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  1. Sorry for the late reply - I was travelling. Ultimately what I want to do is resume skiing, resume playing soccer and basketball. Those are my real highs. Parkour also sounds like fun. I swim to lose weight, because that's what works best. I could easily live without it though.
  2. I don't disagree with you. However, "what you enjoy doing" is relative to your level of fitness. I used to love skiing, but I haven't gone skiing in 5 years because the last few times it was such an ordeal and I felt I was pushing my knees beyond what is safe. As a kid/teenager I played tons of soccer and basketball, but that is at best half as fun now not having the stamina to play as I used to. It took me years to make this transition, but eventually I figured out how to have fun when I'm not doing what I love most. So I can swim and have fun. I can go jogging and it's fun. When I started
  3. My main goal is to lose weight (overweight) and get fit again (have been very inactive for a few years now).
  4. I've been thinking recently about how a ton of drink products are actually not very useful at all: - fruit juice (sugary) - soda (that one's obvious) - various fancy sounding coffee drinks (often sugary) - smoothies (sometimes sugary) After making the necessary adjustments my drink menu is basically limited to: - water (at will) - black coffee (try to stay at 1 per day, not exceed 2 per day) - black/green tea (at will) (I rarely drink alcohol because I don't care much for it in the first place) Then I recently discovered that tea actually can contain quite a bit of caffeine (according
  5. Hello all, I started with the beginner's bodyweight workout a month ago. I've done it 9 times in all, interleaved with some cardio. The first time I tried it it seemed very tough. I only did 2 rounds, and the next few days my muscles were so sore it's not fun anymore. (I generally like the soreness as a twisted kind of reward, but this level of sore was just beyond anything I've experienced). It would typically be every 4-5 days, with some running/swimming days and a rest day every so often. This past week I've upped the frequency to every 2nd day, with yoga on off days. These days I c
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