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  1. Awesome! I love the story-telling/rpg feel to your challenge posts. Good luck on the exit the store quest. :-D I'll be checking in on the story as we go
  2. Hi MadWoman I'm a potterhead, trekkie, starwars fan... etc, etc. No kidlets yet here, but maybe in the next couple years. Who knows? Do you have rewards for yourself as you reach these goals? Attribute points on here? or something else? Rewards are important. I'm totally seeing how maybe the walking goal can be a family thing & you can walk and talk with whole family for ten minutes maybe? idk, my husband and I walk the dogs every day and it's when we talk and unplug. Can't have the phone in your hand when the dog might try to run after a cat.
  3. Hi WWW, I have trouble with people too :-) I'm a total introvert. I have a problem with small talk at parties & that sort of thing. Bridging the gap from work to friend. So I totally feel you on the life quest. Also, good luck with the daily foam roller use. Consistency goals are hard anyway, and one that's painful in the short term can be difficult to stick too. :-)
  4. Good luck on the wholethirty thing! I've been wanting to do one... but, well, it's hard, huh? I need to get my husband on board with doing one and then maybe we'll both try it for the next 6 week challenge. One of my (not listed goals) is to get my husband to do this too. He's realized he's bigger than he wants to be, but hasn't really committed to the eating right thing yet... he says he has, but if he goes shopping alone he comes back with swiss cake roles and oreos. where I'm like, no can't have that in the house plz.
  5. Introduction: Hi all! I've been reading NF for a long time (really, since it was new!), but I never joined the rebellion before. I don't know, I guess I never felt the need, but I've been feeling kind of frustrated with the grad student life lately, and well, wanted to level up somewhere else. Also, I've gained a few pounds and would like to lose them :-) I'm pretty active. When I have class, I bike to school most days (unless it's raining or over 95°F). Since I'm not in school for three more weeks though, I haven't been biking since summer school ended 7/31. I feel kind of silly joining, but this years been sort of a fitness bust for me compared to the last couple years. Nutrition goes out the window when I'm stressing school though :-( Main Quest: Live the "triathlon lifestyle" (swim bike run or strength train regularly & eat right). (yeah, after my first challenge, I'll probably be a scout) Quest 1: Strength train 2x a week. (Preferably "Barbell Battalion"). I've been doing good at this for the last two weeks, but I'd like to make it last. :-) This means I use weights, I track weights, reps and exercises, and try to either lift heavier/do more reps. Measurement: A = 12x B = 9X C = 6X Reward: A = +3 STR, B = +2STR, C = +1STR Quest 2: Swim OR Bike OR Run 3x/week (SBR are all weighted equally for my current non-plan goals). This might total 18, but I only want to count up to 3x/week for goal... it's about consistency, not doing 18 days in a row and nothing for the rest of the six weeks. Measurement: A = 3x/week, B = 2x/week, C = 1x/week Reward: A = +3STA, +1DEX B = +2STA, C = +1STA Quest 3: Eat out less. Specifically, I want to eat out no more than 2x/week. My husband and I eat out way too much! Seriously, it's like... meh, I don't want to cook. KFC? Carl's Junior? Also, my family doesn't like doing birthday's etc at people's houses, that "has to be going out" so... I know I can't hit 0 for the quest as a whole, but I'd like to reduce this a lot. (according to Mint.com & some arithmetic, we've eaten out an average of 24 meals for the past six months... 140 transactions that were food and dining, but not groceries divided by six months, but I know we've eaten out with cash too, so it's probably more...) Measurement: A = 12 times eating out (2x/week), ; B = 15 times, C = 18 times Reward: A = +3 CONS, +1 WIS B = +2CONS, C =+1CONS Life Quest: Write 1,000 words 5 days/week on my novel. Measurement: A = 30 days B = 25 days C = 15 days Reward: A = +3 WIS, B = +2WIS, C = +1WIS Motivation: I don't like that health has come in last for the past six months or so and I'd like to change that. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Please ignore my cheat sheet :-) Strength (STR) - physical strengthDexterity (DEX) - agility and speedStamina (STA) - Endurance and EnergyConstitution (CON) - ability to resist damage and diseaseWisdom (WIS) - intuition and sense of things around himselfCharisma (CHA) - force of personality and physical attractiveness
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