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  1. I can't sit still too long so I tend to get up regularly, but it's a good thought. Rather than going back to bed this morning, I did my TKD warmups - jumping jacks, stretching, kicks and punches. Feeling good sore, rather than "Holy Crap I'm old" sore.
  2. I'm looking at things that will help my lower back and my shoulders be looser, I'm sitting at work right now and they're killing me. Then again, for the last week, i've pretty much just gotten back in bed when I got home from work and the position I'm in isn't healthy either. Flat back, head propped up with a bad angle on my neck. Need to work out, think i'm just going to do more when I wake up. Plus I'm getting extenders for my car seat because my legs are too damn long for it.
  3. Ick, that's no fun. With the mountain of debt I have, couldn't justify it here either.
  4. Is anyone doing the Handstand/Rings pack? I thought about it, but now I'm wondering if it's too late from a cost perspective, since the lower price ended Friday at midnight.
  5. by the way, does anyone know how to mark something as send responses after you've saved the initial post? I tried editing the post but didn't see it.
  6. Ugh! Well the sinus surgery went well, but I still have a lingering crud that I'm trying to get rid of. Doctor doesn't want me exerting myself for another week, so I thought I would start stretching. Specifically, I started a new job in July and I am spending a lot more time commuting, so my back and glutes are constantly reminding me that I'm not 25. I'm also finding myself hunched over my desk because of a stiff lower back. Any one have suggestions on a regular stretching routine? I used to teach TKD so I was thinking I could do that, but I don't see me needing to do a full split anymore
  7. Had to reschedule it for 10/7 so I can fly on the 17th. Went fine, still a bit sore but not bad. Prolly going to post a respawn plan soon. Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  8. Yup, 10/14, so soon:) Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  9. Thanks, looks like I'm going to have surgery after all, I'll save you the nasty details. I started doing this last night and I think I'm going to stick with it because it's low impact and might be doable right now. Chronic sinus headaches are not fun. https://www.movnat.com/ground-movements/
  10. Thanks, I appreciate it I'm going to stop cutting on myself so much and just enjoy it. Probably going to record my practice once a week, the night before I have my lesson. Plus there's a parking garage that's mostly empty, might start bringing it and practicing at lunch on alternate days. I just need to get rid of the perpetual sinus infection, going to the ENT tonight - will prolly need surgery. Haven't done much exercise except for a few of the MovNat stretches/ground work.
  11. It is a lot more than I think I can do. I tend to bite off a bit much and then choke on it:) The lessons are going well, tho you might not be able to tell... Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  12. I've always been interested with the concept of the assassin. I've been trying without much success to really branch out and utilize my time more wisely - less netflix, more other. I made the commitment to learn the guitar by signing up for a month of lessons - so far that's working. Glad I read the Level Up your life book, Steve was right I was a bit down with how I hadn't been doing the MovNat exercises when I planned them, but I'm feeling sore and achy - combination of age, sinusitis, and marching band season starting. My daughter is in the guard and I am one of the dads that helps haul all of the props and equipment to and from the field for their show. It occurred to me that I was doing a lot of exercise, it just wasn't the type I was planning. So I'm going to incorporate it into this challenge, especially since her season doesn't end until the end of October. I am going to prepare myself to become one of the brotherhood of assassins. Just to be clear (not great at all of this yet) I don't plan on taking anyone out Perfect the weapon Weekend Hone the clay into the mold for the spirit - Haul and load the props, instruments, and other gear for the saturday shows. This is the equivalent of pushing 50lb sled about a mile per show. Act and react with perfect balance and speed - Get in and out of the truck whenever possible. Essentially, I'm jumping down from a 4 foot shelf with good posture at landing. I'm also essentially doing a wall pushup and turning my body so I can sit. In the beginning, I can sometimes vault into the truck with one foot catching. Every other day http://darebee.com/workouts/assassin-workout.html Eating - cleanse the body to make it the perfect weapon Stop eating gluten free and go full paleo again eat hashish drink more water Meditation - refine the mind and spirit to make the perfect kill Pick a target, someone local and after scouting out their location, examine the terrain and determine best approach Practice glowing ball technique - visualize a ball to move along skin, physically trying to relax the muscles under the ball while trying not to let mind wander (*squirrel*) practice this at night before bed to rest the mind Scan crowds at events and see who is trained and hiding, and who is not - scope out enemy. Writing - know yourself/know your enemy research topics Arthur Hashashiin Knights Templar Telekinesis When I have completed these tasks, I will be ready to take out my target. (Sneak up on my neighbor without him seeing me)
  13. Lousy! Been working on the props for my daughter's high school marching band and haven't had energy to do anything. I guess I could say that I have been working out because I've been doing a LOT of heavy lifting. Hmm, cool. I actually have been working out, just not on what I was planning to
  14. I feel for you @Manarelle, I have an ENT appt on Monday, but doesn't sound as nasty as what you have. Feel better and enjoy the vacay!
  15. I need to say this to myself more often. The king of starting something, getting something going and then *SQUIRREL*, I have to be more vigilant about how I approach things and stop listening to the voice of the lazy part of me who has just about every excuse in the book ready to go. Goals for the next 7 days: Complete Wonderland Go for my first guitar lesson find a way to go to sleep earlier - having trouble winding down Bring clothes and a towel to work to possibly do the Wonderland work @ work. Write 1000 words a night for seven nights, even if it's 1000 words of excuses on why to NOT do what I want to do. I feel like I have the potential to do so much but the motivation to do absolutely nothing.
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