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  1. Both !!! Well, French first, but in the cultural way, not the patriotic way. I love Brittany as a land of many beauties and fascinating history, and in that regard i'm proud and most of all happy to live here, but i do not have a nationalist feel about it at all !
  2. THAT is science i love ! excellent !! :highly_amused: i'll try doing them at the last second, running for the physics nobel Prize !!
  3. good week start Ellis. Celeriac looks either lik a disease or a death metal rock band name... named after a disease !
  4. unbelievable ! :surprise: well, surprisingly,though french i kinda have a certain tenderness for them... as long as they don't sink our ships !!
  5. Hey Ellis, hope you managed to work on you project the way you wanted to ! i know the "weak feeeling" while exercising ! but i think the main thing is that you''re doing it, even if you're not making the most of it, but at least you're keeping your rythm ! and as Rocky Balboa taught me tonight : "it's one step at a time, one blow at a time, one round at a time !".
  6. friendlier than Zlatan, ican't see how it's possible !!! i'm relieved to see i'm not the only one afflicted with this kind of weird passion, though directed toward France and Spain...
  7. i think no one likes CHelsea on this planet ! is Arsenal better loved ?
  8. Of course !! and you will share it with the Chelsea defender who directed the ball in the goal to help Zlatan so, why didn't you watch the game ? painful soccer history ?
  9. joined ! i'm a big reader, i have to look into it a bit more ! hey trawler i'm sorry to read you've been struggling, i know all to well those feelings, they are always just a step outside the door waiting to sneak in. but i read too that you are not giving up ! if you started fresh with the workouts, and a bit of bodyweight if you want we can can look after each other on the motivation side. im aware that we are not onthe same timeshift, but hey, it's the intention that matters ! my next sessions are planned on thursday and sunday and for the diet, have you tried aiming for small changes, one bit at a time, instead of trying to stick to a whole new diet facefront ?
  10. i love the nineties hairdo !! are you telling us you're considering a total hair reboot ?
  11. ah first things first ! excellent game !!! lately, i found soccer games a bit boring, i usually put them with low volume and do another thing at the same time (picross. do you know picross. It's like something sent by the devil to suck in your soul!!) but last night, it was thrilling, nice gameplay moments, plot twists, and 2 totally commited teams. I usually find chelsea's style a bit boring, but they played nicely ! and for once... it's the french team that wins (though not the first time against Chelsea )... sorry OPM ! usually, duruing high level european battles like that, we usually play nice but are unable to strike the winning goal. So, yay ! so week 2 went fine, completed all of my goals. This week, i'm on holiday with my daughter, we spent some time chilling this weekend, went to the aquarium and the seaside yesterday to enjoy some beautiful cold winter sun with some friends. i'm a bit late on schedule this week, did my first strenght training just now, and i walked (well, i mused, i strolled, i wandered ... ) but did not count it (an hour at most). But 'im confident i'll make it !
  12. As they say we have to hold the line! Stick together! We'll make February our slave! Envoyé de mon RAINBOW en utilisant Tapatalk
  13. Well i remember reading an article about the point n click revival in the last few years. Blackwell was in it and got lots of praise for its atmosphere and storytelling. By that time I had discovered steam... and it's sales system! I got the first episode really cheap.. .then I waited for a bundle. Pointnclick were my first love as a gamer... so it is kind of a back to my roots thing ! I played lots of board rpg back in the days but I have to admit I totally fell off that wagon ... just to climb in the numeric one ! Envoyé de mon RAINBOW en utilisant Tapatalk
  14. 25000 steps... those vacation steps are always piling up like crazy !! looking forward for the volcano pics !
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