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  1. Thanks for the support guys. Just a update. Saw my GP last week and have another appointment a week on thursday (Which also happens to be my birthday). I understandably got a bit of a grilling but my next appointment is about treatment/counselling options going forwards. In other news have spent some of my redundancy package on getting myself a new bike, so back in the saddle so to speak. Thanks again Telion
  2. So here I am again, more determined this time. Having been made redundant. And for the last four months dealing with the stress of that possibility resulting in me diving back into the bottom of a bottle and stopping my depression meds and counseling (I know I am an idiot for it, But that is cutting a long story short). So I have had a look at my life, and broken my current situation down into a list of things that are bad, good or I have no control over. Bad. Been made redundant. (Also a good thing) Family is ripping itself apart. (sister has split up with her husband, grandfather is in a home and doesn't even remember who I am and my parents are at each other's throats every time they think I don't know) Drink... World of warcraft Good Been made redundant. (I have to use this as the massive kick up the backside I need it to be. I have a degree [sure only a 2:2] but four years at uni should count for something) I have finally been signed off and completed all the training to be a cub scout leader (and have had a couple of requests to take on the district commissioner role. Which I won't do because I prefer the grass roots group level scouting over the admin side of it) No control Being redundant. My family issues. The thing I have lost since university where I was physically my healthiest and fittest is the accountability from my housemates. Without them I default into just sitting in front of a screen, or spending way to much time in the pub. So thats my download of all the crap I have. Now to work on getting back to where I was physically at uni. I just know that I can't do it without help, because something else is either more important that fitness or easier. If anyone has advice (Be as brutal as you want) I would be more than grateful. But I think the thing I need most is an accountabilibuddy Or a team of them. Telion, the ironically lost scout leader
  3. Happy new year all. Well I hope it will be for me, and I am going to make damn sure I try harder than last time. Reasons I fell off the path I had set myself on last September. Literally fell off my bike and busted my right ankle and my lower back... That was me out of working out for a fortnight Then Promotion at work meant complete restructure to my schedule, and working in retail in the run up to Christmas is bad enough but now I found myself running a department that I had never worked on and working 5/6 12 hour days a week... and that has only just calmed back down to normal. Add to all that I had a bit of a lapse in my mental health around November, partly because I realised I had put all this effort into getting into shape and fixing my life had been for nothing, but also due to relationship stress with my family, and a falling out between my best friend. Which resulted in I am ashamed to say a couple of instances of self harm and a large spike in my alcohol consumption. Why now Its the start of a new year, The time it is easiest to 'start fresh' but also recruit other into it with you. Also my back and ankle where given the fully all clear in December when I visited the Quacks about my depression and he checked up on me after the accident as well. And finally, work has kinda settled down a bit now and I have a semi-fixed schedule now. (Still not completely used to going from working the Late night shifts to starting work at 4am...)) What I know I need and need to change 1. I need to find a group of people to keep me accountable for my, fitness, diet, metal health and drinking levels. 2. I need to find one or two people to work out with at least once a week. Starting next week I should be running with my best friend every Saturday afternoon, Still determined to hit my goal of running a 5K in sub 30minutes. 3. Need to change my drinking and eating habits. One big thing that is helping is finishing my shifts at midday, which makes it a lot harder to say "oh sod it" on the cycle home and stop in my local pub. 4. Work out a way to improve my diet, This is going to be one of the hardest, I live with my parents and trying to get them on board with this may be challenging. Ulitmate goal Improve self confidence. Beat my old PB for a 5K of 42 minutes 2 seconds, slow I know. Learn to budget... I am awful with my own money.
  4. So a update, its not good news. I fell off the bike, Literally. I cycle to work everyday and two weeks ago after a serious downpour the night before was the first time riding my new bike in the rain and on wet roads. Turns out slim hybrid tyres do not have the same amount of grip when you hit wet metal of a man-hole. Instead of doing the sensible thing and just letting go, I tried to re-balance, and in the process managed to throw the bike the other way, so thankfully instead of falling into the road I face planted, HARD, on the pavement. As it happens not only had I messed up my face, I have sprained my back from twisting it hard and damaged my right ankle even more... So in the last two weeks I attempted one work out and my ankle gave out on me and I have done nothing since. On the plus side, I have been keeping the food and sleep journal up... So at least something has been achieved, and already have started making progress towards much better eating and sleeping patterns.
  5. No, I used to run whilst I was at uni... but havn't in over a year. My PB for the 5K route I ran at uni was 42 mins 2 seconds, but plymouth is a hella lot more hills that where I am now. I literally just got in from my new route which is just under k and managed it in 53.47 so got a fair bit of a way to go yet.
  6. Yeah I can just about manage the ten inclined push ups in the level 1 bw workout.
  7. Hi all, Telion signing in here for my first (five) week challenge. (As always I'm late again). Main goal: be able to run 5Km in under 45minutes. Challenge quest 1: No double misses and 18/21 workouts achieved in five weeks Challenge quest 2: Be able to complete 5 REAL push ups by the end of the challenge Challenge quest 3: Keep a food and sleep journal. (Side quest, aiming for average of 8 hours sleep a day)
  8. I was thinking about it, will probably give this one a miss what with the new job and DRASTICALLY changed sleep schedule. Already had two "two in a row" misses on my workouts.
  9. Hi all, First off a little about me; Lanky 6"2 beanpole of a Nerd, Cub Scout Leader, Chronic procrastinator, Brit. New here, found NF about two months ago whilst looking for some advice and help on starting to work out, after kinda letting myself go during a few months where my depression nearly got the best of me. I have been looking at starting some sort of fitness program for ages but never actually jump on board, always either lacking the motivation to start or after a few weeks falling back into my old routine. Now is a good time for me to start up for two main reasons, ONE I have also just gotten a promotion at work which means my shifts have swapped from 3/4pm till midnight, to 4:00/6:00 to 12:00/14:00. Which gives me more of the day to get things done. TWO I have just taken over running my local Cub Scout Group. Keeping up with 20+ kids is hard enough work let alone when you physically can't match them. And thirdly I found a system/community/approach to fitness that I find engaging, Nerd Fitness.
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