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  1. I'm also loving following along with the painting progress!
  2. I didn't do much this weekend, but I did do yoga today. So at least that's something 😝 I need to get back to reading in the evenings, though. Been bumping it for video games, though, and I'm not quite ready to trade back. /ponders
  3. bdwilson

    Waanie maintains

    That sounds good! ☺️
  4. Yay for progress! I hope you enjoy the new vehicle ☺️
  5. Aw, the timing on that is disappointing 😞 But the training will still be needed. More time to get prepared.
  6. Thank you! I forgot to check-in yesterday, but I will blame that on having absolutely no attention span. (Seriously, I was so distractable yesterday.) Anyway, I did get my yoga done, but I did not read. Oops. Anyway, day 2 of yoga went well, though I was sore. Today is a weekend, which is when my usual schedule goes out the window, so we'll see where I fit that in.
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    Waanie maintains

    I hope the climbing goes well! What will you be looking at for mobility work?
  8. Oh no! At least you know it'll do that now 😝 That looks fantastic! I love seeing your paintings 😊
  9. I will let you know! I wsa going to start it this morning, but then I was feeling lazy, so this afternoon it is Thank you! And I never forget you, even if I forget when the last time I checked in with you was 😜 Did my reading yesterday, but no courses for no particular reason. Gotta work on that. But I did pick the yoga as a starting point, so that moves the side quest along.
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    Waanie maintains

    That meal plan sounds delicious!
  11. Nice! Might as well enjoy it, eh? 😊
  12. This is a great training plan! Excellent motivation, too 😊
  13. Huh. I checked out without even noticing. Oops. Apparently I did need that Beeminder after all, so I've restarted it. Let's see, where am I at? I've kept up with the reading, but fell a little behind on the courses. There are just some days where that time has to go to other things. I was doing nothing on the exercise thing, but then I randomly mentioned yoga to a friend, so we're going to try a buddy "do something" thing. I remembered @Waanie(I think) talking about a 30 Day Yoga challenge, so went looking for those. I found the one I vaguely remember being mentioned, but then decided to at "for beginners" to my search to be realistic 😝 Anyway, I'm going to try starting with this one and see what I think: If I don't like it, then I'll just try something else. I'm hoping to start tomorrow, but I have to clear some floor space in my office, since I still have a pile of "find a place for this" stuff there 😋
  14. I was going to make this an exercise challenge, but I'm not there yet, so I'm changing tracks. For the last few months, two goals I've let slide are increasing my reading time and working through some courses I have. Therefore, this challenge is about getting that done! Consult the Tomes Read every day (goal is an hour a day at least, but I'll be a little flexible there) Complete 3 books Study Hard Complete two courses I have two side goals as well, to try and move me where I need to be, which I guess does get the exercise in after all. Check the Boards Apply for jobs Plan Your Growth Figure out an exercise routine Adjust schedule so I can fit exercise time in Try out a workout to see if I like it Try out a couple of different ones Some of these are "every day" or "every week" ones, which I sometimes lose focus on, but I think I can keep it up.