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  1. Does anyone know if this is a good recipe for a person with Chrohn's? My youngest daughter has this and I am looking for nutritious healthy meals that are good for her gut.
  2. Morning Rangers! Did a quick search but came up empty. Does anyone have any good go to Beefy/Chicken/Venison Jerky recipes? Looking for something atypical, not your usual soy sauce based. Thanks Matt
  3. It was. Much harder than the Ohio beast I did a few years ago. The first half mile was a slow up hill incline, followed by 1/4 mile of almost straight up. 3 total mountains and about 16 miles. My feet were destroyed. That said, I would do it again if I had time to actually prepare LOL
  4. Morning all! Sorry for being MIA for the last few months, been a very turbulent time in the household. Spent most of the summer going in and out of DR's and hospitals with my youngest. Thought she had a bone tumor for a while and after many appointments and biopsy's it was found to be an infection. That was July 7th. She is still on antibiotics and they are testing her for either Crohn's or Celiacs disease. That said, I did attend the WV Spartan Trifecta in WV. What an amazing venue! Huge and beautiful. Plan on running at least one race (maybe more) there next year!
  5. @EricMN I can't do the elbow moves for the core WOD as it busts open my rig burn and bleeds everywhere. Any substitutions I could use instead?
  6. It was good! I'm sore this morning so that's always a good thing. I did get a rug burn on my elbow somehow, maybe when shifting weight side to side for the hip tilts (?). I will try to make this my go to ab workout from now on. I was doing the Spartan ab routine before, 2 sets, and didnt feel the soreness that this generated.
  7. Holy crap! I got 2 circuits of the core wod. Damn! That was intense. Got a nice rug burn on my elbow as well.
  8. are we going to keep this topic rolling or swap to a new thread for the new challenge time frame?
  9. Never run up hill. If you do run during your training, stop every half mile and do squats, pushups, burpees, whatever. That will get you used to starting and stopping and help build your strength.
  10. WOot! Down to 188 as of this morning. Maybe this IIFYM thing is working....
  11. Never hurts to dry run things before you need them.
  12. So, as part of my Ranger training I spent 5 hours Saturday clearing brush. What did you guys accomplish over the weekend?
  13. A little off topic, but how do the WOW's work? Should you be doing them every day for that week? Do you cycle through all 5 for each week day? Sorry, I seem to spend most of my posts asking questions LOL
  14. I have some small dumbbells I keep in my car (2) 5 lbs and (2) 8 lbs for shoulder exercise. I have a 20 lb weight vest. I have a 50lb weighted Molle backpack for ruck type stuff. I have a pullup bar.
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