this time. There are another of options, including carry-overs from my last challenge, but I think this time I want to go focus on health and fitness habits. I've let more than a few of these slip lately and this seems like a good time to be focusing there. So, back to basics! Move It! I started a bit of Yoga last challenge, but didn't really focus on it. This time I'm going to make that one of the primary things. What I'd really like to get to is a Yoga routine every morning and either cardio or strength training in the afternoon. So, here are my milestones for this one: Do one morning Yoga routine Do Yoga three mornings in a row Do one kettle-bell session Do kettle-bells twice in one week Do one Zumba session Do Zumba twice in one week Ride the exercise bike once Ride the exercise bike twice in one week Do one Yoga, one kettle-bell session, one Zumba session, and one bike ride session in the same week Nutrition I don't have a specific plan here. Mostly I want to start being more aware of what I'm eating and making better choices. Eat one fruit or vegetable a day for three days Don't buy any junk food while grocery shopping Don't eat any junk food on one day Track all your food for one day Track all your food three days in a row Sleep Yeah, I'm not doing well here. I'm getting enough sleep most days, but my schedule is completely off. This challenge, I'm going to work on getting that back to where it should be. Wake-up on time once Go to bed on time once Wake-up on time three days in a row Go to bed on time three days in a row Turn off the computer before the block clicks on Right. I think I'll start there. If I happen to clear any section before the end of the challenge then I'll add other milestones based off the ones I've hit. My goal for the end of this is to have a proper schedule in place with exercise and thinking about my food built in. This may be one of those challenges where I have to adapt in the middle, but this is where I want to start.
  12. I know I shouldn't, but I was so close to finishing things off! 😜 Yes! The cupcakes are now gone. Goal will be to not buy more, or anything similar, on the next trip. I realized it's challenge end and I haven't checked my goals in a bit. So! Consult the Tomes Read every day (goal is an hour a day at least, but I'll be a little flexible there) Complete 3 books Study Hard Complete two courses And the side goals. Check the Boards Apply for jobs Plan Your Growth Figure out an exercise routine Adjust schedule so I can fit exercise time in Try out a workout to see if I like it Try out a couple of different ones Kinda meh results, really. Ah well, at least it's something.
  13. Great job getting these in! That's hard to do when things are so busy.
  14. That work schedule is rough 🙁
  15. Thanks @Jupiter 😀 It's a time for it, eh? Was doing really well planning on eating oranges and things, but then picked up Red Velvet cupcakes. Oh well, it's a process. No schedule planned yet, but I didn't finish the video games I was playing the last couple of days, so maybe I can stop staying up too late. Maybe.
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