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  1. Hey I am in Seoul right now (and only be here for the next 6 months...on a language study program) And I am currently in the process of repawning (post below) The food here is great!...which is why I got fat again temptations everywhere ...and fruits and veggies are expensive here (coming from the point of view of an Indonesian) Any advices on which korean food are the better options? (since cooking is rather hard to do in my goshiwon)
  2. So, my story is that 6 months ago, I moved to Seoul (South Korea) for a language exchange. the food here is very much my kryptonite....rice...rice cake(tteokbokki)....fried chicken...greasy oily soup...sundae(not ice cream but pig intestine)! and the very expensive prices for fruits and vegetables...made this student consume less and less of them. One day, my mom called and said "You got fat...again! Have you been exercising?? Eating your veggies??? Go RUN!" At first, I was in denial, as I have worked so hard the past year to drop my weight from 95kg to 85kg (in
  3. So excited for Digimon-tri! Gonna pig out while watching all 6 episode straight, better watch my diet now to minimize the feeling of "guilty pleasure" later on
  4. Love Digimon! Good luck! PS Sorry double post
  5. Hello guys! Jrosto invited me to join the assassin's recruit. Lets destroy fats and ill-willpower swiftly. An assassin in my mind would be these: A katana wielding samurai And a dual-wielding gravity defying gunslinger GIFs are not moving...but yeah you get the idea
  6. Charmander learns "Pull-Ups" [Fight Type] . It would be super effective against Brock's Geodude. Who says fire pokemon cannot beat those (geo)dudes! Proof them wrong! Get that Boulder badge! Good luck and have fun!!
  7. I was dazed when I stand upright after handstand, do I have vertigo? or I just got up too fast... I try to have walls and soft landing area when I engage this challenge. I don't do handstands...part of the lack of strength...part of it half the time I worry I would fall head first and snap my neck or something lol Is the challenge accumulation or time record?...I do 30s at most per try...and then I would fall back...but I did try a few times, accumulating to 120s this session, So do I log into the challenge the 30s record or the 120s accumulated?
  8. So...the old thread is inactive yeah? I was wondering why the drunk baby quest wasnt over and changed...after a more thorough reading, I found the link to this thread. I am a very inactive Facebook user..only made one for mobile gaming lol, I should log in and check the group more often then as it seems challenges are posted there now yeah? I never did handstands before, last time I was up on my hands was when I was little, fascinated by Power Rangers and tried doing cartwheels and flips lol
  9. Hey guys, Sorry for the sudden absnece..my gout flared up again..along with fever and other fun stuff and I just got back into the gym again today. Hope to work together again and catch dragons.
  10. 6.77km today! Fitbit worn during: Walks during office hours (took fitbit off when I sit idle so it wont count writing/typing as steps) Gym Session - 30min Jog Speed 7.5 - Cooldown Walk Speed 5 Elv 5 30min of walking around in the groceries
  11. Left m fitbit at home The usual gym cardio 15min Jog Speed 7.5 15min Cooldown Walk Speed 5 Elv 5 ...around 1km?
  12. My FitBit logged 7.73km. It was worn during: Walking around at the office 2 hours of walking whilst shopping 20min of Treadmill at speed 7.5 15min of cooldown walking at speed 5.0 elevation 5.0
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