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  1. First Mulan,and now Moana? You just keep knocking it out of the park with themes!
  2. Just want to progress through my goals without rushing really, creating a challenge just seems to create unnecessary baggage to keep track of. I've considered a weekly battle log, may be the way to go.
  3. Challenge Wrap-up. The good: Really happy with my adulting progress. I only had one minus point. Two major fitness goals were completed. The bad: Only 2 out of four bonus themes were completed. I've been slacking on single leg squat work. Or maybe I'm just scared of hurting my knee again? Also been slacking on the running. I didn't even start a book this challenge. No good. The lessons: I can adult. Sometimes. I need to be "in the mood" for running. I get plenty of cardio regardless. As long as I honour the progressions I won't hurt my knee. I need to buy more dog toothpaste. Preferably one that isn't so tasty to him. I think it's time for a challenge break.. Honestly, I think I'm a bit burned out on doing these challenges. The daily(ish) updates feel like a chore and I keep finding by week 3 I've set myself targets that box me in to certain activities. If I don't want to run, but substitute with a stationary bike workout, I lose points. If it's too rainy to set up my rings, I can't hit a certain quota. After 18 challenges and almost 2 years(!) on these forums, I don't feel that creating a monthly challenge holds all that much value for my fitness journey. Eating healthy and being active are huge elements of my life at this point but somehow my challenges detract, or at least distract, from them. I'd say it's time to take a break from challenges for a month or two and focus on just doing what I do without stressing over how I can earn points. I'll still be active on the forums, partaking in the mini and (doing a better job of) cheering everyone on in their own challenges, and I'm sure I'll be back with another (probably AC themed) challenge by the end of summer! But I am looking forward to a break. See you dudes/dudettes in the next one!
  4. Week 4 - Assassin Week. Friday-Sunday Food log complete x 3 +3 points Brushed the dog's teeth. +1 point Workout: Kettlebell circuit +1 point Mile runs - 1/3. Yesterday I was going to run, but I did kettlebell instead. Today I'm completely beat after work (and weighted jump squats..). Fail. Total Points: 86 Points.
  5. Week 4 - Assassin Week. Thursday Food log complete +1 point Brushed the dog's teeth. +1 point Mile runs - 1/3. Total Points: 81 Points.
  6. Week 4 - Assassin Week. Tuesday-Wednesday Food log complete +1 point Food log complete +1 point Workout -Kettlebell/bodyweight circuit. +1 point Brushed the dog's teeth. +1 point Mile runs - 1/3. Total Points: 79 Points.
  7. Just realised I've been calling week 3 "week 4" all week. Dummy. We're having a mini heatwave this week in the UK so running and workouts might be a struggle. I think I'll do them, but my performance won't be top notch. Week 4 - Assassin Week. Monday Food log complet +1 point Workout - Rings/calisthenics/hill sprints. +1 point Brushed the dog's teeth. +1 point Mile runs - 0/3. Total Points: 75 Points.
  8. Week 4 - Spiderman Week. Saturday-Sunday Food log complete x2 +2 points Did not do mobility on Saturday. -1 point Grip Training - 4/4. +3 points. Total Points: 72 Points.
  9. More research needs doing, but Student Finance England looks like the best bet right now. I'm definitely going to look at programmes for people seeking education whilst in employment though.
  10. Week 4 - Spiderman Week. Wednesday-Friday Food log complete x3 +3 points Brushed the dog's teeth x2. +2 points Adulting - Move to new mobile provider. +1 point, +2 points Major fitness goal complete: 4x5 chinups. +5 points Grip Training - 2/4. Total Points: 68 Points.
  11. This absolutely blew my mind when I first read it as a dorky 10 year old . I remember checking each letter of the anagram to make sure it was possible..
  12. Week 4 - Spiderman Week. Monday - Tuesday Food log complete +1 point Food log complete + 1 point Brushed the dog's teeth. +1 point Grip Training - 1/4. Total Points: 55 Points. I have 3 days off now so plenty of adulting and workouts should happen.
  13. Yep, apparently being 25 means you're suddenly financially independent and can afford to do whatever you like. At least car insurance is (supposed to be) cheaper now.. Week 2 - Jedi Week. Sunday. Food log complete +1 point Brushed the dog's teeth. +1 point Workout - Kettlebell circuit of doom +extra for the mini. +1 point Handstand Practice - 4/4. +3 points Total Points: 52 Points.
  14. Week 2 - Jedi Week. Friday-Saturday. Food log complete (x2) +2 points Brushed the dog's teeth. +1 point Workout - Quick HIIT circuit. +1 point Adulting - Stated researching finance options for the rest of my OU course as I no longer meet the financial support criteria. Probably looking at going through part-time study student loans. +1 point Adulting - Ordered SIM card for new mobile network. + 1 point. Just need to transfer my number when it arrives for bonus adulting points. Handstand Practice - 3/4. Total Points: 46 Points.
  15. The weekend will decide it, a lot of people seem not to be active on the forums over the weekends. We just have to make sure we're updating every last rep until the final second. Now would be a good time to add high volume finishers to our workouts
  16. I say we go for it! The only way we don't get screwed by this deal is to win. Besides, we can always use a treasure if things get tough.
  17. Week 2 - Jedi Week. Thursday. Food log complete +1 point Adulting - Voted in the General Election. +1 point. Brushed the dog's teeth. +1 point Workout - Bodyweight/kettlebell workout (in the rain!). +1 point Handstand Practice - 3/4. Slowly feeling more comfortable with being upside down. Slowly. Total Points: 40 Points.
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