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  1. @iamcalledjosh - Right now we are in serious save mode. Spending on non-essentials is really limited. Perhaps down the road we can, but for now, even second hand is gonna be too pricey for us. LOVE the idea though. It's adding in the cost of plates right now that could be a killer.
  2. Hi all, I am lucky in that a recently got a new job. Downside is, I have to change my schedule a bit, and getting to the gym to do stronglifts type workouts won't be able to happen, due to childcare availability. Currently my lifts are around: Squats: 130lb Bench: 90lb Barbell Row: 105 OHP: 65 Deadlift: 155 I've been doing Stronglifts 3x5 and love lifting heavy, and so am so loathe to not get a lot of gains, but want to make sure to keep a good & challenging strength routine going, and am looking for some ideas. If I have a detailed/outlined plan, I'll stick to it. Something more loose? I'
  3. At the track workouts, we regularly do a slow mile, then warmups with leg swings, high knees, butt kicks, and then...bleacher climbs. First round, squat jumps up the steps. Then lunges up the steps. Then squat jumps up the benches! Cool down we always do some sort of pilates/yoga moves for flexibility and abwork.
  4. Done at the track last night! Did it in a reverse ladder, long distance, shorter, shorter, shorter still, sprint. So much fun! 6.5 miles in all including 3 miles warm up.
  5. I tried 14 rounds of everything from clomid to IUI to IVF. We ultimately are unexplained and started trying in our late 20s, but decided to adopt. I'm happy to answer any tx questions or just give hugs
  6. Massive applause. That's a huge mental change, I get it!
  7. I'm down by three! I'm gonna do a last PRETTY PLEASE VOTE and then back to my usual scheduled chaos
  8. I was just coming here to recommend Chi Running. Also, go onto youtube and look for videos that highlight "Forefoot Running" position. I'm just working on moving that way now - after running for 8 years now, it's hard to change, but I'm glad I am.
  9. Love the goals (I'm totally watching everyone who trains for tris - I'm gonna go for one next year, I think). Totally all gel together - especially the drop ceiling. As a wife of a man who does projects like that, we do really appreciate it.
  10. I should check out "Eat like a dinosaur" - my kids pretty much eat whatever we give them, but having another tool in the arsenal never hurts!
  11. Absolutely jealous on the oly tri. It's a long term goal for me. I can ride on a cruiser type bike, but no clue how to use gears and such. I have done the Merrell Down & Dirty - I loved it, got scraped up all to hell, but well run. Funny story - it was one of the first cold mornings of fall when I did mine a few years back. Starting gun went off, I took one step - calf TOTALLY popped. It was like being shot with a bb gun. I had traveled 300 miles for the race, and it was a mud run that I knew I'd get banged up at anyway, so I gutted it out, since it was the last run of my season. Dumbest m
  12. That is totally my favorite feature! I do that too, after a run, to make sure I'm hydrating enough in summertime!
  13. Thanks Suzie!!! I have to say, dropping back on my last workout made a WORLD of difference for me. I was able to get down nice and low in my squat, and even have a bit of DOMS going on today. Better form is going to make me stronger where I need it most, my hamstrings. The weights don't lie, and there is no room for pride here. There's no cheating when it comes to strength, and I'm glad I'm going about the challenge without a specific number goal this time around. And yeah, negatives are HARD. They didn't feel bad when I did them at all, but wow, do I feel them today. I came so close to getti
  14. Mission accepted and completed, commander!
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